How to Make Christmas Cake (Strawberry Sponge Cake Recipe) | Cooking with Dog
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How to Make Christmas Cake (Strawberry Sponge Cake Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” Before you start to prepare the batter, preheat the conventional oven to 320 °F. Line the bottom of the cake pan and the side with the parchment paper. Put the eggs in a large bowl and beat them with a hand mixer at low speed. Add the sugar at once and beat the mixture for about 30 seconds. Dip the bowl in hot water and beat the egg at high speed for 1 to 2 minutes. Temperature around 160-175°F is ideal for the hot water. In this way, the egg mixture won’t get too hot. Put your finger in the mixture. If it feels warm enough, take the bowl away from the hot water. Add the milk to the unsalted butter and warm it up in the hot water. Continue to beat the egg at high speed for 3 to 3 and a half minutes until it forms a rippling pattern on the surface. As you lift the mixer, the mixture falls back slowly and seamlessly and the trail does not go away immediately. This stage is called soft peak. Swap the hand mixer with a balloon whisk and mix the egg evenly. Shift the pastry flour into the bowl. Gently mix the flour from the bottom with a rubber spatula. Try not to break the foam and scoop up the batter about 30 times. When all the flour is mixed in, pour the pre-heated butter mixture evenly over the batter. Scoop up the batter and gently let it fall from the spatula. Repeat this process about 50 times to mix. When the batter gets glossy and smooth, pour it into the cake pan at once. Drop the cake pan a few times to break any air bubbles in the batter. Place it in the preheated oven and bake at 320 °F for about 23 minutes. Remove the sponge cake from the oven. Pierce the cake with a bamboo stick and check if the batter isn’t on it. Drop the cake pan a few times to prevent the sponge cake from shrinking. Cover the cake with wax paper, flip over and let it cool down on a cooling rack. When it becomes completely cool, lift and remove the cake pan. Flip over the sponge cake and remove the wax paper. Let’s prepare the soaking syrup. Dissolve the sugar in the hot water and cool it down. Select 8 good-looking strawberries for topping and remove the stem ends. The rest of the strawberries will go between the cake slices. Remove the stem ends and slice them lengthwise into half inch slices. Let’s prepare the whipped cream. Add the sugar to the whipping cream. Dip the bowl in ice water and whip the cream with a balloon whisk. A hand mixer can easily over-whip the cream so my chef likes to use the whisk. As shown in the video, whip the cream until in the ‘soft peak stage’. Let’s frost the sponge cake with the whipped cream. Peel off the parchment paper and place the cake on a cake turntable. Before you divide the cake in half, draw a line along the side while rotating the turntable. Slice the cake horizontally along the line so that you’ll get a clean cut. Place the upper cake slice on the rack with the cutting surface facing up. Add the kirsch to the cold premade syrup. Brush the bottom cake slice with the soaking syrup. Repeat and let the other half soak the syrup. Drop the whipped cream on the bottom cake slice. Spread the cream on the surface with a frosting spatula. Cover the cream layer with the sliced strawberries. Drop the whipped cream on top and spread evenly. Add extra whipped cream to cover the strawberries completely. Stack the upper cake slice on top with the syrup-soaked side facing down. Apply the syrup to the very top of the sponge cake. Drop a generous amount of whipped cream on top. Spread evenly with the frosting spatula while rotating the turntable. Grip the spatula vertically and cover the side evenly with the cream. Slide the spatula across the cake while scooping up the cream. Move the spatula diagonally towards your upper right, creating a decorative surface on the side. Finally, slide the spatula on top from the rim to the center, trimming the shape of the round cake. Let’s decorate the cake. Prepare the pastry bag with a star-shaped tip. Put the whipped cream in the bag. Give it a little squeeze to remove the air inside. As shown in the video, decorate the rim of the cake in a rippling pattern while rotating the turntable. Squeeze out the cream for the strawberries to go on top later. Put the tip of the frosting spatula on the cake turntable, rotate and scrape off the excess cream. Lift the cake with the spatula and serve it on a cake plate. Place the strawberries on top. Sprinkle on powdered sugar to create the look of snow. Finally, place the Christmas ornaments on top and it is ready to serve! My chef recommends to use real whipping cream with no additives. It is rich-flavored and far more tastier than non-dairy alternatives. Please try this recipe at Christmas time.
It’s a real treat for the kids! Measuring the baking ingredients is especially important so please use proper measuring tools. Good luck in the kitchen!

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100 thoughts on “How to Make Christmas Cake (Strawberry Sponge Cake Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

  1. Since I'm not old enough to buy alcohol I used a mix of the liquid from a jar of maraschino cherries and rum extract instead of the liqueur and it was pretty good

  2. I decided to make this for my birthday (of course with no christmas decorations) but i am turning 13, so that means that i can not use the cherry brandy for the soaking syrup, what should i do, does anyone have any reccomendations

  3. My all-time favorite video. I come back to Christmas every year to see it. It has become my personal tradition. No Christmas withouth Cooking With Dog and runnyrunny999. <3 Thanks and see you next year!

  4. このレシピは、わたしがパティシエ時代に教わったときのレシピにとても近いです。シェフの作る料理は、本当にどれも美味しくって、随分とお世話になっています☆どの動画よりも、味の信頼はあついですよ(^^)

  5. My dream birthday cake ^_^
    I finally got a strawberry cake for my birthday this year it was the best 🍰🎄🎂🎂🎉🎊

  6. Christmas 2017. Missing you, Francis. 💛 Thank you, Chef, for this wonderful Christmas recipe! Happy holidays! 🔔🎁🎄

  7. 英語の人達ばかりで英語が読めない……。←英語苦手だから笑。それからとてもケーキ美味しそうですね٩(๑•̀ڡ•́๑)وケーキィ(「🍰・ω・)「🍰!!(๑・﹃・`๑)=(*´﹃`*)食べたい=( ˙~˙ )💭🍴わんちゃん可愛いですね❣❣ฅ՞•ﻌ•՞ฅ

  8. I just followed the sponge cake recipe and succeeded! I have been trying with different recipes and got soggy cakes. But today my family and me could enjoy fluffy sponge cake! Arigato Gojaimas!!

  9. Always hated the alcoholic taste and smell of these cakes so I just replaced it with whatever juice of the fruit I used. Peaches, berries, etc are good alternatives. Beautiful video and cake overall though!

  10. I’m making this sponges cake and it turn out wonderful.. so delicious and even get compliment from others.. thankyouu for the recipe 😉

  11. This cake recipe never gets old, ever since I began making it eight years ago. Thank you so much for such a wonderful cake recipe, I made this cake after my mom got out of the hospital, including her birthdays.

  12. So apparently there is a huge demand of strawberries during Christmas in Japan? They should be hard to come by… Which will make them even more expensive. When did this tradition start anyways? 😅

  13. So hard to watch vidoes now with francis! 😭 I made this cake 7 years ago for christmas and was a hit for dessert cause it was so light!

  14. I love this food channel above all , so clean , neat , peaceful and delicious. I heard that Francis dog has passed away RIP 🐩💗💗

  15. Hi Cooking With Dog. Pls help me.
    Last month I made this cake for the first time for my sister's birthday. we all loved it.
    I am going to make it again next week for my birthday and my cousin's birthday.I am going to double the recipe.but I am not sure what to do about the time. For example, @1:37 you tell us to beat the egg at high speed for 3-31/2 mins. since I am doubling the recipe, do I have to beat t for 6 – 61/2 mins? Pls help

  16. Hi, could anyone answer what I did wrong when trying to make my own cake?

    My cake ended up not rising at all. Is it because I used all purpose flour? 😅

  17. I watch you all the time because your cooking reminds me of my grandma’s cooking since she is Japanese as well. It also relaxes me as well when I have a hard
    day. Thank you and keep up with the good work.

  18. To this day, I am still using this recipe and have been doing so for 7 years since I first saw the video. This recipe changed my life.

  19. What a Japanese invention, that in the rest of the world is unknown for us in those days… And they think we eat such a pie, ridiculous XDXDXDXD

  20. you should totally moist this cake with something… like milk or syrup, would be 100% times better

  21. So completely unsanitary with that dog on the counter!!! Disgusting! Other than thatthat, thanks for the post. The cake looks amazing. Obviously I can do without the damn dog.

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