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44 thoughts on “How to Make Day of the Dead Bread

  1. I came here looking for a recipe that might fix my problem. These dead bodies are just lying around and they're starting to reek.

  2. @koolkat892 You would usually take it to your loved ones at their burial site, but you can make another to eat with family.

  3. So is the bread eddible? Do people actually get to eat it or is it just made for our dead rellatives? Cuz if that is the case and we aren't supposed to actually eat it …then what is the point of baking it? It's not like our dead rellatives can actuallt take a freakin bite!

  4. @BRETTSBOO69 yeah, you can eat it. in the altar people usually place pictures and objects that belonged to the person who died, as well as their favorite food (not only the bread), and the belief is that the spirit comes back and get's to enjoy everything that is left in the altar. it's just symbolic stuff 😀 so people buy one bread for the altar, and one for the family.

    but most people nowadays skip the altar altogether and just buy the bread and eat it with the family 🙂

  5. punch the dough LOL +!! in Mexico they don't use confection sugar, they just use the normal sugar. stop making things up howcast

  6. @NativeCain Ugh, please. You're just making yourself look like a bigger ass by making retarded jokes. -_- They pronounced the word 'ANISE' . You saying that it sounds like anus to get thumbs up makes you look like an idiot. :''D Oh, and commenting on my spelling, way to go. It's the Internet, grow the fuck up.

  7. I thought dia de los murtos bread was a red velvet bread with butter and sprinkeled red suger on top it was supposed to represent blood i think >w< where the heck did i hear this from…..

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