How To Look Beyond “Failure” And Become The Chef You Are.
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How To Look Beyond “Failure” And Become The Chef You Are.

I guess that’s it guys. This, right here, this is the best that I
can do. Now, trust me. I’ve been looking at it from every little angle,
The “ears” are not…. The layers, they could be more… Even the baking… Obviously, I can find plenty excuses
for that Like I am always filming while I am baking,
this is very distracting, there’s also a massive heatwave happening
in Paris these days, it’s just melting my layers … And for that matter, I shouldn’t even be recording
a voiceover, I ve got broken voice afterall… Excuses… I guess, at the end of the day, my final croissant is just not perfect. And I don’t think it’s fair. I mean, I have been practicing so much, I have been working hard, I’ve been learning from masters of their craft… I have even been using technology
to help me out. And yet this croissant still remains undeniably
and so painfully imperfect. Now, when if I pause for a moment if I just step back and try to have an objective look at it. Well, I – do – not – see : a failure. I mean, my mind sure wants to see it as
a failure because it’s not “perfect”. But you know, as surprising as it may sound,
I do not -always- agree with my mind. Like, From another angle, this croissant is an
achievement. You see, before starting this Croissant journey, I never ever had baked puff pastry before, I knew nothing about laminated dough,
and butter water content was just foreign’ to me. Not anymore, right ? Like, along the way,
I built muscle memory. I met farmers and and bakers, and even became friends
with them. I solved problems. I 3D-printed and CNC-ed for the time. I simply got better at things
I didn’t even know existed. I made stuff. I created stuff. And that got me undeniably happy doing so. They say If you shoot at the moon and miss,
you’ll land among the stars. Well… sorry to be that guy but, that is
both literally and figuratively wrong, which doesn’t mean it’s all bad. If you miss the moon you’re more likely gonna
come back down to earth instead. And that’s basically what happened to me. This is what’s happening to me on all my series… I am looking for perfection, A perfection that doesn’t even exist, A perfection that nobody can reach, An ideal, something that doesn’t exist. Yes, My croissant is imperfect – YES – there’s
room for improvement – but boy did I enjoy the ride. Thank you. So I just finished making my last croissant, But now I need to hustle and stop by my place, Basically because, I am gonna be away for 2 days, and I really want my kid tomorrow morning to have a taste at these croissants.

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100 thoughts on “How To Look Beyond “Failure” And Become The Chef You Are.

  1. Deep resonance here….
    It is NOT the destination rather it is the journey, yes?
    Blessings, Love, and Abundance of Peace upon You and all who faithfully follow You along Your path, Alex!

  2. Hi french guy uhm I wonder if you could do a video about easy, short and tasty things for example after work or school

  3. Man I love Alex, I don’t know what it is, his spirit, motivation, perseverance, maybe it’s his French accent. Hes actually motivational, you know, he reminds me of the chef from ratatouille but can cool. Like I said I don’t know what it is but I love him, he inspires me and I wish I can do this in the future as well.

  4. Alex, you bring fascinating content and videos with superb production to your channel. It has been a joy to watch your croissant journey and honestly your channel is by a very long way the best food/cooking content on youtube. Thank you!

  5. dude I learned about "Wabi Sabi" in one of your videos which is touching idea by itself. I believe if you look at each and every one of your croissants from the "Wabi Sabi" point-of-view you can admire the effort. As imperfect they are, they are rich in case of experience and unique. Thanks a lot for the content!

  6. hey alex i loved the themes and ideas behind the video and i love what you have been doing keep it up, i think you should try to make Filipino food would love to see that

  7. If a person can take their failures and learn something from them that will have a strong and lasting affect. I'm of the opinion that failure is one of the best teachers. Like you said, you enjoyed the ride which is absolutely important. You have done an excellent job with not only this series but your brand as a whole! Also, seriously cool dad move. You're kid is very lucky. Cheers!🍻

  8. man you gotta stop whining and start getting into the french macarons making, they are a killer I reckon they will hit the highest views ever on your series

  9. "Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. But it is the courage to continue that counts." -Winston Churchill.

    Alex, don't you understand perfect is imperfect and imperfect is perfection in life?

  10. Hey Alex, can you do a Video about cooking from scratch in general? Like your Lasagna-Video but the center of cooking and the center elements in your lovely style (half experimentation/half science). Btw i love all your videos, keep it on, greetings from germany 🙂

  11. Hey Alex I may be wrong but why haven't you done a french bread recipe? For the perfect french bread? Unless someone can link me to it

  12. I needed this inspirational message today…I cooked something that didn't come out quite right…but it was still tasty and I learned what to do next time. Also Alex, those looked like damn good croissants to me!

  13. I'm not a patreon, sorry, I simply can't afford to become one. However, dude, you're a genius! Genius! What a hell of a video, hell of a series, hell of a channel!

  14. Every time I try to cook a certain dish, someone always tell me that I didnt do a good enough job, therefore I have always treated it as a failure. I had never heard someone say something like this to me. Every time… Every time I cry after "failing" to cook a dish just because the result isnt what I imagined or expected. And this is exactly why I love your videos, you are not reading a recipe, but explaining the science behind everything. Every step, every details. In this video you literally taught me how to overcome "failures" in cooking. After watching this video, I learnt that cooking isnt always about the result or the product, but its also about the "ride" and the process. I love cooking, but the results always gets me crying. I think after watching this video, I know how to look beyond or overcome "failures". Make sure to keep up the high quality videos and tutorials. Thanks for teaching me so much. 🙂

  15. I pray a million people will follow your example. And a million more will follow theirs.
    It's inspirational, yes! But I just want a really good croissant and probably won't get one any other way! Lol.
    En fort.

  16. woah the editing and filming of this video is mind boggling 🤯🤯 alex could totally take up film making 👌👏

  17. there is a saying popular among motorcyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts that applies to cooking as well."it is not the destination… it is the ride" (or for non-cycle related use, "…it is the journey")

  18. This was absolutely beautiful to watch. Shot so cinematically! I don't know how you even had the foresight to plan all those shots. Your shot list must be incredibly detailed. Anywho, one of my favorite videos. So amazing!

  19. Alex, you're a great motivator! I just failed at making cacio e pepe, but I'm not disheartened; I remembered the setbacks you've overcome and decided it was worth another try some other day. I'll eat my failure for now and do better next time with what I've learned. Please, never stop sharing the failures that lead you to success.

  20. Hi Alex, thank you for inspiring us to learn more, to try more and to be ourselves. P.s: Love to hear your pronunciation, Salut from Indonesia!!

  21. What???? Your nothing but a Rookie??? I feel so cheated, I only started watching because of your broken accent and the fact I thought you were a professional. Great videos by the way lol.

  22. I have literally been hooked to your channel since the past two days, and all of your series are so inspiring. I can only dream of reaching that level of commitment and perfection. But you surely motivate me to try, and that's all that matters. Also, I wish you spoke more French in your videos. :p

  23. Thank you Alex to remember us what the result of your intense work and passion is. Not only the final outcome, the 10 minutes videos that we all enjoy but so much more… you are making a journey, driven by your curiosity and your talent and at the end that is what we like the most. Feeling part of a community of people with an interest for discovering and pushing our curiosity wherever it drives us. And yes, we all felt in some time of our lives how you did when you, a french guy, tried to make one of the most amazing, delicious, simple in term of ingredients and astonishingly complicated in term of outcome as a croissant. Lost at the beginning, afraid in the middle and achieved at the end.
    Keep going, you will never be alone.

  24. You should flour your knife before you cut so it doesnt damage the layers. It essentially removes the risk of welding the layers.

  25. I got 2 days off but got called to come in to work. I decided to say yes because that means I can have croissant and coffee on the way. Its only 10:30 am to 3:00 pm.

  26. Wow, Alex!! Amazing message and beautiful cinematography! Have you ever thought of entering some of your videos in short film festivals? Or doing like a Ted Talk?

  27. One my think they have reached perfection, but if looking from the outside it isn't so. What matters is does it feel like perfection and are you happy?

  28. Make a thousand of ém,
    If you are still not there, THEN we'll talk about failure.
    I mean, how long did it take you to be a Parisienne?

  29. I wish everyone in the world to have the passion that this guy has for his job! That’s inspiring:) Good job Alex! Keep up the good work!

  30. Outstanding essay. I forwarded a link to this video to my three daughters (all of whom are engaged in creative works) with the following note:
    "This has nothing to do w art & creativity.
    This has everything to do w art & creativity."
    The apparent contradiction, I believe, has it's origin in a simple fact: To it's audience, a work of art stands on it's own – by definition divorced from the mind & process that created it. But to the creator of a work, the work & the process of its creation can never be completely separated. Thanks for this uncommonly thoughtful piece.

  31. So I’m watching this in a pub in Scotland. I love your work.
    Found myself nearly tearing up when you mentioned your son.

    In Scotland we have stovies. My dad would make it for me. I guess it’s a mushy form of a hash that the Americans do. In any case your videos touch me.

    I would like to share with you out Scottish pasty. Where I come from it’s a bridie. A Forfar bridie. Onions and beef.

    Love your work.

  32. It HAS to be about the journey. That's what makes the destination worth all the hard work. My journey is wood working, and I'm just beginning. I built a long dining table for my wife, and it's not the best, but it's not the worst, and I just used the knowledge I had learned here and there. For me, it was being able to build it for the woman I love. That was my motivation to get from point A to point B. Your croissants looked delicious, and even if someone told you that they were delicious, you already told yourself that you weren't satisfied. Enjoy the experience, not the product.

  33. I am undeniably happy to watch your search for perfection.  Incidentally, whenever any human wishes to see perfection they should simply look into a mirror…

  34. I wish I could find and do something like that, something that would make me feel so fulfilled and I could call it a vocation. Something that makes happy and satisfied.Truly, a meaning of life.


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