How to make PIZZA BREAD |Japanese Style RECIPE from SCRATCH
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How to make PIZZA BREAD |Japanese Style RECIPE from SCRATCH

hey welcome to food sessions today it’s
train wreck kitchen recipes today I’m actually to make from scratch
yes from scratch a pizza bread so as you can see I’ve already started gathering
the ingredients I have here 300 grams of flour 30 grams of sugar and 30 grams of
butter to that I’m going to add 4.5 grams of salt but I’m only going to use
4 grams of salt and also a 1 egg along with a milk mixture to equal two hundred
and ten milliliters. now also by using a scale you can zero out every time you
add the ingredients it really helps and of course the yeast
I’m using which I have not added yet is instant yeast from saff instant all
right so we got the flour the butter the sugar and the salt in the little bread
maker compartment now I have to add two hundred and ten milliliters basically
you’re going to take your egg you don’t have to mix it up and your milk to make
two hundred and ten milliliters total all right so we got all the ingredients
in here I’ve already turned the machine on and I’ve set it for one hour and all
you have to do is take your basket here and click it in close the lid now
up here in here is gonna go the yeast so we’ll just take the yeast and I’m core
it in we’re gonna close this and start and after one hour our dough will be
ready to start baking all right so while I got the dough running I’m not gonna
start on the fillings for the yeah pastry and the camembert so I have
the spinach already cut and it’s boiling down and when I start frying up the
bacon oh yeah and I’m using today she made G mushroom I’m gonna pass it over
to Hiromi she’s going to roll out the puff pastry and then she’s going to cut
it in half and into triangles and we’ll start construction constructing our
recipe here so we have basically prepared everything
we are just waiting for the bread like I said
so here I’ll show you we have the spinach cut up the sausage the bacon
already go all right well Hiromi doesn’t trust me
on doing the rest of this part but basically when I take the the mold from
the camembert cheese out and we’re going to fold the pastry over into a nice
little design here watch her so now I’ve taken egg yolk and you’re just gonna
wash it and cover every square inch you want to make sure that it is quite even
so once you get it on you’re gonna have to spread it out a bit more that’s it
and now it’s time to bake so now we are going to preheat the oven we are setting
it at 200 degrees Celsius and we’re gonna bake it for 15 minutes test it
maybe it needs a little bit more who knows so the oven is preheated we’re
just gonna throw it in here on the top level I’ll see in 15 minutes Oh breads
ready all right so here Hiromi is getting
basically getting all the air out of the dough and kneading it up and it’ll be
ready to roll soon so I got a prepackaged spaghetti sauce yes
prepackaged the sautéed bacon I have the sliced green peppers a sliced egg some
jalapeno slices a bit of cheese and a little bit of green onion we’re gonna
take a little bit of the sauce and just like a pizza
you’re gonna spread it around yeah smoke oh my dogs are barking
of course not too much but enough make sure you get all the edges and just
sprinkle it on now I know egg is weird but it actually tastes really good now I’m gonna take jalapeno real thick
slices and I’m gonna put them all in between the egg I’m just gonna take a
little bit of green onion and sprinkle it over top that’s enough and the last
thing I’m gonna do is add the cheese all right so we are going to check this out
here and actually looking pretty good a little eggy and basically I’m gonna
take the camembert we have cut off the top here and we’re
just gonna add it into the middle to melt away at the same time though I’m
going to add in the pizza bread into the bottom anyway we go all right so it is
done now so it’s finished cooking I’m just gonna transfer it right onto the
plate here just as easy as that and then we’re going to take some of the
green onion and sprinkle on top and that’s as easy peasy as it is
so now we’re just going to cut through one section very hot that’s what it’s gonna look like inside
just gonna take it dip it in Oh hmm oh yeah
all right so the pizza bread is done look at this ah I’m gonna close the
microwave here and with one hand I’m just going to transfer it onto here with
the parchment paper does that not look good and then we’re just going to slice
it real quickly the moment of truth look how wonderful
that has been baked still steaming hot savoury the egg makes it sweet or sauce
makes it sweet the cheese is great it’s perfect all right well I hope you
enjoyed those recipes they are train wreck kitchen recipe recipes that make
sense either way thank you for joining and we’ll see you next time

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31 thoughts on “How to make PIZZA BREAD |Japanese Style RECIPE from SCRATCH

  1. Pizza bread with a stuffed pastry and Camembert fondue! Does it get any better? Which recipe looked good for you? Leave a comment below ↓ Would love to hear from you!

  2. I know it’s one of those things where people say don’t knock it until you try it but I don’t think I could eat a pizza with egg on it. Just too weird.

  3. Hey Drew, everything looked good, the puff pastry especially. The pizza bread looks tasty but as a non egg eater I'd omit the egg, otherwise I'd have me a few slices of it. Good job.

  4. Good Job Drew (and supporting cast)! Too bad I’ll never be able to make this because my oven doesn’t have Celsius (ha). You did give me some ideas though.
    This same time zone thing is helpful. Did not get any notification though….arggghhh.
    Intro looks awesome!

  5. Interesting recipe with the egg on the pizza. I love eggs. I love pizza. But together? I'd be willing to give it a try.

    Now waiting for comments from LMA and Robert.

  6. I was about 50/50 on the choice of toppings but your execution was spot on. As always nice video. Respectfully, more Hirome please. She is so cute.

  7. that not making bread the machine making bread. mixing kneading proving. knocking back. proving and baking or I just a traditionalist btw that bacon your using is that a wet cured press bacon like gammon? oh and the baked camembert yum

  8. Looks delicious and I'll eat it just as is, eggs and all. Never had Camembert cheese but darn it I'ld eat that too. Great collaboration with Hiromi an your baby doggy. (can't remember the name, but you have beautiful puppers). Every pizza ingredient was saying "hell yeah". Thanks for the train wreck.🍕🚂. Keep it real, Brother.

  9. Nice recipe combinations Drew. Both looked exceptionally yummy. Never had hard boiled eggs on a pizza before, but hey there's always a first time for everything. I'd def give a taste for sure. Nice having a Sous Chef to do the prep and camera work doesn't hurt either. Cheers mate and keep those recipes coming my friend.

  10. I make a breakfast pizza I use the gravy from biscuits and gravy then I put sausage bacon egg can cheese on top of it for in the oven so good in the morning keep up the great work send more important cheers with a beer

  11. Hey Drew looks great. My personal preference would be raw egg over boiled however my big dislike is 🍍 on 🍕 that I believe a Canadian Greek concocted. You may have to show your 🐶 since they clearly want attention.What a great introduction to your channel Cheers 🍻

  12. Looks like absolute foodie heaven!! Looks sooooo good! Awesome job to both hiromi and yourself! Have a good one! 😊😎

  13. Looked great! Awesome that you guys worked together on it too. I was a little worried you were just gonna make Japanese pizza toast there based on the title though… 😉

  14. yummmm that looks great! I love baked camembert. I usually stick a sprig of rosemary (or cloves) in the middle before baking. The smell is out of this world 🤤

  15. Great recipes, brother! Seeing you at home with beautiful Hiromi chan and your cute little dog, truly warms my heart! I love your kitchen! I cannot wait for future recipes! Keep them coming! ♥️♥️♥️

  16. That Camembert and spinach looks really really awesome. I was having problems with my saliva glands just watching you cutting that up.

  17. Hey Drew, there is a small Youtube keto channel called Have butter with travel that popped up on my feed last week. They just landed in Japan and seen to have a lot of knowledge, will be interesting what they find keto friendly in Japan, may be worth a look, Cheers

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