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50 thoughts on “How to make Kvass – Cooking with Boris

  1. Hello guys! I live in Russia and i'm like kvass. It is very popular drink. Sorry, my English is so so. Сome to Russia! I like my country!

  2. Apple fans: aNdrOid cAmeRa sUckS
    Boris: *uses samsung to record videos
    Apple fans: *uncovers mask and turns out to be western spies

  3. Blyat
    YouTube doing shit happens
    I want to subscribe slav canal but YouTube doing something like: "You want to subscribe? No no you don't want! Fuck off" cyka.

  4. The recipe is good! Taste like a mix of beer & wine. & after you cook it up & put the sugar in, before you put the yeast in… taste the tea! Its fucking good!

  5. Я родился в Аргентине, но мой папа был русским. Спасибо Борис за это!

  6. My dad brews beer and has some experience in making thse type of drinks. I showed him the video and he told me he would try but two things were missing:

    1) You must sterelize the equipment, he suggested puting water and soap in a big container and puting everything there. If you cant fit everything in the container, wash everything separately before start the production

    2) 2 days is enough to make the bottle explode, its recommended that you let some air out after 12 hours, 24 maximum

    My dad hasn't done it yet but he told me that when he does, he'll let me taste it, im only 16 yo but he said that the alcohol concentration is low enough that I can drink a bit

  7. My husband tried this, and he said it's amazing. Once he tried it out for the first time, he kept making more for about 2 months or more. Great recipe! Definately will recommend!

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