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Home chef job behind the scenes I Cook with Ping! 😋 | AppJobs.com

My usual routine when wake up in the morning, is to make golden milk for my husband. And then, after that, I get ready for the day, I plan for what kind of ingredients I need to get for the next cooking order! That usually my day, and then I spend most of my time in the kitchen, actually. The kitchen is where I love to be pretty much 24/7! Today, I’m cooking “…”, an order for tomorrow. There are 34 “…” to be made. So the delivery tomorrow is at what? 03:40? I’m going to make this and put it in the fridge. And then banque it, probably like – if it is 03:40, I’ll probably banque it at 02:00. So on Monday, I got a call and they say “Look, do you want to do 70 wraps, 70 wraps of chicken and 70 wraps of veggies”, so that’s hundred and forty wraps. So the boy came in on Monday morning, and I was like “okay, sure, why not do it? Because the delivery was 4:30, so I figured I had the whole day to figure it out, and the day before. So Monday afternoon, I went off buying the groceries, thinking “yeah I got plenty of food”. Everything was perfect! So when I started rolling, I realized towards the end I didn’t have enough food, so I panicked. Immediately, when I knew I ran out of food, I had to – I ran out of zucchini – In fact, everything, I ran out of everything! And I’ve never done wraps before! This is the first time! I didn’t do wraps like what, a month ago? So my memory of the wraps is barely there! I have to look at the list constantly, and even miss some stuff also… Anyway, that was a pretty frightening experience in the sense that, when you run out of food – when you run out of ingredients – it’s like fear! My favorite part of cooking, actually, is when I’m prepping! Not when I’m forgetting delivering, oh my god, it’s the most stressful time! And you know what? I never cooked this before. This is something that I watched and looked, and my family – you know, my mom cooks all sorts of stuff as well – and I never really got involved, except maybe chopping. This is the first time I cook this way, actually. Normally I cook – I don’t know what I cook – I just cook my way! But never this sort of…almost traditional! I wouldn’t say” traditional.” It’s “my version”, my take off what I used to love eating. Basically, the food that I miss eating! I do love my job! I mean, it is good when it’s relaxing. It is not like time crunching! But once you deliver, it’s such a good feeling! It’s like “oh my god, it’s done”! It’s like “oh my god. I actually did it!”

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