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How to Make Fairy Bread | xoxo cooks

– Today, we’re making a
special Australian treat. Stick around.
(Lana laughs) (light keyboard music) Hello, I’m Adrienne
and this is xoxo cooks, the weekly cooking show
where we make recipes that make you feel great. Today, I have a special guest, Lana. – Hello. – So, we’re gonna make a famous
Australian delicacy today. – [Lana] We’re making
fairy bread. (laughs) – Usually on this show, we do things with natural ingredients, no artificial coloring– – Throwing all that away. (laughs) – This recipe is not that
at all. (Lana laughs) This is fun. If you’re in Australia and
you’re under the age of 8, this is what you’re gonna be eating. And we wanna give you a real
authentic experience right now while we have Lana to teach us. – It’s the best! – Let’s do it. And, usually, it’s Wonder Bread. I don’t know what Bimbo Bread is. – No, me either. But we’re using it. – Hmm, smells delicious. (laughs) – Lots of ingredients. (foreboding orchestral music) But it has wheat flower in bold. – Well, that’s good. It’s also got vitamins in it. Good for your health. – There you go. (light pop music)
– So, you get margarine because you’re not meant
to make it healthy. Also, margarine spreads easier when you’re not toasting bread. Spread it on the bread. – Hundreds and thousands are sprinkles, but the little dot ones. – No, not the long line ones. (sprinkles rattling)
We don’t like them. – No jimmies. – (laughs) Oh, is that
what they’re called? – In Ohio, they call ’em jimmies. – [Lara] Who’s Jimmy?
– [Adrienne] I don’t know. – Have a steady hand. I don’t. And I just move it around to
let it catch in the butter. And then take off the
excess onto the next one. – [Adrienne] What!? – I’ll just cut this guy
into little triangles, then we start again. (sprinkles jingling on plate) And that’s fairy bread.
(harp music) (laughs) – [Adrienne] We did it.
– [Lana] We did it. – [Adrienne] Don’t eat it yet.
– [Lara] No, don’t eat it. – So, thank you to Lana
for being on our show. – No worries. Thanks for having me make
fairy bread. (laughs) – If you have ever heard of
this before, please let us know. – All right. – [Adrienne] Wait!
– [Lana] I’m waiting. (laughs) – If you like videos like this,
please give us a thumbs-up. We have a new recipe every Monday. And usually they’re not recipes like this. Usually, they’re recipes
with, like, you know– – Healthy food. (laughs) – quinoa and stuff. – That is so good. – White bread is weird. – Mm-hmm. – Oh, this is really good. Well, thanks Lana. – No worries. – Have a great day, bye! – Bye!

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73 thoughts on “How to Make Fairy Bread | xoxo cooks

  1. Oh my gosh, Adrienne! When I come over on the 19th, I'm bringing an Australian, too! He's coming to stay with me! Glad to see you like Aussies! 😉
    @adam bannon – have you heard of this?!

  2. Bimbo is a Mexican baked goods and confectioner company. It is the equivalent to Hostess in Mexico, and actually was going to be the potential buyer of Hostess.

  3. I like the idea 🙂 I'll try with cocoa banana bread though, as I'm avoiding white bread. Also, I hate margarine, butter is so much better for me!

  4. made something like fairy bread in kindergarten but instead, we put food colouring on toast to make it look pretty and satisfying.

  5. My sister used to make this but instead of butter she put honey…she was obsessed with it. I didn't even know this actually exists hmm

  6. Can you use Nutella instead of butter? I'm its my first time watching one of your vids and I like your channel already! 😀

  7. Can any Australians explain to me why you like these. It's just bread butter a sprinkles. (Not trying to be offensive, just curious)

  8. I am a born and bred indigenous Australian, and I fucking lovveee fairy bread 😭❤️❤️ 🧚‍♀️ 🍞

  9. Can I use whole wheat bread,frosting and white and dark chocolate chips? Because I think it needs improving never had it because I'm an American

  10. I never knew this was an actual thing and it was Australian, I’m not even close to being Australian, I just made this when I was 5. It was yum.

  11. I came from Fairbairn Films' channel, because they said next to sausages, fairy bread is the most delicious food in Australia.

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