Hawaiian Pizza | Easiest overnight pizza dough!!!
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Hawaiian Pizza | Easiest overnight pizza dough!!!

Warm water should just be above body temp or if using a thermometer, it should be 110 degrees F. Mix until yeast is fully dissolved and wait for it to bloom for 5 – 10 minutes Pour everything in a mixing bowl. Add flour if the dough is too sticky, or water if it is too dry. Grease two bowls with oil. Or any container that will allow the dough to rise. After 15 minutes of kneading, transfer your dough on a clean surface. Knead dough by hand and shape in a ball. Divide your dough into two. Put into two separate bowls Cover with plastic wrap or towel and proof in the fridge overnight. Or in a plasticware, it works too. ^-^ this is not a paid ad, but feel free to use del monte pineapple tidbits. IMPORTANT!!! Wait for your dough to return to its room temperature before rolling and shaping. Roll dough in an 11-inch circle Put 3 tbsp of pizza sauce, or how many you desire. Add the cheese of your preference. This when you go crazy with your toppings. add marshmallow and chocolate syrup. because why not. A step you can’t skip. Freshly grated Mozzarella. You can skip the cutting. if you’re really hungry.

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