How To Cook Breakfast The Right Way || A Little Help
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How To Cook Breakfast The Right Way || A Little Help

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, I’m Lee Kalpakis
and you’re doing it wrong — specifically breakfast, because
your eggs are overdone, your bacon is unevenly
cooked, your home fries, they’re far from crispy,
and your coffee sucks. But that’s OK. Don’t worry,
buddies, because we’re gonna break it down today and get you to classic breakfast master status. And no, we’re not gonna do pancakes, because I think pancakes
are (beep) stupid. Moving right along. – So let’s start with home fries. You wanna make sure you’re
not starting with raw potatoes, and I actually see this mistake a lot. You wanna start with
boiled or baked potato. I have some boiled Yukon Gold
and I know a lot of people use Russet and that’s cool,
but they’re super-starchy, and there’s something
really velvety and creamy and nice about a Yukon Gold. I think it makes a great home fry, so that’s what we’re gonna use today. I’m gonna start with a
generous amount of butter. Next, we’re gonna add our potatoes. You want them to be in an even layer so that most of them
are touching the bottom of the pan, and that’s
what gets them crispy. I’m gonna add some salt and pepper. – They are indeed hot potatoes. – Good call, Thomas. That was really good. Now the most important
part: Don’t touch it. You let your potatoes cook,
and I know that when you’re in the kitchen, you have a good
time, your friends are there, you’re making potatoes, and
you’re listening to music, and you’re partying, you’re
gonna wanna stir everything up and you’re like, “Look at me, I’m sauteeing and I’m cooking, and I’m
having a great time.” Don’t do that. Let them sit, and that
way you’re gonna get this awesome layer of golden,
crispy, crunchy (beep). – Keep it going, that was good. – What, who says that? – I didn’t know that. – So when you achieved this
golden brown crust on one side, then you want to toss them
about and try to get it on as many sides as possible,
keep mixing them around until most of the sides of
the potatoes are golden brown, and when they look ready, they’re ready. Next up is bacon. I know everyone’s running
to their stove top to get the bacon going, but have
you tried it in the oven? It cooks really evenly. It also doesn’t splatter everywhere, doesn’t get your apartment all smoky. It’s just an easier way to do it. I’m gonna put these in the oven for 15 minutes at 400 degrees. After 15 minutes, your bacon should look a little something like this. As you can see, it is evenly cooked, it’s super-crispy, and it
looks super-delicious. So let’s make our scrambled eggs together. You want the heat to be low. We’re gonna start with our butter. Let’s crack some eggs. Whip them, and now we’re gonna
gently add them to our pan. So what you want to do for scrambled eggs is you want to watch them. As they start to set on the side, you want to use a rubber spatula, and you want to gently wrinkle them and fold them around, mostly
to the center on the side until they’re at the
consistency that you want. And some people like them
creamy and a little runny, and some people like them super-fluffy. As long as you don’t get them brown — that’s when they start
to taste really off. And as soon as they’re fluffy,
take your eggs off the heat, because these guys are done. So let’s talk coffee. If you are buying pre-ground beans, you are 100% doing it wrong. A coffee grinder only sets
you back like 10 or 15 bucks and will give you a better cup of coffee for years to come. Buy your beans whole, grind them yourself, and I promise you, your
coffee will taste better. So there you have it, friends. A perfect classic American breakfast that everyone’s gonna wanna eat. It’s the perfect meal to start your day, soothe your hangover or just
make you feel like an adult. So call your dad and let him know that you’re doing something right. Ooh, it’s crispy. (upbeat music) Well, you made it this far. You may as well like,
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39 thoughts on “How To Cook Breakfast The Right Way || A Little Help

  1. I don't trust anyone who doesn't like pancakes. I can't even watch the rest of this video. I'm going to make some pancakes and eat them, so they know I Love and Appreciate them.

  2. first of all: everyone can cook their breakfast the way they like it, so saying "you are doing it wrong" is meaningless.

    secondly: you burnt the potatoes, you didn't use the bacon fat to cook your eggs in, you scrambled the eggs before putting them in the pan and you let the eggs sit on the heat during the entire cook time. All major mistakes every real chef will tell you to avoid.

    the only thing I learned in this video is that apparently everyone can make a video "teaching" people how to do something, even if they themselves only have a basic understanding of what they are doing. Maybe visit a culinary course before making a video about cooking.

  3. she has never had a decent pancake then and i whole heartedly need my eggs in the bacon fat. it's a necessary step plus tip that she didn't give you was to fork the bacon so that is stays relatively flat in the pan while cooking and you can add butter if you don't care at all like me 😉

  4. I thought that her pancake comment was pretty funny and refreshing to hear because you just don’t hear that from most people. I didn’t take it that seriously. Personally, I prefer waffles over pancakes, but I can still enjoy a good pancake.

  5. Pancakes are great. I like my coffee. I cook my bacon slow on the stove. Did not like the presentation of this video at all

  6. dang spending so much time on breakfast and making it look so tasty then treating that coffee like its the bacons bitch. yes grind coffee to use but use a proper grinder and pour that water properly!

  7. The Gordon Ramsay style of Scrambled Eggs are better. The way she made it has the texture of a chopped omelette. 😐

  8. I wanted to give this video a thumbs up, but you ruined that with your hate towards pancakes. You don’t like them fine. Just don’t throw shade at them. Geez.

  9. Thankfully…she didn't add milk or cream to her scrambled eggs…which is the most idiotic thing to do in the kitchen.

    (THAT…and adding oil to your boiling pasta water)

  10. heh…didn't season the eggs or add any extra fat, you don't use boiled or steamed potatoes then fry them in oil, you use raw, seasoned potatoes and onions, put them over low heat and cover them so they steam then after they're cooked through you take off the lid and let them get crispy….YOU'RE doing it wrong, missy. Love your series anyway. Keep up the good work.

  11. Says people cook eggs wrong by over cooking them…then proceeds to over cook them. Those scrambled eggs were horrible.

  12. Pancakes aren't dumb, and her egg game is ALLL wrong, so disregard all her info. Also, where's the cow-eyed guy that's usually in these knock-off Tasty videos?

  13. I attempted the bacon 15 min, 400 degrees cook and I had to pull my bacon out early because I realized it was burning. Did not cook evenly at all haha

  14. Any tard can scramble an egg. Show how to cook one over easy in the bacon grease. That's how you start a day

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