How to Apply Hair Fibers on a Beard | Waterproof  Test
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How to Apply Hair Fibers on a Beard | Waterproof Test

hey everybody my name is Cesar thanks
for clicking on my video in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to go from
this to this just continue watching in this video we’re gonna be using topic
hair building fibers and I’m gonna show you how to apply the hair building
fibers with the pump along with that I’m also going to show you how to apply the
fiber hold spray and we’re going to test to see if it’s waterproof or not I also
have a video on how to properly apply hair fiber on the top of your head and I
also do a water test in that video you could find it right here above or I’m
gonna put it down below it without no further ado let’s get right into it so
like I said I’m using topic hair building fibers we’re gonna use black
because my beard is black okay so it comes with a mesh mesh top right here
and that way you could easily put the peppers
I call them peppers but uh so you could easily you know put it on the top your
head but the thing is we’re gonna use the pump so all we have to do is screw
the top off like so you can see all the hair fibers in there and then we’re
gonna you can see the threads right here too so we’re gonna put the pump on top
like so screw it in we’re gonna take the cap off
okay and now it’s ready to it’s ready to go all we have to do is push down on it
and it starts pumping out the hair fiber okay so I’m gonna have three good hacks
for you guys I haven’t seen them in any other videos so play close attention and
the first hack is very important because that’s what’s gonna help apply the hair
fibers to the actual skin okay so if you don’t do this special technique this is
what’s gonna happen okay you can see I’m spraying fiber
right here in this cane Apache area and the air that’s coming out of here is
blowing all the fiber down so it’s knocking it’s putting it on there and
it’s also knocking it down okay so I’m gonna clean it off a little bit here
okay so tip number one hack number one is gonna be putting lotion on your skin
okay so I put a small amount of lotion on my skin okay
I’ll apply it on both sides and so the lotion it’s gonna help stick the fibers
onto the skin now that I have the lotion on it’s gonna be easier to apply and the
fibers are actually gonna stick onto the patchy areas or you could see my skin okay just like that I’ve been watching
some of the hair fiber videos and I have not seen that hack and it is a great tip okay so another good tip is the further
away you have the pump the better because if you if you put it too close
like Point Blank next to your skin it’s just it’s gonna there’s gonna be just
the dark area and it’s it’s gonna look unnatural so you can see where it’s
starting to cover up my skin but I still have some areas then we need a cover
here but you could already see the difference okay how’s that look so far looking good okay so you could see that the hair
fiber is actually taking now instead of just getting blown off and some of the
parts look okay others you can see that they’re too dark so I’m gonna show you
what to do if you put too much fiber all you have to do is grab a comb and just
run the comb down and it actually knocks some of the heavy parts off and then you
just could start all over again okay the further away the better and I
don’t know if you can see in the camera but there’s little dust particles
everywhere so be aware of that okay then once you’re done with one side of course
you’re going to go to the next side try to do this with my left hand here I actually think the sides coming out
better and because I’m spraying a little bit further away okay maybe because I’m spraying a little
further away but this side looks a lot better than the right side the right
side it looks like there’s too many too much dark spots where the left side you
can still see skin so that’s that’s what you want to go for the natural look with
with the skin there so we’re gonna keep applying a little bit more just to make
it a little bit thicker okay so I think that side is pretty much done that is
what you want to look like right here after it’s said and done we’re gonna
move on to hack number two okay I’ve seen some videos that where people they
they buy straight razors that way they could get the that way they could get
the line looking nice and sharp but I’m here to tell you you do not need a
straight razor all you need is a piece of paper that I fold it up and all we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna try to create that line okay so what I do is I go in
and I pull out going and pull out that way I don’t make the line too far down okay it’s one side now I’m gonna go to
the next side okay so you can see now you can see the
that line but that line is kind of dark some people like it where you can
straight-up see the line okay on this side you don’t see you don’t see the
straight line I’m gonna apply a little more hair fiber so you could see it okay
put some more hair fiber I’m going to try to do the line once more okay now you can see lines on both sides
okay so like I said some people actually like the lines because they want to see
that that hard that hard part and they just like it okay so we’re gonna move on
to hack number three which is we’re gonna get rid of the lines if you do
have these lines and you don’t like them okay and hack number three all you have
to do is take your finger and then you’re gonna you’re gonna push down on
the line very slightly cuz the hair fibers are gonna knock it down a little
bit but you got to kind of try to blend it so you don’t see that straight line
if you don’t like the line okay so you see like that do you don’t see the Chris
line now it looks more natural okay that’s the look we’re going for the
natural look okay now we’re going to be testing out the fiber hold spray so this
is supposed to lock in the hair fibers okay so I’m gonna spray it we’re gonna
lock in the hair fibers we’re gonna give it a little bit that way it dries up and
then we’re gonna do a water test on it okay here we go and the cool thing about
the the hair fiber spray is it smells real good it’s almost like this
Colonna you could smell so here we go okay we got a couple sprays on we’re
gonna let it dry off and then we’re gonna do a water test on it and see how
good this whole spray is so now that we applied the hair fiber and the fiber
hold spray I waited 10 minutes now it’s time to do the water test here we go got
our trusty spray bottle here and I’m gonna let still let’s start with one
spray here we go one spray okay it’s looking good after one spray I close my
eyes even though I have my glasses on but here we go okay spray two it looks like it’s still
holding up here three four you can see how wet I am and it still looks like
it’s holding up I don’t see it dripping at the bottom at all mm-hmm still pretty good actually still
no drips and my face is soaked right now Wow okay so you can see now that the
hair fibers are kind of like bonding together but I think it did a pretty
good job of holding up actually I really liked it
this gives the other side a test while we’re here huh okay this high holding up
pretty good too okay I am officially drenched right now
and I don’t see one drop of hair fiber all right so I’m gonna have to pretty
much give the hair fiber hold spray a five star okay so now you guys know how
to properly apply the hair fiber okay you got to use that first hack number
one which is put the lotion on that way the hair fiber actually sticks onto your
skin okay hack number one hack number two is all
you have to do is use a piece of paper if you want that straight line hack
number three just use your finger to kind of blend it in if you don’t like
that straight edge line my name is Cesar I appreciate you watching my video I
have a lot more videos go check out my channel if you like this video please
give me a like any comments down below and go ahead and subscribe see you on
the next video you

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87 thoughts on “How to Apply Hair Fibers on a Beard | Waterproof Test

  1. How does the spray hold up with touching afterwards? Say your grandma loves touching your cheeks lol (completely random example)

  2. You said hack #1 is putting lotion on beard for hair to stick on… What about if I use beard balm instead would that work for the hair fibers to stick also… or the lotion hack better…

  3. Caesar, thanks for spreading the good word about hair fibers. More guys need to see this so they can rock that full beard.

    Quick question: How do you deal with the stray fibers that fly into your face when you use the pump? Whenever I did that, I needed up breathing in quite a bit and getting them all over the counter.

  4. how dumb is your water test? without at least running a finger through it when wet this test makes zero sense…your hand goes to youyr face all day subconsciously, all day, when you eat, when you read…when you are thinking…the ultimate test is.DOES IT COME OFF ON OTHER SURFACES, LIKE FINGERS, YOUR GIRLFRIENDS FACE ETC? gtfoh

  5. Hey man I've been watching you're videos and I ordered toppik hair fibers and the pump and some kind of hair line comb I didn't get the spray to lock it in my question is what works better just normal hair spray or the hair fiber spray that locks it in ?

  6. Sir i from india.want to use toppik beard fibre give me link.and i apply henna on beard so i have deep brown texture so suggest which is best for me

  7. Sir i apply hair fixer to set my beard.then tell me sir toppic hair fibre apply it beforw or after set my beard.1

  8. hi Cesar. I write to you from Spain (excuse my English). I have seen your video and it seems that it works and from a distance it seems very natural. I would like that the next videos on capillary fibers could put images with external light and more closely. Greetings and thank you.

  9. They have a spray barbers use this for guys who want to fill in patches in the beard or for the temple area people like it to be darker. But the sairbrus spray fibers are better they last 2 weeks and you can shower and it wont come off so you wont havw to worry about that. For at least 2 weeks.

  10. Do they sell these things instore..if not what's the best way to go?..I saw someone use just for men dye to make it thicker

  11. Bro look..if you have more hair to cover a few small patches is ok..but making a full beard out of what you have?…ppl get 5 ft away and it looks fake

  12. Using the product like you in this video, how many aplications has the bottle aprox? Your bottle presentation its 3g, 12g, 27.5?

    Do you think than you used in this video maybe 3g. Or less ?

  13. Work with what you have.
    A tip for thining hair is to shave it all of and keep it fresh. Visit the barber once a week or do it mote often in your home. Use a trimmer and keep it at zero. If you don't have a beard to talk about take it of and keep it fresh here to. Daily shaving. If you have som beard just keep a stash, under the lip and some on the chin then trim down the rest. This fiber stuff just dosn't look good. Can't believe that this is a thing. It is as if a bad comercial has manifested it self as a real thing that people actually buy.

  14. All I can say is look up bearbrand on YouTube. Watch their neckline videos. Another reason your beard looks so thin is you have it cut all the way uup to your chin. Not hating just thought that would interest you

  15. Hi Bro, as you can see in my videos I grow a beard but it's not thick. I would like to use Toppik. I wanted to ask you, what happens if you greet people with kisses. I mean, when I meet my friends I always give them two kisses on each cheek. it will come off? According to how my beard looks, you think I should use the product or just leave it the way it is? Hugs.

  16. You'd probably have a nice beard if you didn't shave the entire thick part off. Lookup "jawline beard" and see what corrections you can make, you probably won't need makeup

  17. Well maybe its not so bad, but from the other side its not so good too, because what when will start raining ?:) Or some nice chick would like to go under the shower with someone who applied this shit on the face ? Sudenly you will lost a half of a beard ?:) Generally this is bulshit and I sugest to be natural as possible and that's it.

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