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How To Cook Boiled Rice | One Pot Chef

hi guys and welcome to a new semi-regular series here on the one podshare show channel now when you’re first starting out cooking when you just moved out of home starting out as a student and done much cooking before it’s really hard to try and get into some of those major dishes you see on TV because you haven’t got the basics down right with this new semi-regular series I’ll be able to show you the basic principles of cooking and today I’m going to show you a very simple thing that a lot of people have trouble with when they’re first starting out but once you’ve learned it it opens up the door to a floodgate of fantastic recipes it’s time to cook some rice on the one pot chef’s back to basics [Music] so here with the basics when it comes to cooking rice now today I’m going to be cooking some regular normal white long grain rice just your everyday rice for pretty much good enough for any sort of purpose now first things first we need obviously a saucepan to cook it in or a pot now you’ve got to use the right kind of pot use a decent-sized one don’t use a huge one or a really really small one you’ve got to use one that’s basically going to allow room for steam to be made when you’ve got the water boiling and whatnot because if there is enough room there it’s gonna boil over it’ll turn into a mess you also need to use one that’s got a fairly thick bottom to it this helps to diffuse the heat slightly it allows the heat to come through at a more consistent rate if you use a really thin based saucepan it’s essentially just gonna come straight through like a blast furnace that’s what makes the rice stick to the bottom of birth so first things first we’re gonna add in our rice two cups of regular white rice love it now when it comes to cooking rice it doesn’t like being cooked in very small amounts so two cups is pretty much the minimum you need to cook at any one time but don’t think that’s a huge amount trust me two cups will easily serve four people as a side dish and if you’ve got too much there you can pop it in the fridge and use it the next day it’s alright so minimum of two cups into that we’re going to put in some butter or some margarine not a lot we’re just going to put in about a teaspoon or so yeah get in there there we go so we don’t need a lot of up in it this just helps to lubricate the rice slightly while it cooks that way it doesn’t stick together and turn into a giant clump and will become nice and free and easy when we finish cooking it now when it comes to adding the water there is a ratio so if you put two cups of rice in you’ve got to put in four cups of water if you put three cups of rice in that it’s six cups of water basically you’d put double the water as to the amount of rice so four cups of water going in easy squeazy now that looks pretty good now that’s pretty much all you got to do now all you need to do is pop onto the stove bring it to the boil and we’ll go from there as you can see our rice is now boiling all we have to do now is turn the temperature down to the lowest setting pop the lid on and then set your timer for 15 minutes very simple you don’t have to touch it you don’t take the lid off you don’t have to stir it just leave it be it’ll be fine that steam will come off the water and start to help the rice to start absorbing it more and more until the rice is all puffed up and all the water has disappeared it’s been 15 minutes and if you’ve got a glass lid you’ll be able to see it and you’ll be able to see that the rice looks like it’s finished but it’s not this is often where people make a mistake you see the water has been all but absorbed of what hasn’t been absorbed as turn into steam that is just floating underneath the lid there now if you try to take the lid off all that steam will be released and the rice won’t be able to suck it up and or become it all gluggy and crunchy which is absolutely awful what do we do easy we’re gonna turn down the temperature to nothing just switch it off take it off the hot burner put it onto one of the cold ones and then set your timer for another 15 minutes when that 15 minutes is up your rice will be done it’s been another 15 minutes and our rice is finished so let’s take the lid off oh look at that absolutely wonderful you’ll notice there’s a bit of a yellow tinge to it don’t worry about that that’s just where the butter is settled at the top so with a spoon or a fork we’re just going to basically separate the rice slightly because it will clump together a bit like that just enough to sort of fluff it up a bit as you can see that beautiful white rice all the way through there’s no bird bits there’s no crunchy bits it’s just absolutely perfect now that is ready to serve straight away so you can use that as base for any meal pretty much stir-fries casseroles whatever you like absolutely so easy to do and I’m just going to little taste of this since it’s right here YUM perfect mmm soft tender no crunchy bits absolutely wonderful so that was easy wasn’t it now once you’ve been shown how to do it you’ll get it right every single time now this of course works perfectly this kind of white rice jasmine rice basmati rice brown rice on the other hand is a little different because it’s bigger and thicker it needs a little longer so you need to when it’s got on the low heat instead of 15 minutes you need it for about 20 to 25 minutes roughly and then let’s settle off like we did with before with the white rice very simple I hope you have found this helpful check out my other cooking videos of one pot chef show calm and I’ll have another fantastic cooking video for you next week and I’ll have more back to basics videos in the future until next time see you later

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100 thoughts on “How To Cook Boiled Rice | One Pot Chef

  1. yknow I don’t ever subscribe to people or like videos but you just genuinely helped me cook some bomb ass rice so I liked and subbed. Thank you homie

  2. I have to say out of all the videos that I have searched, including Google yours is the best one. The reason being is you go step by step, and explain how much rice and how much water, as well as the length of time. Great job man

  3. I know you probably get this often, but thank you for making this video. I've been watching this same video over and over again when I forget a step. Every single time, my rice comes out perfectly. Thank you again!

  4. What a piece of shit it was, it left mess on my stove with white, glue water and foam plus it burned on bottom, throw it away. πŸ‘Ž

  5. Well done, my friend. Every time I've tried to cook rice, it comes out like oatmeal and itΒ burns on the bottom of the thin two gallon pot I use. Next time, I'll try your method. I wrote your directions down. Cheers!

  6. I wonder what the Japanese used to cook rice in ww2?? If one of them could sit with nothing but rice, water, and a rifle and be an effective combatant then I do believe it would be interesting to know just how he did it.

  7. Is there an alternate way to do this with the lid off? I lost the lid foe ky pot, and don't feel like buying an entire new set πŸ˜…

  8. Perfection :))) all did exactly how you told to do and BOOM :))) perfect rice :)))
    Thank you so much !!!

  9. Yoo this was so spot on. First time making perfect rice in many failed attempts. Thanks!

  10. Thank you for this video. I have a question: when you cook brown rice you say that you need to cook it for 20-25minutes, but because it needs to cook longer do you also need to add more water (otherwise the water will run out and it will burn)?

  11. I was skeptical about this. Tried other recipes that didn't work so I thought I'd try this. Have to say it turned out superb. Thanks One Pot Chef.

  12. This was soooo helpful. It was my first time cooking rice and you were so easy to follow. Thank you!

  13. His voice is so pleasant. I'm not much for cooking vids, but this was really enjoyable to listen to. Cheers, mate.

  14. Thanks! I was about to cook it like noodles, let the water boil and then throw it in. Saving me time and effort

  15. Two cups is a fucking ton. I want to learn to make rice half cup at a time. Its ridiculous that i have to make it two cups at a time. That will last me four days

  16. 15 minutes after coming to the boil will make your rice mushy. Any rice, that is unless it is a whole grain or integral rice. For the type you're using , when it starts to boil, lower to medium heat and cook for 9 minutes and serve straight away without waiting another 15 minutes.

  17. I watch this video every time I make rice (which is a lot) so thank you for this. All hero’s really don’t wear capes.


  19. In iraq they make a hug pot of rice in the morning…they seemed to just boil then sit it sll aside until lunch…tho i habe to admit i never watched or.asked.

  20. I thought you should take out the rice that are in a brown thing first wash it put it on the stove add salt let it be when thats all open it put butter let it be when done store it up thats how my mom taught me and she is a good cook my mom make some meals i have to wonder if she is a genius

  21. This video saved me ! Thank you so much
    I did 3 cups of rice with 6 cups of water !
    It was super yummy and soft my family loved it 😍
    Made shrimp fajitas with white rice 🀀

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