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How To Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Every Time | Delish Insanely Easy

– When you’re got overripe bananas, there’s nothing better than a fresh baked loaf of banana bread. I’m gonna show you our favorite recipe. We’re gonna to do two things. One is mash the bananas. And two line our loaf pan. This recipe makes a fair amount of batter so we’re using a nine inch loaf pan. I’ve got a nice big
piece of parchment paper. And I’m gonna show you guys
my favorite way to fit it. So you take your piece of parchment paper and lay it on top of your loaf pan. And then you just stick your fingers into the corners of the pan to make these very subtle marks of
where the corners are. And then cut a straight
line to each corner. Now when you slide it in, Nice. I like having a little bit of overhang. That way when the bread is done, it can just lift it right out. Which is really nice instead of trying to like dig it out. So that’s that. Our beautiful parchment. So I’ve got some lovely ripe bananas here. Since these are kinda
small I’m gonna use three. If you don’t have ripe bananas, you can bake your bananas
in the oven at 300 degrees for 15 minutes to half an hour until they’re black and
shiny on the outside. And then they’ll be perfectly
mushy and ready to be mashed. You can also use a potato
masher if you’d like but I think a fork works just fine. Doesn’t have to be perfect but you do want to make sure there’s no big
chunks in your banana bread. You can just set this aside. And now we can get started on the mixing. So starting with a medium bowl, I’m mixing all the dry ingredients. We’ve got flour, baking soda, and a half a teaspoon of kosher salt. Just gonna give this a whisk
and that is good to go. Now we’re doing our wet ingredients. Slightly bigger bowl for this. And we’re gonna start
with our melted better. Plain old granulated white sugar. One whole egg and one egg yolk. The yolk just makes the
bread a little bit richer. And more moist so, sorry I said moist but it’s true. I’m just going to use the shell to separate the yolk from the
white and we’ll just leave the white in the bowl. Here we go. Now we’ve got our sour cream. Typically you put milk in
the batter of banana bread but we’re using sour cream because it adds a really nice tanginess
and a bit of richness. Word to the wise. Use full fat sour cream. It’s way more flavorful
than the low fat stuff. Fat equals flavor as we know and sour cream is no different. And vanilla. Just a teaspoon. Now I’m just mixing all
these ingredients together and then we’ll add our bananas. Once we combine the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients, we don’t really wanna stir too much so it’s good to get
everything fully incorporated before you combine the wet and the dry. So I’m just making sure this is smooth. Everything’s incorporated. All right, that looks nice. Nice and smooth. Banana going in. Bananas are mixed and it’s time to start incorporating
our dry ingredients. We’re gonna do this in
a couple installments. But it’s really important
with banana bread and really all quick breads
that you don’t over mix your batter because it’ll make the end product a little bit tough. Don’t worry about getting every lump out. It’ll be totally fine when
it comes out of the oven. The best way to make sure
that you’re not over mixing is just to be carefully
folding rather than using like a wooden spoon or
something where you’re just like stirring around working all that flour. A gentle fold is way
better ’cause it just, it incorporates everything
slowly and evenly. Lumps are definitely okay
but you don’t really want to be seeing any dry flour. Make sure you’re getting
to that center bottom of the bowl when you’re folding. It’s easier to just keep
going around the edge. But sometimes I’ll find a hidden
pocket right in the center. So this is how your batter
will look before your mix ends. So if you just wanted to
do a plain banana bread, you could just pop this right in your loaf pan and start baking it. But we’re gonna add some goodies. Because at least personally I
don’t really like banana bread if it doesn’t have chocolate in it. You could also chop up a chocolate bar and just throw it in there. And then we’ve also got
walnuts, toasted walnuts. You could also use pecans or, really anything, any nut, any seed. I would say no more than like a cup, a cup and a half of mix-ins
per banana bread though so don’t go too crazy. I’m going to fold both of these in but I’m gonna reserve
just a few of each of them so I can sprinkle some on
top just for presentation. You can also add spices like
cinnamon or nutmeg to this. This is looking nice and incorporated so I’m gonna grab our loaf pan. Give it a little spritz. Canola oil. Just to make things easier. Go, go, go. I’m just gonna smooth the top of it so it bakes nice and even. I set aside a few chocolate
chips and walnuts. Just to top our loaf with. I like doing this not only
because it looks pretty but it’s also kind of nice
to show people what’s inside. I’m going to pop our
banana bread in the oven for about an hour at 350 degrees. We’ll keep checking it
intermittently with a toothpick. Just poking it right in the center. And when it comes out clean it’s ready. All right. It has been 50 minutes. And it’s time to check
on our banana bread. Lookin’ good. I suspect it’s ready but we can use a toothpick just to be sure. (gasping) It’s clean, we’re good. So I’m gonna let this cool in the pan for like 10 minutes and
then I’ll pull it out and let it cool on the
cooling rack for like 30 and then we can slice in to it. (electronic dance music) This is why we saved
those extra ingredients. Doesn’t it look so pretty? I’m an end person so
I’m gonna take the end. Chocolate and walnut in every bite. I don’t think there’s anything
you could do with bananas. I think this is the best thing you could ever do with the right banana. It’s stuffed with all the things I like. Super moist, sorry. It’s a winner. This is how I like my banana bread but how do you like yours? Let me know in the comments below. (electronic dance music)

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100 thoughts on “How To Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Every Time | Delish Insanely Easy

  1. I hate when people are playing coy about the amounts and try to divert you to another site for the recipe!
    I’ll just find someone else who shares their recipe on YouTube!

  2. Banana bread you made has strong soapy taste as you put a lot baking soda. And it will taste so dry and hard after refrigeration.

  3. Love it! I like to use almond flour instead of regular flower, and substitute the sugar with honey! You would be surprised how much sweetness you get from just a little bit of honey and the sweetness from the banana! I usually add either pecans or almonds and always add chia seeds! It’s a more low carb option and still tastes delish !

  4. Almost everybody is hating her here but did somebody make that recipe? I did and I am doing it for the second time today, because it is very good one

  5. i have just made this and turned out great.. i didn't have sour cream so i replaced it with yogurt. it is yummy. next time i think i'm gonna try it with some cinnamon….thank you very much for the wonderful recipe.

  6. i really like how you hold the whisk….i think its called ergonomics…i am going to try doing this to save wear and tear on my wrist….oh and this recipe looks amazing….thanks

  7. How are you going to do a recipe video without telling us the measurements of each ingredient? Literally no point in watching this.

  8. thanks for sharing this video..super helpful..i also did a different version which is a NO BAKE VERSION and so far it turned out great..i even sell it online and all feedbacks are positive😊

  9. Riped bananas or not, hands down this is by far the best looking banana bread on YouTube. I've made it twice and it's always amazing…
    I added cinnamon and cut the sugar amount in half

  10. First time trying to bake with baking soda…NEVER AGAIN. Gives the bread a very weird taste. Baking powder is the best solution.

  11. Man! i have been making this since i saw it the first time and people just love it, the smell when it is baking is just amazing and the taste is phenomenal, the more ripe the bananas are the better the taste

  12. Se ve todo muy rico pero no me queda muy claro los ingredientes. Pueden ayudarme poniendo la lista en español?

  13. I want to know about measuring the ingredients… please mention the ingredients in description
    I am very thankful to you 👍🏻😍🙂

  14. hi dear I love you youtube channel and ur rasapies , I have a qustion my oven is 250 max and I open it from down fist and later up or how plz help

  15. hi dear I love you youtube channel and ur rasapies , I have a qustion my oven is 250 max and I open it from down fist and later up or how plz help

  16. You people are so mean to her, the cake definitely looks and tastes amazing!!!. I use banana a lot in my bakings .. Sometimes I use overripe bananas and sometimes yellow ones and both recipes have completely different taste and texture. Accept the fact that people like things different than how you like them. God! can’t you just be nice

  17. Use ripped bananas not normal bananas like she used 😂 secondly, use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. (It will taste like the sour cream tang if you use sour cream).. just saying.. hubs hates sour cream and I substitute for Greek yogurt and it comes way tastier!

  18. I had bake this twice now
    First time I followed the recipe turn out looking good but way too sweet for me when I eat it my tough feel weird because way too much white sugar.
    So second time I had change to used brown sugar 3/4 cup bread crisps on top smell so good test better i love more
    Thanks you ♥️

  19. that is a helluva lot of sugar! that makes it off-putting to me. i would need to find some healthier substitutes. maybe if the bananas were a lot riper, it would impart more sweetness? i would imagine so a they become sickly sweet by that point.

  20. I am not comfortable with her touching her hair b4 lining the pan… Tie up your hair if you're an unconscious fiddler.🤦🏽‍♀️

  21. Ok people not everyone thinks black bananas are ripe. I think those are perfect. Everyone going crazy over bananas instead of appreciating the recipe and just omit those comments and make the damn recipe with the ripeness you want. Fucking people nowadays are annoying.

  22. I recently made my son gluten free, dairy free, and nut free banana cake, with light muscovado sugar cinammon, with very ripe bananas due to a medical condition and it was so delicious.

  23. I'm new to baking and cooking. This was my 1st banana bread and it's awesome! Here are a few suggestions if you (like me) are a novice. When measuring dry ingredients, use measuring cups for dry ingredients. The glass measuring cup is to be used for liquids. Scoop the flour (I used all purpose). You may want to make sure that it's aerated (not settled) before scooping. This will ensure that you scoop the right amount. I've heard that using non-aerated flour is often times the reason why your baked goods come out dry. If you don't have a toothpick, insert a sharp knife into the the bread to see if it's ready. If it is ready, the knife will come out clean. Finally if you have raw walnuts, toast them first. 10 mins in 350 degrees F is what I did. I did this about an hour before baking, but they only need to be cooled off (maybe 15 mins?) before they're incorporated into the recipe. Happy baking!

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