How To Make Easy Raspberry Crostata (Italian Tart) With Basil By Chef Ken Oringer
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How To Make Easy Raspberry Crostata (Italian Tart) With Basil By Chef Ken Oringer

I’m making a raspberry crostata with purple basil. Crostatas are like free-formed, like even I like making them cause you can’t screw them up really, right? Right, They’re very forgiving. You can’t, especially this dough is made in a food processor, it’s so easy. It’s just flour, salt, sugar. You basically pulse this, if I can figure out how to use this, which ya never know. I know, right? Do we have it on the right way? Whew, thank gosh. And then you put in cubed butter. This is the only important aspect, is to make sure the butter is cold and in cubes. Butter makes it better. (audience laughs) And you can see in the finished one here, that you can still see pieces of butter. Yeah. That’s the important part, is that your butter is in big pieces so that it’ll be nice and flaky. So you pulse that. You put in a little bit of ice water, to bring it all together. And that’s it. That’s really it. It’s kind of like it’s done when it comes together. Yep, so right now, the raspberries are amazing, from Union Square Market. And basically, just load in some raspberries. We’re gonna sprinkle on some sugar. A little extra sugar, yep. Just to, kind of make, you wanna the sugar will bring out a lot of the juices, so kind of making a confiture inside the tart. Then I’ll put a little bit of butter, because butter will emulsify those juices. And then we. Make them get along and stay together. Yep, and then we’re just basically just gonna take a little bit of egg wash, just to put on the crust, just so it gets really brown. Because it’ll need two, which I love, is the crust really dark crispy. Yeah, and you can hear someone crunch into their bread from across the room, like at 20 paces. Yeah, so, we basically just egg wash that and then we sprinkle a tiny bit of sugar on top of the crust, also, to caramelize. And then, we’ll put a little purple basil. Sorry Johnny. Love that. For the reach. And we’ll just, and basil makes everything taste better. Basil and berries. Including the Negronis. Basil and berries. Oh no, no, bad idea. (laughs) I’m gonna make E Cozze Vongole in Brodetto. What is clams, mussels and broth? Nice. This is one of those super easy dishes that we do at home, we do when we’re in Italy. And all it is, is olive oil, garlic, I smashed a clove of garlic, sauteed in some extra virgin olive oil, some crushed red peppers, salt, pepper and then some cherry tomatoes, a splash of red wine, and then some Manila Clams. I love Manila Clams. So do I. And they open up fast, ya know? This is also a great base you can do this with pasta, obviously, but we’re just gonna serve this with some grilled bread. So everybody’s sort of in the pool. Cover it, and then we’re good to go. It’s a super easy dish. Look at that. It’s like done. Yeah, fast. (audience applauds) So the beauty of this dish, is that it’s done in really, just a few minutes. Once those clams and mussels open up, it’s ready to go. And all the liquid that’s in the clam and mussel is what makes the Brodetto, the broth. The liquor from the seafood drops down into that garlic and the juices from the cherry tomatoes, yum! It’s a one-pot dish. It’s a one-pot dish and then lots of grilled bread. We make stuff like this at home, and we call it “No Silverware Dinner”. Yeah. We do this, and we’ll just put a big pot of this out or a big bowl. You can serve right in the pot. And then just dipped some grilled bread. (audience applauds)

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