Homemade Pizza Recipe : Prepare Dough For Homemade Pizza
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Homemade Pizza Recipe : Prepare Dough For Homemade Pizza

Hi my name is Greg Goldberg on behalf of Expert
Village you can reach us at www.minettis.com. In this segment we are going to talk about
stretching the dough for the pizza. First thing you need to do is flour your dough.
By doing this you don’t need to flour your surface. You then place the rough side down
and begin pressing with the tips of your fingers. You doing this to make the dough circular
number one and just flatting it down a little bit. Once you get to about there you flip
it over so the smooth side down and you just make gentle stretching motions. Again trying
to keep it as circular as possible. When you get to about this sizes you can begin to hand
toss the dough. You do this by lifting it gently and placing on your knuckles. The motion
to stretch dough is very simple you move your knuckles apart and you rotate and you move
your knuckles apart and you rotate. You keep doing this until you reach the desire size
for the dough. This is the old traditional New York style stretching dough. A couple
of things to remember if you do happen to tare the dough you can always replace it and
fix it. There is a specific way to do it. Say I have a tare in this pizza like that
normally that would destroy the pizza all you have to do is grab the dough fold over,
and press firmly into place. It is very important that this crack seals all the way. Otherwise
sauce would leak through and the pizza would be destroyed. Continuing on you see how for
the most part pretty strong. Once we reach the desire size we can place it on the pizza
peal that we are going to flour and rub it into the grain. It is very important so the
pizza wouldn’t stick. Finally you place the pizza on the peal and arrange in a circular

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100 thoughts on “Homemade Pizza Recipe : Prepare Dough For Homemade Pizza

  1. once again… you did not show how to get a dough… you just show how to stretch it into a flat surface to make pizza… what up with that.. you told me if I subscribed ou show me.. perhaps you are actually buying the dough ready made? ya think.. God bless and you are Italian.. seems not.

  2. i absolutely agree with u. its confusing to follow on the next segment, which they look more or a less and we might skip the right sequence.

  3. complete nonsense…. wats the point of chopping the videos into soooo many segment? more rating? more view?

    pisses u off doesnt it

  4. try letting the dough sit longer before stretching. if you have it out already and are stretching it out, let it sit for say 5-10 minutes and try stretching it so more.

  5. Thanks for a very helpful video! I purchased my pizza dough from Trader Joe's and made a mess on my first attempt at shaping it into a pizza. Thanks to your video, the second attempt came out just right. Should I decide to make my own dough the next time, I'll take a look at one of the many videos on how to make the dough.

  6. Meh…I hear ya.NY Pizza the BEST.These people are FooGayZees.Who gots.Chicago Pizza SUX.Eating Pizza with a fork?are you fcking kidding me? Chicago Pizza is like eating a loaf of bread with sauce on it.lmfao.

  7. @chmilkface has to done by hand no tool or other things, good pizza this way napolitan or scilian cooked in wood fire oven which is in the village 4000lira equal to 2 american dollar, ragatsii, ciao bella,

  8. @Commonsense11111 apart that i don't want to say that he's an idiot i completely agree with you. The dough also in the video must be mixed with very hard industrial glue not to break!!
    the fact is that to make pizza i think you have to be MUCH more delicate and precise, in order not to touch the border…but u already know!

  9. Hi Greg, thanks for posting a great video. Your technique is both excellent AND easy to follow and learn. You didn't do anything flashy to put people off; everything you did is something a basic-level home cook can do. And you showed what to do if your dough tears. Everything people need to know, and nothing they don't. Great job, sir.

  10. @1982FMJ: I pre-cook my dough at 425 on the top rack for about 8-10 minutes, then dress my pizza with sauce and toppings. You're right to give extra care with peppers and onions; my way to deal with that is to slice them thin and sandwich them between two thin layers of cheese to form a "blanket" to help them cook more evenly. When you slice them thin they can be more prone to burning, and the moisture in the two cheese layers help prevent that.

  11. I JUST did this and it's quite easy! I thought I would have a hard time but it must be the Italian in me! Pizza came out insanely good and very nicely shaped.

  12. i started making my homemade pizza with less ingredience , i like the dough which is made with only 1/4 tsp yeast , also i have found you dont have to use huge amounts of cheese just buy a strong tasting cheese then you dont need so much of it and adding more heathly toppings like mushrooms and greenpeppers or red and onion pineapple and some herbs

  13. @PoppThatx It doesn't "say" anything, the title reads "Homemade Pizza Recipe : Prepare Dough For Homemade Pizza." Not, "how to prepare dough for homemade pizzza." It's 'you're' as in you are, because 'your' is possessive.

    Stop being extra, nobody gives a fuck.

  14. @Cetramarius most pizzerias use bread flour. Bread flour produces more gluten and has more protein, thereby making it much more elastic than using plain old white flour

  15. Well you know, The italians stretch the dough by spinning it on their hands when they're making pizzas.

  16. @ziopranoterapeuta Most good pizza makers will do that, it's called being gentle, not being an idiot. Also to mr.irony "commonsense" you do not need to make a fucking crust unless your dough is so compact that it barely has any space to rise.

  17. sorry but it dsnt luk so gud. some sides are thicker and others are thinner which is obviously bot gud cos thick side will not cook properly and thin sides will burn.

  18. I'm guessing this is a true NY style dough with bromated flour and a proper skin formed by resting a smooth dough ball.

  19. i remember making my first pizza too bro u have no grace at all and stage one and two are just plain wrong but not bad over all

  20. Ню Йорк е град в една още малка държава.
    Този стил е пренесен от старият континент.

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