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8 thoughts on “How To Make Cast-Iron Cowboy Pan Pizza By Rachael

  1. I saw the end product and searched for it on YouTube. Meh. Underwhelmed. What really surprised me was that she's not dead. I thought RR had died! I need to watch more TV …who else is still kicking?!

  2. Se mi posso permettere avresti potuto lavorare diversamente sulla salsa. Potresti usare meno spezie e più verdure. In particolare una abbinata abbastanza rustica è cipolle, peperoni, fagioli, olive, salsiccia secca, peperoncini.
    Italian pizza has a thin layer of tomato sauce so you can cook the pizza in a professional oven for 4 or 5 minutes in all. The ideal in the home oven is to bake the pizza with very little tomato sauce, 1 or 2 millimeters over the pizza no more. Cook for at least 15 minutes and add mozzarella, and cook without toppings for a quarter of an hour. The timing depends on the thickness, how much is height the pizza, and the oven. I read that Americans are even more demanding about cooking and put cheese first and after the tomato sauce to cook it better. In short, cooking the pizza as shown here requires many hours of cooking, but if the cooking is slow the bread does not swell. It would be much easier to have a bread like "focaccia" already cooked or partially cooked, add the "ragù" and the mozzarella and then bake. Having the cast-iron pan you could cook the pizza a little bit on the stove without sauce and then transfer it to the oven. I'm capable with induction and non-stick frying pan, not with gas. Made so, like in this video baking raw pizza and 1-2 inches of sauce simultaneously is very difficult. Because you need the temperature of a liquid sauce over the fateful 100 degrees celsius to bake the bread below, that's the problem, the difference between this and a cake.

    At the time 4:12 the base, the pizza dough had to be already cooked or partially cooked, otherwise it does not swell.

    Another possible solution is to put the pan in the oven with only base, only the pizza dough at least 10 minutes before adding the sauce and that is at the time 4:09 , you put the pan in the oven already hot, preheated at 230 degrees celsius /446 degrees fahrenheit and after 10-15 minutes at the time 4:12 you pull it out of the oven, add the sauce and the cheese and continue cooking in oven at 170-180 degrees celsius/338-356 degrees fahrenheit.
    Another solution is to cover the pan at 4:09 with another raw pizza to seal it all. This is "panada" or "empanada" and not requires pre-cooking. This is the original best solution in this case, with this type of sauce. Because consents at the sauce high temperatures and the inside of bread is perfectly cooked as steaming. After covering the pan you put it in the oven at 170 celsius – 340 fahrenheit roughly 1 hour.

  3. How low can you go? Seriously, your entire show today is an advertisement for a heartburn medication? You are better than that. Ridiculous, tv shows are now just ads. This is unacceptable.

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