How to Bake a Traditional Challah Bread : Knead Challah Bread Dough In A Mixer
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How to Bake a Traditional Challah Bread : Knead Challah Bread Dough In A Mixer

Hi I’m Karen for Expert Village now we are
going to knead the dough and continue adding flour. First of all we place the beater with
the dough hook
and we start the machine and we continue adding flour a little bit at a time until the dough
becomes smooth and satiny and forms a nice ball. If the dough starts to puff out of the machine
you can cover that up a little bit until it stops. You just add flour it starts out sticking
to the sides of the bowl but as you add a little flour it will gather up all the dough
from the sides and bring that in into a ball in the middle. I’m going to stop the machine
for a minute and scrap it down, that would get things working to a ball also and just
scrap that down. There we go and we would start up again and add a little bit of flour
in that. Try to keep that flour in the bowl, there you go it starts to form a ball and
we would just keep mixing that and as it starts to get sticky on the sides again you just
add a little bit of flour to just keep it going. We are going to kneed that for about
10 minutes it should clean the inside of the bowl as it kneads you just keep adding a little
bit more flour and see how it picks it up. I have added the 8 cups of flour right now
into the bowl and its still fill a little sticky don’t be afraid to add more flour if
the dough needs it there is no precise measurement to the flour. What is more important is the
texture and the stickiness of the dough so we would continue to add a little bit more
flour. You may want to stop your machine, take off the dough hook, remove the dough
and flip it around so that the bottom, see that dry crumby on the bottom put that on
the top, replace your dough hook and continue your kneading. Now you could see it forming
a nice ball but it is still a little sticky on the sides so I’m going to add a little
bit more. I think we are using almost to 9 cups on this loaf you can see that it is forming
a nice wade of dough and the dough is being stretched and pull. This is great kneading
it is going to make a nice smooth dough.

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