How to Fix a Oven Door Catch or Striker Pin (Belling)
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How to Fix a Oven Door Catch or Striker Pin (Belling)

Hi I’m Mat from eSpares, in this video
I show how to change a door catch and a door striker pin on a Belling oven. If you’re oven door isn’t closing properly
or it’s sticking it may well be that the door catch or the striker pin
is faulty and it needs replacing. Safety first: Always disconnect an
appliance before carrying out any work. The next thing I need to do is to remove
the side panel by undoing the two screws at the front
and the two screws at the back. With the side panel out the way
we can now access the door catch. Easy enough to remove, just undo these two screws
which hold it in place and put it in place. So grab your new door catch and if you put it into place
just make sure that the holes line up for the screws. Then you can half insert one screw to hold it in place
while you then insert the second one. Once both screws are in place
you can then tighten them up. The holes for the door catch will not come threaded, but the screws provided when you put them in
cut their own threads so don’t worry. Once your new door catch is in place
just try the door to see if it closes properly. On some cookers the striker pin is adjustable
so you can raise the height or lower the height of the striker pin to make sure
that it fits inside the door catch properly. If you need to replace the striker pin
very simple on this model. Simply grab a pair of pliers
get a firm grip on the striker and it should undo very simply. You can then grabbed your new striker
screw it in by hand before tightening it with the pliers. Once you’re happy with how the door closes
you can then replace the side panel and screw it back into position. Just make sure when you are screwing
the side panel in from the back that the panels all fit together properly. So there we have it, one new door catch
and striker pin fitted to this Belling oven. Remember spares for all appliances
around your home can be found on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

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