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Please Subscribe to my channel SR Kitchen. And don’t forget to hit the bell icon. Aslamo Alaikom Viewers.Today we are going to make dough First of all i’ll tell you how to make a perfect dough. That how it is made. So the things we require to make dough are White Flour I’m making two dough so im taking three cups I’ve taken three cups here. If you are making one pizza then you can take one and half cup of it. One cup and half cup meaning one and half cup for ONE pizza dough With this we have Oregano Leaves. I’ve taken half tea spoon of it And this is Thyme This is Garlic powder And this is yeast Baking Powder One table spoon Olive Oil two table spoon Salt half tea spoon Water as per requirement Warm Milk for making dough. And here i have a beated egg First of all i’m taking Yeast. Specially i’ve to tell that no need of mixing it in Milk or anything else seperately What ever the things are here You have to mix them in the white flour in dry condition and make it with milk and use water as required If you want to make perfect dough the same you get in market according to it You have to take 1/2 {Half} Tea spoon You can say half tea spoon We will add this in it if we want to make it like the one in market But after placing it you have to leave it for one whole night I’ll tell you after mixing you have to keep it in fridge. If you have to make it a little spicy For that you have to take one table spoon Yeast for it This is instant yeast and there is no need of mixing it with sugar or milk to place some where else بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ We will first of all mix it properly We have made it a little dry and is mixed properly Now we will place inside warm milk Little by little We will make our dough with it Viwers look it is right now sticking We have to make it properly for 5 to 10 minutes so that it becomes perfect and it will easily leave our plate when baked I’ll show you right now We almost made this dough for 8 minutes It is same as the dough of chapatti It is the same type of dough that we want to make When it will be made properly. It will leave the plate easily First it was sticking alot with the plate But now it has easily left it this means that it is perfectly ready now we will take a bowl and grease it almost two table spoon You will place the oil in it Here is the ready dough we will don’t make it so hard Keep it soft This will make the chapatti of pizza soft We will lightly grease from up as well Now we will cover it up Make it air tight and leave it until the dough doubles When you make it perfectly You get satisfied that the dough is perfectly ready now Look how beautifully the dough has risen When you make it you yourself get to know that how will the dough go how it has risen مَا شَاءَ ٱللَّ Look it is double in size now and this is of an awesome size and would make awesome size chapatti And the garlic powder we used will make it perfect

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