How to Cook Vegetables : Preparing Asparagus for Healthy Cooking Recipes
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How to Cook Vegetables : Preparing Asparagus for Healthy Cooking Recipes

Hi! I’m Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert Village
and today we are going to show you how to cut and prepare asparagus. Most folks will
steam asparagus as far as that goes and there are actual steamer baskets that are made especially
for that purpose. You can actually sautee it with a tiny bit of water and with some
clarified butter and cover with a sautee pan and steam it to consistency is another way
to do it. What makes it a lot easier to eat, if you will notice there is a lot of fibrous,
woody almost stalk that extends to the base of each piece of asparagus. So as soon as
the white starts to fade into a green that is usually where I try to make the cut and
take that off. So we are going to do that and get rid of that. Now the asparagus itself
becomes more tender as it gets darker green towards the tip and its about where my index
finger is here and all the way up. So from this point down, what I want to do is just
take a peeler and I just want to kind of peel off the fibrous outer layer which will make
this much easier to eat and plus it will give you a lot more usable product as far as that
goes. Some folks won’t take the stuff off, they just cook it. As the plates are being
finished, you will notice that only this much of the asparagus has been eaten and the rest
gets thrown in the trash because it is uneatable. I really taken just one layer to expose that
and I can already tell it is a little more tender with my fingers this direction, going
back this way and this will obviously be the eatable portion without doing that. Now we’ve
got total usable and a total eatable product. Looks kind of nice on the plate because you’ve
got some variation, two colors of green so it really brightens up a plate as a side dish
along with the protein and starch. That’s the preparation and the steps that we take
so that we have a prettier piece of the asparagus on the plate and a lot more eatable product
as well.

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38 thoughts on “How to Cook Vegetables : Preparing Asparagus for Healthy Cooking Recipes

  1. Great way to make asparagus. I think it's worth the extra step! thanks for the great idea.

    Casey – GreatChefs

  2. Youre a professional chef and you don't know that you don't cut off the bottom of the asparagus you bend it and it will snap off where the woody part ends? Then you don't need too peel anything.

  3. No peeling required at all, no restaurant will serve you peeled asparagus. Simply bend the asparagus as starsiaeve suggested below and it will snap in two exactly where it needs to.

  4. Not true, if you just take the end and snap it off where it naturally breaks, then the rest of the asparagus spear will be tender enough to eat. Peeling is not necessary.

  5. why is it that these expertvillage videos never finish up their tutorials, im not watch dis thing anymore, smh

  6. this guy is douche, he doesn't know what the fuck his talking about, YOU DONT HAVE TO PEEL SPARRAGUS, THUMBS UP IF YOU THINK THIS TURD SHOULD BE SLAPPED BY THE SPARRAGUS ITSELF, fucking retardville, haha their fucking hilarious

  7. @langtongirl yeah, but it's going to break off farther up than where he started peeling. THUS, you would still be wasting half the product.

  8. I love how the idiots on youtube try to knock somebody who is creating content, instead of putting up videos of how to prepare asparagus the "right" way. lol

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  10. No Need to cut, and DON'T peel!! Just break off the end and saute for 5 mins in a skillet, like in a broth or water. I added some chopped garlic and red onions which I sauteed separately with a bit of oil, just lightly. Toss it all together and add pepper and salt to taste. Delicious and Nutritous!!

  11. if your asparagus contains pesticides then I recommend you to peel..or else you simply cook it without peeling off..😐

  12. No need to peel , jus cut in three pieces , one or two tablespoon vegetable oil , heat it , put one spoon cummins seeds , along with ginger ,put some salt , cook five to ten minutes , enjoy with lemon . No time waste , help reduce LDL & good for folic acid .

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