Hipster Chef’s Microbrewery | 22 Minutes
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Hipster Chef’s Microbrewery | 22 Minutes

The Hipster Chef is back on the Food Network Canada and he’s branching out. The restaurant business is dead. Every single place is run by some bearded, tattooed, hipster serving pretentious food on chunks of wood. So I closed my restaurant and opened the one business where i won’t be surrounded by hipsters – A microbrewery. Beer is the new food. Craft beer is not a fad. craft beer isn’t a trend. It’s even more fleeting It’s the business model equivalent of blinking. Hops are crucial. Our beer uses a sharp, mouldy, floral, hop
that has the judgemental arrogance of a newly-mowed lawn. First-impressions. (inhales) I’m getting dill, I’m getting oat smoked sea salt, I’m getting winter berries… So… can we get a beer or what? Malt. Hops. Yeast. Water. These are the four sides of the circle of
life. A good beer has more ingredients than a good
meal. Can I just have a coors light. Come on mom! Try something new Live a little. Alright. I’ll have a regular Coors then. Today on offer we have hop-tical allusion, hoppy seconds, blackhop down, hop-ed piece, hoptimus prime, zz hop, robohop, the first beer with
chicken – mcnugget hoppy meal, hop collaborate and listen, and i like spicy food so i like a spicy beer, Today we have ‘it hurts when IPA.’ Can we just have your most normal beer? We don’t chug! This is craft beer. First, swirl the glass to unlock the subtle-nuances, Now take two short, sharp sniffs. Mouth open. And bite the scent And exhale from your nose. What are you getting? Dizzy. Can we drink it now? Sure. Just take a tongue depressor. Let’s dip the tongue depressor into the beer and place it on the tip of your tongue. Allow it to linger to articulate the flavours. What did you do with your beers? We drank them. Get out. but we really enjoyed them. Mark
How dare you! Tune in to the Hipster Chef next week because
this week is so last week.

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9 thoughts on “Hipster Chef’s Microbrewery | 22 Minutes

  1. I wish this was funny but it’s not. It’s like it’s trying too hard or something. I hate hipsters as much as the next guy but I might hate this jerkoff more.

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