How to Make Edible Cookie Dough | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick
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How to Make Edible Cookie Dough | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

This is cookie dough. You wanna eat it,
like, right now. But you can’t.
‘Cause it’ll make you sick. [BUZZER] But don’t fear,
because I’ve got a recipe with all the goodness
of raw cookie dough without the risk of it
being a health hazard. [MUSIC] First, let’s beat
some softened cream cheese, butter together in a bowl. Just gonna beat
that on medium. Beat that until you have a nice,
light and fluffy texture. All right. Now star ingredient —
McCormick Vanilla Extract. And we’re just gonna add
a smidgeon of almond extract. That’s what’s gonna give it that authentic cookie
dough flavor
we’re looking for. We’re gonna add
a little bit of salt as well. Switch the granules to fine,
give it a couple of cracks — there you go. Next, we’re gonna beat
in some confectioners sugar and some brown sugar. This will give the dough
a nice, smooth texture, and the brown sugar helps
it give that cookie dough taste. Here we go. You wanna get
all the ingredients nice and mixed up together now. And we’re just gonna scrape the
sides, get all the edges,
get it all together, all right? And then just make sure you beat
it until it’s nice and smooth. That’s looking nice and smooth
to me — I would know. Now, we’re gonna gently stir
in our whipped topping. Jus’ throw it right in there.
Now this is called “folding,” which is something I thought
was just for my laundry. But I don’t even fold
my laundry, so… This will keep the dough
a little lighter to make it scoopable, even when you bring it
out of the freezer. We don’t want this deflatin’,
y’all. Lastly, we’re gonna add in some crushed vanilla
wafer crumbs, and some mini chocolate chips. So you’re not eating raw flour,
we’re using the cookie crumbs to give that cookie
dough the same texture. [Mmm, mmm, mmm!] And now that it’s light
and fluffy, I’m done folding. If you haven’t already eaten
this entire batch at this point, store it in the freezer
until you’re ready to serve it. Or, if you really want
to be a pro, you can serve it up
in a waffle cone, like so. [Ta da!] Or, if you’re gettin’ crazy,
between two brownies. You wanna know
what’s my jam, though? Dipping it in chocolate,
or truffles. [Ta da!] I’m feelin’
a little crazy myself. What I wanna do
is take two baked cookies, and I got my cookie dough
that I put in the freezer here, take a little scoop like so,
throw it right on in the middle. That’s cookie on cookie
madness! [Wow!] Mmm! And there you have it.
Edible cookie dough. An easy, no-bake,
delicious dessert. Live dangerously,
just not with your cookie dough. [MUSIC] Make sure to check out
the Flavor Maker app. You’ll find all
the Flavor Maker videos, and tons of delicious recipes. You can even scan
your McCormick Spices, add them to your digital
spice rack, and create shopping lists, plus a ton of
other cool features that I haven’t
even explored yet. Have fun cooking, guys!

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33 thoughts on “How to Make Edible Cookie Dough | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

  1. You do know the risk of eating raw cookie dough are vary minimal. It is something craze like 1 out of 100000 eggs that have salmonella.

  2. Firstly, why would you throw a perfectly good roll of raw cookie dough? Second, i have never gotten sick from raw cookie dough except for eating a two full bucket of raw cookie dough in a period of 5 hours. That was from eating too much. Though i might try this recipe for my yearly batch of 1200 Christmas cookies.

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