How to Cook Brown Rice Pasta So It’s Low Glycemic (Plus Recipe)
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How to Cook Brown Rice Pasta So It’s Low Glycemic (Plus Recipe)

– Hi, this is Sheree from The Healthy Diet, and today we’re going to show you how to make gluten free brown rice pasta from scratch. And this is for our hair loss visitors who are concerned with the GI value of brown rice pasta being very high. So we’re going show you how to cook it al dente, and it’s really, really good. Hope you guys like this one. (Girl From Ipanema playing) You take your onions and garlic and put ’em in a pan and fry it separately. You’re going to let that sit. And then over here we have cooking — we’re cooking turkey. And right now, we just have turkey in there. We put olive oil, cook it, and then we’re going to add some steak seasoning. So we’re adding — Go ahead and sprinkle that in there. Lookin’ good. Good. More, more, more. Flavor. Lots and lots of flavor. Yeah, perfect. Then you’re going to have to keep stirring the onions and garlic so they don’t burn. ‘ Cause that’s what’s going to give you your flavor. We want them kind of cooked down, that way, you know, it’s not real obvious when you put it in the pan with the spaghetti sauce. Looking good. It smells really good, huh? – Yup. (Girl From Ipanema playing) Go. Oooh. And we have a hot water pot boiling right here. We’re going to put olive oil in there. It’s going to be for the noodles. Oooh. You can use this kind, or you can use Ragu. It doesn’t matter. But if you get the Ragu, for our hair loss visitors, only use the kind without sugar. We’re going to put tomato paste, because tomato paste is a powerful cancer fighter. It has lycopene, and it’s excellent for men’s prostates. And it also thickens the recipe and makes it taste better. Okay. Teri, can you grab that plate of tomatoes over there, stick that in there? And then the onions. And then we’re going to let that simmer and put a lid on there. Put the onions in there. Yum. It smells so good, you guys. It smells amazing. This is like more for the younger kids who want something like Hamburger Helper, but of course we can’t eat that. So this is going to be gluten free with turkey, and our own sauce, made with our own spices and seasonings, and it’s wonderful. It tastes so good. And also it’s for busy mothers who just are like in a hurry, and they don’t want to feed their kids bad food, but, you know, you want it quick and easy. Go ahead and stir that up. And we’re going to put a lid on there, and then we’re going to come back in a few minutes, okay? Alright. (Girl From Ipanema playing) Pour some in there. That’s good. That’s good. You don’t want it to stick, so you want to put a little bit of that in there. And as you can see, our other food is still cooking. Go ahead and pour the entire bag of gluten free rotini brown rice pasta from Fresh & Easy. That’s our favorite store. And then we’re going to stir that. Ooh, lookin’ good. I love this stuff. I made it the other day, and I almost passed out, it was so good. This is my “I’m lazy and I don’t feel like doing whatever.” And you’re going to have leftovers, and you can heat them up the next day, and you’re good to go. Now, the weird thing about brown rice pasta is it makes a lot of foam, and it makes a lot of white — it looks a little bit milky. What you’re going to do is get a colander and rinse all that off once it’s done. And you want to cook it al dente, which means literally “to the teeth,” which means chewy. If you over boil brown rice, it will raise the glycemic index, and it’s gonna make you sick. You don’t want to do that. You want to keep the index low by making it chewy, and as far as I’m concerned, it tastes better. So there’s something about pasta when it’s done right. And anyway, we’ll be right back. (Girl From Ipanema playing)

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