How to make a CHOCOLATE shoe! How To Cook That Ann Reardon
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How to make a CHOCOLATE shoe! How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann
Reardon and this week I’m attempting to make a 🏀👟shoe out of solid chocolate!
First things first I need to make a mold using reusable food safe molding gel and
to do that I need a container. So I’m going to use Lego to make a container so
I can get it as close to the shoe as possible so we don’t need as much
molding gel and I’m using a new shoe for obvious reasons. I hope it’s obvious 😜 Just
build the Lego walls up higher and higher around the shoe all the way up to
the top. Now I ended up making it go across the front of the shoe so we don’t
use as much mold and gel because we’re going to need to fill it all the way up
to the height of the back of the shoe. To stop the molding gel from going inside
the shoe I’m going to stuff it full of reusable plastic shopping bags really as
tightly as I can just shoving them in there and then having one that sort of
rounded on top. Make sure when you look at the shoe from the side the bags are
not visible you don’t want them sticking out the top just a little bit below that
top level. I’ve never done this before and I am concerned that the
molding gel is going to seep into the tiny holes in the fabric and get stuck
in the shoe making the two inseparable, so to try and prevent that from
happening I’m gonna spray it with cooking oil … I don’t even know if this
will work but I guess we’ll find out when we unlock the shoe. Pour some molding
gel into the base of your container so that we can get the imprint of the sole
then wiggle the shoe back in … just pushing that down there and then pour
some more molding gel in. The shoe is kind of floating to the top and going to
one side so I’m going to add a piece of Lego to hold it down and let that bit
set first. Once that set you can take that Lego off and pour in more gel …
unfortunately this is the last of my molding gel and it’s nowhere near enough
so I’m going to have to pause filming this video here and go order some more
reusable molding gel 🤯 Now we can get back into it … melt your
molding gel and then fill up the container all the way up to the top and
then of course we’re going to have to wait for this molding gel to set. Finally
it is set and it’s time to break off all the Lego that we carefully built up so
that we can get into the mold. Alright so now we have a shoe encased in molding
gel and my concern is of course are we going to be able to get it out or has
that molding gel seeped into the fabric and we’ll never get the shoe apart. We
also have to think about where we want the joint to be … I don’t want it at the top or
over the laces because that’s too complicated an area so I’m going to cut
across the bottom and down the back and see if we can get this thing out. The gel
is quite soft so you can just run a knife over it and then gently pull the
two edges apart to check you’ve cut the whole way through. In areas where it’s a
bit thicker like at the toe of the shoe because the toy sits a little bit up off
the ground if you haven’t got all the way through
just hold it open and then cut along the same line until you’re through. Then do
the same down the back of the shoe that should do and then let’s see if we can
get this thing out. It will come off the vinyl because that’s smooth I thought it
would come off there but I’m more worried about the actual fabric. We did
oil it so far it seems to be slowly coming off if I push it with my fingers …
you can see in there it is lifting off wonderful, you have no idea what a relief
that is because I actually really thought they were going to get fused
together and then that would be the end of this video … goodbye finished fail!
Hopefully the lace area works as well that’s also very intricate. I’m just
using my fingers to gently sort of reach in and ease it off on both sides and
then finally we can lift out the shoe. Hmm I can see some molding gel here and
around the laces that’s going to mean our mold might not be looking great
because we’ve lost some of our gel so we will have lost some of our detail.
any little bits that are sticking a long way out that’s just going to get the
chocolates stuck in it so I’m going to trim those off they will be from where
the gel has gone into a hole in the shoe and then get rid of any little loose
bits of gel that have broken off and then after that we’re just gonna have to
sort out the problems once it’s actually chocolate and then just really carve it
and try and fix it. it looks pretty good we’ll see how it
goes. While I was getting the shoe out of the mold it’s ripped a bit here … so what
I’m gonna do is just put a little bit of melted molding gel into the gap and glue
the two pieces back together and do the same thing on the other side. that’s
looking better and then I’m also going to add some extra gel along the back so
that we only have an opening at the top because I don’t want the chocolate to
pour out obviously. How much chocolate do you think we’ll need to fill the
chocolate shoes do you reckon one two three four five six seven eight nine
blocks will be enough? I’m kind of hoping so because that is a lot of chocolate! Then
you want to take that chocolate, melt it and temper it … if you don’t know how to
temper chocolate click on HowToCookThat under this video and it will take
you through to my channel and you’ll find a video there called ‘Chocolate
Secrets’. If you don’t temper your chocolate then anything that you make
out of chocolate will be very soft and not properly set at room temperature
unless of course you’re using fake chocolate with vegetable fat in it but
then that doesn’t taste very nice so we don’t want to do that. It’s time to fill
the shoe just open up the sole and pour in the melted chocolate. I’ve put mine
into a jug to make this bit a little bit easier to handle. Keep filling it up
until it’s over full and then tap on the sides to get rid of any air bubbles.
We don’t want bubbles or little air pockets on the details of the shoe
because chocolate is quite thick if you don’t do this then you are definitely
going to get air bubbles. Because there is so much chocolate I am concerned that
it’s too heavy for the mold and it’s just gonna split open so I’m gonna
support it with some tape around the whole thing. That looks a bit more secure.
Now we can scrape off the extra chocolate from the
top I just put that back in the bowl and add some tape across to hold it together
at the join of the sole of the shoe. Let me know in the comments how much
chocolate you think it took to fill the shoe? Just let me know in grams or ounces
whatever country you’re from and I will pin the comment that is correct or the
closest to correct 📌 Now we’re going to have to wait till tomorrow to be sure
that this is set right the way through. The moment of truth … cut off the tape and
let’s get this thing out of the mold so we can see if it looks like a shoe or
just a mess! Look at that … that’s not too bad we’ve
got to do a bit of work on it obviously and it is a little bit on the wide side where the chocolate has pushed the mold a little bit out. Here at the join of the mold
where we had cut down the back the chocolate’s seeped into that cut so we
need to trim that extra off. I like using a serrated knife for taking off bigger
chunks and then just swap to a blade to just shave off small amounts because
that leaves it looking nice and smooth. This next process is just like carving
but you’ve already got a really good starting point you know exactly where
everything is and how deep it goes you just need to neaten it up especially
around this laces area where the gel went under the laces so when we remove the
shoe some of the gel from the top of the laces came with it. So our mold wasn’t
quite correct. Despite my best efforts there are still a few air bubbles so I’m
going to just fill those with some chocolate because you don’t usually see
holes like that in shoes 👟 Well I hope not anyway not when they’re new. And there
are a couple of spots again on the laces where we need a little bit of repair.
Just look at the actual shoe and see what it’s supposed to look like and then
just use some chocolate in a piping bag just to fix that up again. It was mainly
the loops along the laces there that needed fixing everything else was pretty
good and so that doesn’t look too bad but I think I’d rather see it in gold so
I’m just going to brush the whole thing with edible gold luster dust! I love the
way this just sticks to the chocolate 💝 I am gonna leave the
sole brown and then just use a skewer or a toothpick to run along the lines on
the shoe so that they’re more defined. Pop that into a shoe box and you’ve got
an epic present! Share this video with a friend you’d like to give this to click
here for the channel here for more chocolate creations here for cakes and
here for desserts. Make it a great week by loving others and I’ll see you on
Friday 💕

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  2. The fact that u filmed the person delivering was wonderfully aesthetic but makes me wonder were u waiting creepily with a camera ? ,😂😂

  3. I've done dozens of orders with chocolate shoes, I find coating the whole front with refined petroleum jelly then removing it with a pastry brush leaves the rear of everything, like laces covered and inside eyelets, so stops the molding gel getting a hold around anything, the final result requires barely any touch ups.

  4. When she said that this can be given to a friend as a present i thought of leaving a note in the box saying "eat my shoe" lol

  5. 3600g i think because i have an 800g chocolate bar and the 9 bars look half the size so i guessed 400 x 9 =3600g. Am i right?

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