How to Make DEEP FRIED PIZZA | Italian Nonna Makes Pizza Fritta
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How to Make DEEP FRIED PIZZA | Italian Nonna Makes Pizza Fritta

– Mm, (sniffs) I can smell Nonna’s hands. (bright upbeat music) – Hi and welcome to. – Vincenzo’s Plate. – (speaks in Italian) Nonna’s Plate. (speaking in Italian) The (speaks in Italian), fried pizza, the recipe you have been asking for. Nonna is the queen of
Pizza Fritta, fried pizza. (speaking in Italian) (laughs) Nonna’s friends,
who are also Nonnas, they’re local Nonnas, they always ask Nonna Igea to make fried pizzas for them for their functions. And Nonna is very famous for this recipe. It comes from Abruzzo,
from the province of Teramo where Nonna is from. Okay, now it’s time to make pizza fritta. (speaking in Italian) So get half liters of milk, and bring it to, put it
on the pan and warm it up. You don’t wanna bring it to boil, you just want to warm it up. (speaking in Italian) So you get half liter of milk, warm it up but not too hot, not hot, just warm up. (speaking it Italian) Then you put butter. (speaks in Italian) (Nonna speaks in Italian) 50 grams of melted butter and the butter will melt in the milk. (Nonna speaks in Italian) So you need to get 25
grams of fresh yeast, put it in warm water, not too warm, just room temperature but just a little bit warm. And then you melt the yeast in there. Nonna like to use her fingers. (Nonna speaks in Italian) So Nonna is using one kilo of flour. (speaking in Italian) Okay, so get one egg. (Nonna speaks in Italian) Okay, so one kilo farina, one egg. (Nonna speaks in Italian) Mix it very well. Ah, okay, mix it very well, yeah. (Nonna speaks in Italian) Then add the water that you mixed with the fresh yeast.
(Nonna speaks in Italian) So, one kilo flour, one
egg, half glass of water with 25 gram of fresh yeast. In this case, I will recommend, if you don’t use fresh yeast, use two bags of dry yeast. So, Nonna is using one
spoon, one teaspoon of sugar, two big spoons of salt. (Nonna speaks in Italian) Mix it well. (Nonna speaks in Italian) And then she’s adding the half
liter. (speaks in Italian) (Nonna speaks in Italian) Half liter of milk
(Nonna speaks in Italian) And she also added 50 grams
of butter in the milk. So, it’s a mixture of milk and butter. (Nonna speaks in Italian) Okay, so that’s how you make the mix for the fried pizza. It is simple, it is easy, it is fun. (speaking in Italian) So, is the time now for
you to knead the dough. You need to know be patient,
have fun like Nonna, and just knead the dough. Clean your hands with flour, have fun kneading this beautiful dough. (speaking in Italian) So, the fried pizza dough
should be nice and soft. If you like, you can use a stand mixer, but is nice to do it by hand. So, this is how you make the famous pizza fritta
(Nonna speaks in Italian) from Nonna, the famous
pizza fritta from Nonna. (speaking in Italian) No, so (Nonna speaks in Italian) you put butter, you don’t put extra virgin olive oil. Look at this, see, Nonna
doesn’t do it on the board, she does it in the.
(Nonna speaks in Italian) (speaking in Italian) Okay, so you can do it on your board or you can just do it in
a salad bowl, up to you. You decide what’s easier for you. (speaks in Italian) Let me
touch it, let me have a look. Yeah, it is soft, it’s a
bit sticky as well, huh? (speaking in Italian) The smell is nice. (speaking in Italian) I like the smell of fresh yeast. So, Nonna likes use the bowl, but if you want to use a board, and this is the movement that Nonna does. She uses this part of the hands, see? (speaking in Italian) So, she, look what she does. She does that, she keeps
pushing in the middle, and the she folds enough.
(speaking in Italian) She’s using this parts of the hands, she extends, she makes this like a gnocco. (speaks in Italian) Then she folds enough. (Nonna speaks in Italian) And press, so she does, can you see what she’s doing, Suzanne? (Nonna speaks in Italian) – [Suzanne] Yes. – So, she is making,
turns this into gnocchi, fold enough, and does it again. And look the consistency
of this pizza dough. Now, look at that, look at that. The more you do it, the better it is. You also of course need experience. You can’t just believe
that you’ll do it once, and you’re gonna be a master. You need to do it and do it, and over and over it again. And that’s what you do after
60 years of experience. You make the best pizza
fritta on the planet. Look that technique, look at that technique.
(speaks in Italian) A bit of flour. (speaking in Italian) If you feel like it’s a little bit sticky, just a little bit sticky,
(Nonna speaks in Italian) you just up a little bit
of flour, not too much, you don’t want this to be dry, but look how nice and smooth it is. (speaking in Italian) Smooth, look at that. Put it back in the bowl, in here, in the salad bowl, put flour everywhere. (speaking in Italian) So you put a little bit of flour in there, so it doesn’t get stuck in there. (Nonna speaks in Italian) Okay, spread it everywhere. (speaking in Italian) Nonna is blessing the
pizza dough with a cross, it’s a must for her generation, and I like to do it too. So you just make a cross like this, which you are blessing the dough. So, you can cover the pizza dough with kitchen towels, if you like, or you can actually use cling film. Just your classic cling film.
(Nonna speaks in Italian) (speaking in Italian) Nonna likes to raise the
dough for about 3 hours, even more it’s better,
but two, three hours, you should be able to
start making your pizzas. Because she did use 25 grams of yeast. So the more you raise it, the
lighter it will be for you. But I think three hours, it’s plenty. (Nonna speaks in Italian) Mm, look at that, after three hours, this is the dough.
(Nonna speaks in Italian) Oh, beautiful consistency. (Nonna speaks in Italian) So, you need to massage the dough a little bit more. I like the way Nonna does it. (speaking in Italian) Just cut a piece of
it. (speaks in Italian) Look at that. Mm, looks good, okay. (speaking in Italian) She’ll get a little piece, like a little pizza ball. (Nonna speaks in Italian) Make a little pizza ball. Get a little bit of flour, put some flour on it. (Nonna speaks in Italian)
Put flour on the board. Stretch it with the rolling pin. Wow. (speaks in Italian) (Nonna speaks in Italian) We’re gonna fry them soon. (Nonna speaks in Italian) So we have to make it nice and thin, very, very thin. You don’t wanna make a big pizza. These are, this should be small. (speaking in Italian) So, when you fry them,
they grow in the oil, so don’t get a big piece
’cause they become puffy, okay. (speaking in Italian) Oh, Nonna makes a hole in the middle. (speaking in Italian) So, that way you make the hole, and it grows on the sides.
(Nonna speaks in Italian) (speaking in Italian) Okay, wow, I can do
one. (speaks in Italian) (Nonna speaks in Italian) Okay, I get about this much, okay. (speaking in Italian) (laughs) She’s checking
(Nonna speaks in Italian) to make sure it’s. I get a little bit of flour, okay? (Nonna speaks in Italian)
And then you put flour on the board. You have to feel it. (speaking in Italian) A bit of flour on the (speaks in Italian). (Nonna speaks in Italian) Not too much flour, Nonna said, otherwise it becomes too hard. So, this how I stretch it. I stretch this. (speaking in Italian) I like to hold
(Nonna speaks in Italian) one side, come and have a look. I like to hold one side.
(Nonna speaks in Italian) See, I hold one side here,
(Nonna speaks in Italian) so I can push this way. That way I can stretch
(Nonna speaks in Italian) it more, Nonna said it’s enough. (speaking in Italian) (laughs) Nonna is getting upset. (speaking in Italian) Nonna likes to make the hole in the middle.
(Nonna speaks in Italian) So, you basically get the knife. (Nonna speaks in Italian) You just make a cut in it, just like this. (speaking in Italian) Just like that, see? (Nonna speaks in Italian) Okay, now, I think is
time to go in the fryer. (speaking in Italian) Nonna wants them to stay a little bit. Nonna wants them to kind of raise, rise, I don’t know how to say it, a little bit, at room temperature before she fries them. So, let them relax just a little bit. (Nonna speaks in Italian) So, Nonna is using sunflower oil. (Nonna speaks in Italian) Now, she’s doing a test, to make sure it cooks. So, she’s using (Nonna speaks in Italian)
a piece of, oh, it works. Okay, the oil is good, nice and hot. So, she put one inside, she put, oh, she’s got two inside, no (speaks in Italian). (Nonna speaks in Italian) Nonna put three at the same time, and look how fast, look
how fast they cook. (Nonna speaks in Italian) Look how fast they are growing. It is important you turn them around. (speaking in Italian) So, you have to keep turning them around, so they cook perfectly
on both sides, okay? Maybe, if you do this for the first time, do one fried pizza at the time. It’s fascinating, look how
beautiful and sexy they are. (speaking in Italian) So, when is nice and light brown, it means it’s ready. (Nonna speaks in Italian) Mm, beautiful. (speaking in Italian)
Beautiful. It’s not a traditional type of pizza. (Nonna speaks in Italian)
Yum. Aw, look how beautiful, look how colorful, stunning. (speaking in Italian) Beautiful when you fry them, you eat them straight away.
(Nonna speaks in Italian) On the same day they’re okay. (speaking in Italian) The day after, they’re still okay, you just need to warm them up in the oven. (speaking in Italian) Look how beautiful this one is. Look, hello! (speaks in Italian) Look, look on the inside. It’s just plain, delicious.
– Mm. – If you like. (speaks in Italian) If you like, you can put
some mortadella on top, prosciutto (speaks in Italian), ham, salami.
(Nonna speaks in Italian) It can become a panino if you want, or you can just put cheese, tomato sauce. (speaks in Italian) But we like it the way it is. (speaking in Italian) (sniffs) I can smell Nonna’s hands. (speaking in Italian) Nonna is saying, do it too. From now, I know how to make it, and you guys can make it. (Nonna speaks in Italian) And she said, thanks to Nonna, me, now I know how to do this, and you too. So, we have
(Nonna speaks in Italian) to say thanks to Nonna. (Nonna speaks in Italian) She’s giving us the recipe, and you guys can do it. So, a big thanks to Nonna, a big like, and a big comment for Nonna. (Nonna speaks in Italian) Nonna said, so when
she’s not around anymore, this will be something to remember Nonna. No, Nonna, you will be with us
forever. (speaks in Italian) Thank you for watching this show, we’ll see you on the next Vincenzo’s Plate video recipe with Nonna. (speaking in Italian) Vincenzo’s Plate. – Vincenzo’s Plate. – (laughs) Nonna is
worried because she didn’t fry the calzone.
(Nonna speaks in Italian) A big kiss to all of you. Follow us, thank you. (bright upbeat music)

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