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How to Cook Cheesy Sausage Nacho Dip Recipe: Ohio Pork – Episode 8

this sausage nacho dip is really a crowd
pleaser it’s so simple it’s great for
entertaining – you can bring it to a potluck it really only has three simple ingredients
all I have to do is a brown my pound ground pork over medium heat on my skillet – add my
cheese and my salsa to my slow cooker and then we have a delicious dip –
I have my skillet over medium heat, nice and hot already gonna add my ground pork to it we’re going to brown the pork before we add it to the slow cooker our main focus of the slow cooker is to add a nice homogenous mixture for the dip so – you don’t have to worry about the
pork being already cooked as it will be here on the skillet if you stir your ground pork often you can guarantee you’ll get smaller pieces when it’s all the way cooked through when it’s in your slow cooker – when your enjoying it as a dip it will be perfect for bite size pieces on your tortilla chip so my sausage has browned in my skillet, all I have to do is add to slow cooker with my other ingredients I can it straight from the skillet into
the slow cooker no reason to dirty another bowl then I’m going to add one package of processed cheese and one jar of your favorite salsa then we have to cook it on high for
about one to two hours and I’ll be a nice smooth delicious dip. Our ingredients have been here for about an hour some so I’m so excited to see how it turned out and it looks perfect!! given it a good mix and I think we’re ready to enjoy it you can serve it with chips and with salsa – and if your doing a spread – you can do it with guacamole – or make a nacho bar with these it’s really
fantastic for just a regular Sunday afternoon for tailgate – or for any kind of event. it
really works perfectly everybody’s gonna love it your kids – the adults – it’s a real crowd pleaser now that is good!!

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