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How to cook a 🍗Turkey🍗 on the Traeger…Just like the Pilgrims

hey guys happy Thanksgiving retired at
40 here I just got done making this beautiful bird on the traeger and if you
follow these easy directions you probably have the best bird you’ve ever
tasted and if you don’t follow the directions you’ll probably still have
the best bird you’ve ever tasted it’s a traeger so the key to doing chicken or
turkey or pork and sometimes beef on the traeger is a good brine a good brine
will hold in your juiciness keep the meat tender and it’ll really add a lot
of flavor to the meat it’s really important on a turkey because the turkey
is so thick that you want to keep all that juiciness inside of the turkey so a
good brine I would put a quarter of a cup per quart of water and then you’ll
add two tablespoons of sugar per quart so you’re going to need a pretty big
stockpot to fit this bird into so what I like to do to get my brine to the right
levels is I just kind of add a little bit at a time so I’m going to do half a
cup of salt and then I’m going to do four
tablespoons of sugar and then I’m gonna add my water and mix
it in and see where that gets us level wise on this on the stockpot and we’ll
go from there so here’s my two quarts of water and I can already tell it’s
probably gonna be about double that for me I’m doing about a 16 pound bird so
I’m thinking there’s four quarts in a gallon about a gallon of water so for me
it’s gonna be about one cup of salt and eight tablespoons of sugar okay once you
got all your stuff in here give this a good mix until all the salt and sugar
dissolves and you kind of just want a cloudy liquid in there and then we’ll
put our turkey in okay once you’ve let the bird thaw out and give it a quick
rinse with cold water in the sink and then put them in your salty bath you
want to make sure that everything is completely submerged
okay once the birds in the bath just to cover it up it needs to be in the brine
for about 24 hours you don’t want to go any longer than that or it will start to
get real salty I’m gonna throw mine in the fridge just to keep it cool, if your birds still partially frozen and your water stays cool it’s
probably fine to just leave it out otherwise if it’s cool outside you know
you want to keep that water cool so I’ll see you guys in about 24 hours and we
will get going on the cooking while your turkey is soaking it’s a good time to
make the key ingredient for the turkey and that’s what’s gonna go under the
skin and keep it nice and juicy and moist so we want half a tablespoon of
salt we’re using sea salt you can do a sea salt kosher salt regular old salt
one tablespoon of pepper a couple tablespoons of rosemary got a couple
tablespoons of thyme six cloves of garlic and then half a pound of butter and you
can smash everything together okay so get all your ingredients smash
together and you can put this in the fridge if you’re not ready for right now
we are ready for it so it is a little easier to work with when it’s soft and
pliable like this pull your turkey out of the brine and run it under some cold
water and just kind of rinse everything off set it on a pan in just so it’s
easier to work with and then take some paper towels and this towel everything
off because you want the skin all dry and then you’re gonna take you want the
breast side up you want to separate the skin from the meat and you’re trying to
make a little cavity and then we’re gonna take that butter mixture that we
just made it stuff all the butter inside of the breast and just anywhere that you
can get it and that will keep all of that nice juicy tender butter solution
inside of there and cook it with that okay so just get a big chunk of this
butter mixture put it in the cavity and so you can also cut a slit in the
leg and put some down there alright so after it’s all stuffed you kind of want
to make sure that everything’s evenly distributed in here and then you can
either use all of this inside of here or I like to melt mine a little bit and
just kind of drizzle it over the top and cover the rest of it with that you can
also use olive oil and then after you’re done with this this would then be a good
time to if you’re going to do stuffing or something in the cavity leaving your
vegetables onions carrots things like that you can also cover this with salt
and pepper I like to cover mine with my rub that I make you want to cover all
the entire bird front back before I add the rub or salt pepper or whatever you
gonna do I’m gonna go put the traeger on smoke and get it going okay once your
grill has gotten to a good smoke then you want to go to 300 degrees in the
meantime I’m gonna cover mine in seasoning we’re ready to go on the grill all right we’re up to 300 we’re going to put the turkey on and key to victory is that you have something that has a probe you’re looking for a hundred and sixty
degrees you’re gonna go in the deepest part of the breast thickest part of meat all right so this is my third bird that
I’ve done through Thanksgiving turkey I’ve done traeger and believe it or not
it’s already up to 170 degrees so I like to just poke it in a couple of different
places make sure everything’s done but to me it looks like it’s pretty darn
good I might just leave it on for a little bit longer just to make that skin
little crispier but you’re looking for 165 degrees all right this is looking
good I’m gonna pull it off I’ll meet you guys in the kitchen all right after you
get this to your crispiness and your temperature that your say you want to
just cover it with some foil let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes and you’re
ready to serve it until next time this is retiring at 40 remember to live life
simple we’ll catch you next time I gotta get way back as a zoomed-in or
something oh there we go Brian it’s a recording right now so watch what you say to your beautiful wife Are you are you zoomed and focused ? Are you focused? okay I’m ready hit it
I’m actually yeah grill are you ready

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