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hey guys welcome back to another video.
today I’m showing you had to cook lentils in the Instant Pot and I’ll show
you three easy lentil recipes. I’ll show you the various cook times and methods
for different kinds of lentils so you can eat healthy and save time in the
kitchen. and if you’re looking for more delicious vegan recipes I have a lot on
my blog, or on my
Instagram @rainbowplantlife and you can find those links in the description
box below. and before I get to the lentils I want to mention two things. one,
if you enjoy this video, please hit that thumbs up button. it’s always very
much appreciated when you do. and two if you want to see more healthy instant pot
recipes or more vegan instant pot recipes, just let me know in the comments down below. the first recipe I want to share is a red lentil sweet potato soup.
red lentils are great for a soft or pureed dish like an Indian dal, a curry
or soup, which is what I’m making today. to start this soup you’re going to turn
on the Saute setting of your Instant Pot, add some coconut oil and saute diced
onion for a few minutes until it starts to soften. then you’re gonna add in some
fresh ginger and garlic for flavor. next comes some curry powder and turmeric and you’re just gonna cook that until it’s fragrant. now pour in some vegetable
broth. you can use water if you prefer but it’ll be a lot more flavorful with
the broth. finally add in the red lentils, along
with some cubed sweet potatoes and salt and pepper to taste.
just give the soup a stir and now your work is done.
seal the Instant Pot, turn the venting knob to the Sealing position, and select
the Manual setting and bring it to high pressure for 10 minutes.
once the 10 minutes is up, allow the pressure to release naturally for 10
minutes, and then open up the pot. give your soup a taste for seasonings. you
might find what it needs more salt or if it’s too acidic you can balance it out
with a little bit of sweetener. and that’s about it – your lentil soup is
ready to eat. the second recipe I’m sharing our Indian
style black lentils. Black Beluga lentils hold their shape when they cook so
they’re great for a side dish or in a salad and they take about 10 to 12
minutes in the Instant Pot, depending on how firm or mushy you like your lentils.
you can cook lentils in plain old water if you want, but lentils are like little
sponges, so they absorb whatever they’re cooked in, so I really recommend starting
with some flavor. I like to start by sauteeing some onion and garlic, maybe
some green chilies and ginger depending on the flavors I’m looking for. and then
I cooked them in vegetable broth to give a little more flavor. I’m going to start this dish in the
exact same way I started this soup. heat up some oil on the Saute setting of the
Instant Pot. the first step is to fry some cumin seeds, which is traditional in
Indian cooking to add some flavor. then you’re gonna add green chillies, but if
you can’t tolerate spicy foods you can omit this step. now add in diced onion,
followed by garlic and ginger, and these are all flavor building blocks. then
you’ll add in a mixture of Indian spices. the exact measurements are in the
description box below. and finally you’ll add in black Beluga lentils, vegetable
broth and salt to taste. as with the first recipe, just give it a
stir and let the Instant Pot do the rest of the work. you’ll follow the exact same
directions as with the first recipe. after the pressure has been released, I
like to add in a little bit of vegan butter. it makes the lentil softer and
creamier, and then I also add in some cilantro for something fresh and bright. and the last recipe is a basic brown
lentil. these are great to add to your meal prep or to a salad or wrap or
anytime you need a protein fix. and for brown or green lentils you want to cook
them for about 12 to 15 minutes depending on, again, how mushy or firm you like your lentils. This final recipe starts off pretty similarly to the other ones. just saute some green chili, onions, and garlic in coconut oil and season with salt. then you’ll add in brown lentils and vegetable broth. for brown
lentils, you’re gonna cook them a bit longer. I’m doing 15 minutes at high
pressure, but if you like your lentils on the firmer side ,you can do 12 or 13
minutes. one of the questions I’m frequently
asked is “what are the best foods to eat on a vegan diet?” and there are so many
options, so many delicious and healthy options in the plant-based world. but
something that’s always at the top of my list are lentils. they’re tiny little
superfood packed with high quality protein, fiber that helps you
stay full, iron, tons of minerals and vitamins, as well as antioxidants. and if
you’ve never cooked your own lentils because you’re not sure how or it’s easy
enough to just buy it in a box or a can, then I think you’ll love these recipes
because they’re so simple. unlike cooking lentils on the stove you don’t need to
soak them for the Instant Pot. and unlike cooking lentils on the stove, you don’t
have to constantly watch them to make sure that they don’t burn or get too
mushy. just put them in the Instant Pot, walk away, go do your own stuff, and then
come back when they’re done. I hope you found this video for how to cook lentils
in the Instant Pot helpful, and if you have any suggestions for future video
topics let me know in the comments below. thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you in the next video.

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