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How to Become a Sous Chef | Restaurant Business

Since the executive chef of a restaurant can’t
cook every dish and can’t be at every shift and cannot manage every moment that’s happening
in a larger kitchen, they have sous chefs. A sous chef is like a second-in-command. They’re the managers of a kitchen operation. They report to the executive chef, and what
they do is manage the more day-to-day operation of the kitchen. Usually sous chefs have responsibility for
ordering product, for doing payroll, for hiring and directing staff, and a sous chef is often
a step towards increased management like executive sous chef or chef de cuisine or ultimately
executive chef. To become a sous chef, you have to be a great
cook. You have to be able to cook and you have to
know the technical aspects of cooking, and usually it’s the best cooks that have the
opportunity to be promoted to sous chef. Now it’s not just about cooking skill. It’s also about people skills, because ultimately
management is getting people to do the work that needs to be done in a good way. If you’re somebody who just can’t interact
with people, even if you’re amazing at knife skills or cooking or creating sauces, you’re
not going to get to be a sous chef, because being a sous chef requires management capability
and leadership capability. To become a great cook, you’re going to have
to be someone who learns a great deal about food, someone who learns a great deal about
the restaurant business, learns about the financial parts of running a kitchen, so that
as you develop your cooking skill and you learn more and more about management and business
operations, you’ll be ready to be promoted to a sous chef position. As you’re working as a cook and gaining this
experience, you’re going to need to prove that you can do all the different aspects
of the cooking in that particular kitchen. You will need to be good at grilling, at sauté,
at creating sauces, at garde manger, at prep, because you will ultimately be teaching all
of the cooks their positions. And God forbid someone hurts themselves or
is out sick, it’s very likely a sous chef is going to have to fill in for the night
and make it happen.

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  2. I have an opportunity to be sous chef at my work I'm so nervous I'm working and studying so hard. Its frightening for someone as young as i am to be promoted so quickly. Wish me luck!

  3. I am now a lead cook, with a possibility of becoming the next Sous Chef for Freedom Square Brookdale living solutions, thanks for the video

  4. I came into a new restaurant after running
    A grill and a few spots for a few months.
    First day in was offered a Sous Chef Position.
    I’ve been a Chef for fifteen years
    The “Chief” Of The kitchen
    Don’t be nervous
    You were chosen because of who you are
    And what you bring to the kitchen.
    Don’t overstudy. You will be fine.
    Communication is #1
    I am an avid communicator in every kitchen. Also working quickly; efficiently
    And professionally. Take the rush with a smile. Make Your plates Gorgeous!
    Fly through the kitchen gracefully
    Like an eagle. Eyes focused on the prize
    And everything in the kitchen
    Mise En Place. Preparation is key 🔑
    Your staff are a reflection of you
    Always stay on top of them
    Treat them like family. Value their work
    Keep them focused and everything HAACP
    Now go and be a great Sous Chef!
    You’re well on your way!

  5. i Became a Sous Chef at the age of 22. the workload is heavy but it’s worth it. Just learn everything you can and listen carefully and you’ll be Fine 🙂

  6. I am on my way becoming a Sous Chef 👨‍🍳 i am just working on all my skills and running the kitchen i work in. so far so good and this year we have had a heck ton of guests and banquets! Its been a learning curve but i most definitely love 🥰 the job i first started as a dishwasher and i eventually worked my way up i never thought that i would love cooking so much and also working in a kitchen, some of the best cooks are (no offense) aged now in their 40s-50s but damn have they taught me so much! Without them and without the Executive Chef's guidance I probably would not be as useful as i am. I hope too be able too run the kitchen the way the cooks run it and how chef runs it

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