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How to make GIANT GUMMY BEAR LEGO MAN, How To Cook That

Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a giant gummy lego man.
Because why wouldn’t you want a make a giant gummy lego man? To make our giant gummy we need water, sugar,
glucose or light corn syrup, citric acid, colour and flavouring. You can use whatever
colour or flavour you like I am using red and strawberry. and we need sorbitol and gelatin. The gelatin that I am using is 250 bloom. Now the bloom is a measure of its setting
strength. normal powdered gelatin is around 100 bloom so this one is super strong gelatin. I’ll put all the recipe quantities on the
howtocookthat.net website, and I’ll put a link to that in the description below. Now I know some of you will ask can I leave
out the sorbitol AND what happen if I just use normal gelatin? So I’ll show you the difference. This one is made from 250 bloom super strong
gelatin and sorbitol and this one is made using normal gelatin
and no sorbitol. They look similar but then if you feel them
the texture is different. It is the sorbitol or or you might see it labelled on the gummy
bears as dextrose that makes the gummies more flexible and give it the right gummy bear
chewy mouth feel. The other one here made without the sorbitol is more tough and rubbery
in texture. And that texture really does make a big difference
when you are eating it. The other difference you’ll notice when you cut or bite into it
is the one with normal gelatin is opaque while the 250 bloom one is clearer. That is easier to see if we get a thinner
slice. This one is the normal gelatin and this is
the 250 bloom. The stronger gelatin doesn’t need as much of it to set the gummy so you
end up with a clearer, shinier product. Now before you make it you need to prepare
your mold and get that ll ready, I am using a silicone lego man mold. Just sprinkle it
with cornflour or corn starch making sure it gets into all those edges and then shake
out the excess. Now check that your mold is going to sit flat.
This one is rather low on the hands so liquid would just pour out there before the rest
was full. Because the head is higher we need to add
padding to the body and the feet area and of course under his hands as well. Build it
up so that the top edge is all level all the way around. Now we are ready to start. Pour all the water
into the gelatin and stir stir stir it through right away, just use room temperature water
it doesn’t need to be hot or warm just cold is fine. Then leave that to soften. Put the sorbitol,
sugar and glucose syrup into a saucepan. Then stir it over that over high heat, now
the glucose syrup will melt down first but we want to keep it over the heat so the sugar
crystals can melt too. Once it just starts to bubbling wash down
the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush to get rid of any other sugar crystals down
off the sides. By the time you’ve done that it should be
ready. Take it off the heat and when the bubbles die down it should look clear, add your colour
and stir that through. Now if it wasn’t clear yet you can just put it back on the heat unstirred
for a tiny bit longer. Once that colour is stirred add in the citric acid. This is just
for flavour it helps balance the sweetness of the sugar and glucose to make it taste
right. and make it taste good. Then add in your gelatin, by now it will of
absorbed all the water and be one big chunk, keep stirring it slowly so that it has a chance
to melt. Now you don’t want any pieces of gelatin so just be patient and keep stirring
it will take about 2 minutes for that all to melt through. Add your flavouring. I am using Strawberry
oil flavouring. You can use oil or liquid flavouring whichever one you have. Now pour the whole thing into the mold right
up to the top. Now the hard part, leave it over night at
room temperature to set. The next day loosen the edges by pulling the
mold away from the gummi. Then flip it over and peel off the mold. And you have just made a giant gummi lego
man. That tastes exactly like the giant gummi bears do. If you love gummi lollies and you love howtocookthat
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[music the boat song by youtube.com/setsailtv use with permission]

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