How to Make Latkes | Chef Jared Bobkin | Valero
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How to Make Latkes | Chef Jared Bobkin | Valero

We’re very passionate. We’re religious. But really, everything in Judaism stems back to food. Happy Hanukkah! I’m Chef Jared Bobkin and today we’re making latkes. We got potatoes, apple, onion. You want to peel the potatoes. We’ll take our box grater and grate. Apple is a little untraditional, but that’s my twist on it. Take your onions. Add it to the mix. So we mix up all of the onion, the apple. You want to break up the different layers. I was always taught, when you think you have enough salt, add one more pinch. Because then it’s enough. Now that I’ve got the eggs nicely distributed among the potatoes, I’m going to add the flour little by little. You’re looking for the texture of a crab cake. Something that when you pick it up it’s not going to fall apart like this. Finally, just a little bit of pepper. Take your potato mixture Squeeze out the excess moisture. Lay it in the oil and just let it go. This is actually my Bubbe’s fryer. It has years of latke flavor. This is the only thing we use it for in the house. Even if it was, like, the apocalypse, we still wouldn’t use it unless we were making latkes. Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights. Judah Maccabee gathered his community to celebrate taking back the second Temple and they lit a candle with oil that was supposed to last only one day. The Miracle of Hanukkah is that the oil lasted eight days. That’s what Hanukkah is about and that’s why we fry latkes in oil. You can put whatever you want on the latke. But, it’s pretty much blasphemy if it’s not apple sauce or sour cream. I’m Jared Bobkin, these are Bubbe’s famous latkes. Happy Hanukkah!

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