How to Make Bread : Shape Dough for Baking Bread
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How to Make Bread : Shape Dough for Baking Bread

Hi I’m Karen for Expert Village now we are
ready to shape the loaves and put them in the pans. Our dough has been rising for about
a hour, it is definitely double in bulk as you can see. We are going to punch this dough
down and shape it and put into our pans to rise a second time. Put a little flour on
the surface, take that dough you see it slides right out cause we oil the bowl and because
this receipt yields 2 loaves we are just going to cut that right in half. We would cut that
in half, we would set one aside and now at this point you want to punch all the air out
of the dough and we are going to form into a rectangle shape like this push out all the
air. You can turn it over and push out all the air and then you are going to roll sort
of like a jelly roll style. Fold that up and tuck the ends a bit and place that into one
of our prepare pans. We would put a little plastic wrap over that. You want to put a plastic wrap over it to
keep the dough moist and not form a crust on the top. If it dries out it would form
a crust and you would have some cracking. You want to keep that dough nice and warm
and moist and that is going to sit for about a 1/2 an hour. Lets do our second loaf a little
bit of flour on the surface you are going to suppress all the air out off your going
to use your knuckles and turn it over get all the air out of the dough. This is called
punching down and then you can roll that up just like a jelly roll. It has a nice feel
to it, nice and soft, it is satiny and tuck in those ends and then we are going to put
it our second prepare pan and we are going to cover that again with little plastic wrap.
These are going to sit for a 1/2 hour until it double in bulk and then we are going to
put it in the oven.

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23 thoughts on “How to Make Bread : Shape Dough for Baking Bread

  1. Oh the awesome magic of bread making… I've never made bread before, and was gunna try it for the first time today… good thing I found this video… when it said I had to punch the doe in the recipe I was reading…… I actually thought of punching it hahahahah…… That image didn't look right in my mind though, so good thing I looked this up…. ehe.

  2. The only thing different in this video from all of the other ones I've watched is that she doesn't make sure she has seal with the end of the bread.. supposedly it will come apart after it's cooked if the dough isn't sealed better, especially on the 2nd loaf she put in.. the thing was flapping open

  3. @JohnQRandom This is just a challenge to you. I wonder if you can say this sentence again without any of the profanity and still get your point across. I know you can do it.

  4. Mmmmmmm! You make it look so easy! LOL When I tried my bread recipe, I added to much water and it was too doughy. I got it everywhere. 😛

  5. @Flowerpowernluv

    That bread looks ffffffffff… The bread in this video looks ffffffuuuuu… (Clear throat). What I meant to say was that this bread looks ffffffffuuuuu——ck——ing… This isn't working.

  6. @Flowerpowernluv

    Actually I'm not a vulgarian. I work with 12-15 year olds in Anyang South Korea. If you type in "Anyang Gyeonggi-do Korea" here on youtube, you will see a video about a park with fountains. Anyway, I live just across that park on the 14th floor in a high rise building. : )

  7. @WOWnerdLIAM She likes to make it her way. In many breads, you have to knead some of the air out of it. I thought it was a nice demonstration. But I guess you know everything. Good for you.

  8. @WOWnerdLIAM Actually, this is exactly what my cookbook says to do. After you flatten is, it is going to continue to rise and you will end up with smaller air holes. So yes, she is demonstrating it properly.

  9. thank you Karen for detail steps. it is great! I also would like for all these video numbered…. it would be much helpful.

  10. Those of you that swear about your bread not coming out correctly should stick to buying bread from the store , and leave baking bread to us grown ups .

  11. I've been making homemade whole wheat bread for several months now. The wife and kids love it and we no longer buy store breads. I was shown another way to shape the dough for the pan but never liked it so, I search for another way. I like this way better.

  12. Thank you so much!! your one of the only videos i could find to show how to make they bread by hand because i am not blessed to have a standing mixer and i really NEED to make some dinner rolls or crumpets for my fiance for our christmas brunch and you really showed me how to make the bread with perfect detail and amazing patiences. i would only suggest that if you could number the videos. thank you!

  13. Plastic wrap on top is not ideal, but does the job. The threat is that it restricts the rise. A large (preferably clear) plastic container will prevent a skin forming on top and will let the dough rise as much as it is going to.

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