How To Make A Wood Fired Pepperoni Pizza
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How To Make A Wood Fired Pepperoni Pizza

welcome friends welcome back to another
pizza of the week and this week we’re just gonna do a straight-up pepperoni
pizza so I take the dough out I put it into
the flour coat it both sides and then just go around the outside and make a
little bit of a dimple to sort of delineate where the crust is and then
you come in through the center just form it out with your fingers you don’t have
to be fancy with it just kind of get it round and then you pick it up and then
just just shape it very easily you don’t have to be too crazy with shaping use
your fists just pull it out ever so slightly and then down on the peel maybe
give it a little bit more of a stretch on the peel and then I’m gonna use some
pizza sauce and the recipe video for the pizza sauce and the dough is elsewhere
on the channel and I will link to that in the description now I’m gonna use
Wisconsin brick cheese I’ve just graded this Wisconsin brick people have
explained to me several times what it is I don’t know what it is I think it’s
kind of halfway between a mozzarella and cheddar but maybe someone from Wisconsin
can tell me what it is all I know is that it it actually works really well on
pizza so we put on a layer of the cheese and then pepperoni
whatever pepperoni you like whatever one you want to use you can use spicy or not
spicy and we just lay those on top last couple of pepperonis and then I
like to just put a little sprinkle of hot pepper flakes on top and out to the
oven I’m buzzed deeds a day this looks very
very standard pepperoni pizza University pizza completely University pizza yeah
just the basic nothing fancy only the stuff that really matters cheese
pepperoni sauce I’d say there’s more than just those thought bad stuff that
matters I mean a margherita pizza is also very good and yes but for a lot of
people this this is a standard pizza okay
yeah something very comforting in that yeah and somebody pretty nice and within
these three or four ingredients because I did put hot pepper flakes on top you
play with the cheese so I used Wisconsin brick instead of mozzarella I kind of
like what what Wisconsin brick brings to it it’s got a different kind of texture
to it a little bit yeah it’s a little firmer firmer it’s got a little more
pull to it and the pepperoni of course you could play with pepperoni you can
get really hot and spicy pepperoni you can get you know just cheap supermarket
pepperoni which I kind of like so even within those ingredients you can make it
your own still um which is fantastic so thank you stopping by see you again soon

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100 thoughts on “How To Make A Wood Fired Pepperoni Pizza

  1. Wow. Just made this yesterday ! Added some peppers and olive oil on top and it was magnificent! What’s your favorite pizza Glenn?

  2. Nice you do the American style. (Sauce Cheese meat). I use to work in a Sicilian Pizzeria and their style, traditional (sauce-meat-cheese). Hey, if it works it works. Awesome Glen, your the best ♥️ 🍺

  3. It'll make some people cringe but I like conventional pizza sauce, mozzarella, bacon, jalapeno, and pineapple slightly broiled at the end of baking just short of cheese burning.  Salt, spice, and sweet.

  4. You should definitely try to make a Calzone which is a pizza closed like Mezzelune (the type of ravioli) with the tomato sauce put on top of it once closed instead of in it so it cook and dry properly

  5. There is a dive bar in Madison, Wisconsin that puts a thick slice of Brick Cheese onto the burger cooking on the grill, then they put an ice cube next to it, cover it, so the cheese steams onto it. Literally one of the best burgers ever.

  6. Yes to doming the pizza!! I've been toying with the idea of turning on the broiler at the end of the oven baked cycle. We really like an almost burned top and bottom. Saggy pizza slices are not a hit in this household. Recently I read about an ongoing dispute between two Boston pizzerias each claiming to be the best pie, where one has sauce on the bottom, then cheese, the other has cheese first then sauce. Each has a big following. Maybe because I'm from Boston, and am half Sicilian, I'm always hesitant when I assemble a pie as to which goes first. I always settle for sauce first, but I have to think about it. It's not automatic. Something in the collective memory I suppose. Any thoughts?

  7. Here you go Glen, I am from Wisconsin.
    Brick cheese is made in the form of a large rectangular or brick shape, but may also be named "brick" because the cheese curds are pressed with clay-fired bricks.
    Brevibacterium linens grows on the surface of brick cheese, making it surface-ripened. Brevibacterium linens is also the bacterium responsible for the aging of Limburger cheese and many French cheese varieties. Cheesemakers often refer to the growth of the bacteria as a smear. The cheese is placed on wooden shelves, then gets washed with a whey and water mixture and turned. After several days the cheese is then packaged.
    In addition, brick cheese is also the only cheese allowed in Detroit style pizza!

  8. I can't believe you made a pepperoni pizza. Cool! At 67 I would think I have eaten hundreds of them. Pizza sure has come a long way from the hut.

  9. What happened to the pizza-popper? I realized that you stopped using it a few episodes back. Have you just gotten better with the metal peel?

  10. Ooooooooooo ooooo mama ! Peperonnnnnssssss pie . It’s my personal favorite. My sons who are 3 and 20 months agree … pepperoni is their jammm

  11. My family tolerates supermarket turkey pepperoni. It’s very thin, which curls and browns very nicely. Tastes like normal pepperoni, too.

  12. Looks pretty good, although I'd probably want to almost pre-cook the pep to render some fat out and have it crisp, which is how I like it.

  13. Hi Glen, you should try the double 00 flour in the presidents choice black menu series. Works great in wood ovens and stretches a mile.

  14. I think your brick cheese description is a close description. Fontina is good too, with a little bit of a robust hard cheese added. Hey, why not all three together.

  15. Ah you're domeing the pizzas now, your learning more Glen now we need you to start tossing the pizzas in the air to shape them 😉

  16. Hey Glen, Brick cheese is basically Cheddar Cheese that is cultured at a little bit higher temperature. This is what leads to smoother texture and mild taste. I am a cook at a restaurant in WI and we put brick cheese in our brat omelette. Its so good.

  17. Glen do you actually film these and release them on Fridays? Like you filmed this last Friday or is pizza day actually a Wednesday and we are in the matrix

  18. Just stopped by Chik-fil-a for a grilled chicken sandwich. Love those waffle fries. Have you thought about an episode on making waffle fries?

    BTW, great channel.

  19. I like my pepperoni slices very thin so they crisp up a little, as opposed to the thicker chewier slices. I also ass some red onion, garlic, fine shredded basil and a drizzle of olive oil and some black pepper. Fancier than a "university pizza" but then again I never made my own pizza in university 😛

  20. Love the channel but sadly I believe the kfc series is dead.. I dont know how you have the time to make all these elaborate recipes but not enough to fry some chicken. Hope Im wrong though. Keep up the good work

  21. I was visiting family and we were having a pizza party. Everything was going great then we ran out of Mozzarella, the only cheeses left in the fridge were Muenster and a Baby Swiss. The combination sounded reasonable to me so we grated them together. It was the best flavored pizzas of the night!
    I'll have to try the Brick on pizza sometime soon since my mother is already a fan of it.

  22. Doesn't have to be fancy, just good and done, and I love it when you show how your having fun, and that makes it fun for me for sure.

  23. Glen, even though I am watching this in the AM I want this pizza….I can taste this pizza. Oh well, I will have to wait until tonight for this pizza. 🍕🍕🍕

  24. We made that pizza yesterday too, but it was missing the brick cheese. I haven't been able to find that in the west and use an approximation of half jack and half white cheddar.

  25. I like a mixture of mozzarella and muenster cheese. Muenster adds a great melty, creamy to it. It melts almost like a processed cheese so don't use it exclusively. That is unless the gooey "grilled cheese" melt is what you want…maybe in a stromboli use a bit more…mmmm stromboli..i think im hungry. Lol

  26. Do these pizzas taste as good as they look? I wish I could make stone baked pizzas 🙁 would save me alot of money too 😂

  27. Creameries near where I grew up (Western Wisconsin) called it "Farmer's Cheese" . It wasn't like the classic super soft "Farmer's cheese" the rest of the world knows. Soft with a mild flavor. Image if Mozzarella and Monterey Jack had a soft weak flavored baby that was quick and easy to make. Almost a queso fresco with more water squeezed out to just barely hold a brick shape. Not much age. No special brine bath. Solidify that milk and brick it up.

    It was the answer to "How can we mass produce cheese?" before cheese-food was a thing.


  28. Im from Wisconsin and that is the export “generic” cheese to the rest of the world. Its a pretty neutral cheese flavor but works well in a lot of dishes. Come to Wisconsin if you really want the good cheese. We typically keep it all for ourselves lol

  29. I missed pizza of the week so much! T^T So glad I found time to sit somewhere with wifi and just watch a bunch of your videos

  30. I love your pizza episodes! You should try a hot salami (finely chopped strips) with fresh blueberries and fresh basil and mozzarella! Yes blueberries, trust me, it works!

  31. How does the ooni pro compare to the new oven? The quality of cook and variety of capabilities that each oven performs best?

  32. Hi
    Why is it that you don’t use oliveoile in your pizzadough?
    What difference does it make that you make it with no oil?

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