How to Avoid a Christmas Nightmare
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How to Avoid a Christmas Nightmare

Hi I’m Josh from eSpares. For many people Christmas can be
a busy and stressful time of year. Not just on
the day itself but also in the weeks leading up to it. So in this video I’m going to show you some
of the checks and maintenance you can perform in the appliances around your home to
avoid any of those Christmas nightmares and making sure that the big day goes
down without a hitch. Now arguably one of the most important
appliances a Christmas is your cooker.If you develop a
problem with the cooker it’s going to cause a big
issue on the day. One of the first things you need to
check in the cooker is that the fan is functioning correctly. When you
first turn the fan oven on, it should start
spinning quite quickly and there shouldn’t be too
much excess noise whilst it’s spinning so if we just
turned this one on. So as you can hear that started
spinning quite quickly and it’s not producing too much noise either so that’ would indicate
that the fan is working properly. Also when you turn
the fan off it should continue to spin for a
short while afterwards. So if I just turn this fan of so as you could see that fan continued
to spin for a while after I’d switch it off so that would
indicate that this fan is working fine and one of the other
problems that can be caused by at the fan not functioning properly is
that the elements surrounding it can overheat and actually fail and of course
you don’t want that to happen in your oven so if you are noticing any
of the symptoms or if the fan is taking a while to start spinning or its causing any excess noise
while it is spinning then it’s probably a good idea to
replace it before it fails completely. And you can see how to do that in
another eSpares video. It may be the case in your fan oven
than that it’s also fitted with another fan. This is a cooling fan and that’s
designed to keep these controls here nice and cool after you
switch the fan oven off whilst its still hot so if after you’ve switch the fan oven off you
hearing any excess noise coming from the cooling fan then again it’s a good idea to replace
it before it fails and you can see how to do that in
another eSpares video. When you’ve checked the fans in your oven it’s time to move
on to the door and the seal. When you close the door
it should be nice and solid there shouldn’t be any extra movement from it but as you can see on this oven even with
the door closed I can still move it backwards and
forwards. Now the problem with that is that it
means the door isn’t closing properly so it’s going to let heat out of the oven
and that’s going to cause a problem when you cooking food in it. Now that would point to a
problem with the hingis and obviously you’ll
need to replace them. Now once you check the
hinges just opened the door up and have a look at
the seal that goes around the outside of the oven cavity and on this it is held on by tension
at the corners so it may well be loose in between but just
have a look for any tears or perforations and make sure that
the rubber is not distorted in any way and as we have a look
around this seal it looks to be an pretty good condition
so in this case will just need to be replaced the hinges on the door. Now a good tip for when you
using your fan oven and is to leave the circulation
fan running for just a couple of minutes after you’ve finished cooking with the
temperature turned down to a minimum in the oven. This just helps to disperse the heat and that’s in the oven and stop the
element from overheating which will help to prolong its life now
while we’re on the subject of cookers and it’s also a good idea to
take a look at your hob and it may be that previously you
had a ring fail on your hob and manage to cope without it but at christmas when you cooking much
larger amounts of food you going to need to have all those hob
rings available so if you have had one fail now is a great
time to get it replaced and get them all working again. Now
after you’ve had a look at the cooker and hob the next appliances to
take a look at are your fridge and freezer. At Christmas we tend to buy
too much food and don’t have enough space for it so before you do
your big Christmas shop try to run down the contents of your
freezer as much as possible. This is a good opportunity to go
through and find anything that’s getting quite old or what might be considered to
be passed its best and you can decide when you going to eat it
or chuck it out. and you can also clear the freezer out
completely and defrost it and thats going to keep it working at its best. Same again with your fridge just go through it and have a look for
anything that might be getting a bit old that you can get rid of. If there are any broken
shelves or drawers in there now’s a great time to replace them. Or if you’re looking for some additional
shelf space you might want to consider adding an extra shelf or a bottle
rack for keeping your wine nice and chilled and of course all of
those are available from eSpares. If your fridge is like
this one and it has a water and ice dispenser and you might
want to consider changing the water filter as well as you use this more and around
Christmas for gatherings and parties. One final
word about your fridge and freezer as with your cooker just
check the door seal is sealing properly if there are any holes or gaps Its
going to let the cold air out. You can check if the seal is
working just fine using a piece of paper and inserting it
between the seal and the door. Now if the paper isn’t held in place that would indicate
that the seal isn’t working properly and you’re going to need to fix it. Now in some cases you can rectify the issue
just by warming the seal up with a hairdryer and
this softens the rubber and helps it to
expand into the gap however if the seal is in
especially bad condition it’s much better to just replace the whole thing and you can see
how to do that in another eSpares video. Over the Christmas
period you may be placing a greater demand on you’re dishwasher so there are few checks
to go through to make sure it’s functioning at its
best. If I try to pull the bottom tray out of the dishwasher you can see that it’s dropping down and
the reason for that is that it’s lost a wheel on the side. Now it’s
quite common for wheels to fall of the Tray or for them
to crack and so if that happened on yours it’s a
good idea to replace it especially when the tray and is loaded
up it can be quite difficult to pull it in and out of the appliance. Also
have a look at the a bottom of the cutlery basket for any
holes or damage if there are any holes the
cutlery can actually fall through and block the bottom spray arm which will
stop it from turning and this will affect the cleaning efficiency of the
dishwasher. Also have a look in the filters and
remove any debris or blockages in there which is
likely to cause a problem and make sure that the rinse aid and
salt are kept topped up in the dishwasher as well. Now it’s a good idea especially if you
haven’t used to dishwasher for a while to run a cleaner through it such as the
eSpares limescale and detergent remover and it is
really good for just flushing the system and making sure that it’s nice and clear
and you can see some other tips on how to get your dishwasher
cleaning more effectively in another eSpares video. Now at
christmas you may find yourself using those smaller kitchen appliances that you wouldn’t
normally use that much throughout the rest of the year If
you have a food mixer or liquidizer if the Bowl is cracked you might want to
consider replacing that or if you’ve got any and
worn or misplaced items such as the beaters or any
other attachments you can replace those as well. If you have a
bread maker you might want to consider replacing
the loaf tin if it’s getting a bit old and for anything else it such as lids attachments and other spares for small
kitchen appliances these are all available on the eSpares
website. Now over Christmas many people have
friends and family to come and stay and if this is the case for you and you
may find yourself using your washing machine and a tumble dryer more than usual if
there were any squeaks or rattles or other unusual noises
coming from either appliance this usually indicates the
presence of a worn part need to track down the source of that
noise and replace the part before it fails completely. If there are any and cracked draws of
flaps on either appliance those can be
easily replaced with spares from the eSpares website and that just
makes it easy to load and use the appliance properly. Just have a check of the filters in the
tumble dryer and make sure those aren’t blocked up with
too much fluff to make sure those are nice and
clear and it’s also a good idea to put your
washing machine onto a service wash using the
cleanest cities the eSpares limescale and detergent remover and that just flushes the
system through and make sure that it’s nice and clear
for over the Christmas period and you can see how to use the limescale
and detergent remover in another e-Spares video. Finally it’s
time for the annual challenge of the Christmas lights. Now because you
haven’t use these for quite a while and you need to get on the box and check
and replace any bulb that effect old like this one for
example now this old-style bulb is only good for
about five hundred hours after which they going to fail
more frequently. And nothing is more annoying and setting
them up in a display only to return a couple days later and
see that more bulbs have failed. So for that reason it’s much better to
replace them with this new style LED bulb. These much tougher than the old
style bulbs and they’re also good for up to fifty
thousand hours so you get a lot more use out to them now if you’re planning to
use lights outdoors where it’s likely to be wet make sure you do it safely using an RCD
safety device and that will help prevent any accidental
shocks that result from coming into contact with water on the
lights. If you want to cut down on your power
usage over the Christmas period it’s a good idea to use your lights in
conjunction with a time a plug now this can be set to turn
the lights on and off automatically when required. Hopefully this video is held to show you
some of the ways you can avoid a Christmas nightmare in your home the course spares and
accessories for your appliances as well as lights timers and RCD’s being available on the eSpares website.
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