How to Make Pizza Dough : How to Knead Pizza Dough
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How to Make Pizza Dough : How to Knead Pizza Dough

Hi, I’m Stephanie Barnett on behalf of
Let’s turn this pizza dough into this pizza pie. So now I have my dough in the bowl, what
I want to do is get it out of the bowl. But first take the three quarters of a cup flour
that you still have in your measuring cup and lightly sprinkle some flour on your board.
I’m working on a wooden table, if you don’t have a wooden table you can use a cutting
board to do this on, or if you have a marble table top that is great. But you need something
cause you need to knead the dough, I gathered the dough into a ball and I’m placing it on
the flour. With my clean hand I’m going to take some of the flour and rub it on my hands
so I don’t stick. I’m going to gather the dough and kind of roll it in the flour to
begin with, then I’m going to take the heel of my hand and I’m going to push away from
myself. I’m going to take my other hand and wrap the dough back over and I’m going to
turn it. So I’m going to heel, flip, turn, heel, flip, turn, heel, flip, turn okay, the
dough is starting to stick to the heel of my hand. So I’m going to rub the heel of my
hand in the flour. If you start to run out of flour you got more flour in here you can
add it to it. What you don’t want is the flour to get stiff you want it to still have a bit
of elasticness to it. So I’m kneading the dough making sure I get the flour in the middle
so the dough can really be on there, my hand is starting to stick, I’m going to get flour
on my hand and continue to do this. You’re going to do this for about five minutes, you
need to knead the dough. You’re working the gluenup so it makes a nice crisp crust and
you can feel the dough change. Right now it is really elastic and it’s still almost feels
kind of wet, my hand is starting to stick my board, needs a little more flour. You just
keep adding, what you don’t want is you get to a point and the dough should be soft and
elastic. If it starts to feel stiff at all stop adding flour and you’re done, you don’t
want it stiff. If it really gets stiff your dough is not going to taste very good, the
dough is starting to stiffen up a little bit and I know from experience that I don’t want
to add too much flour.

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17 thoughts on “How to Make Pizza Dough : How to Knead Pizza Dough

  1. The palm is the entire underside of your hand up to your fingers, the heel is the meaty part at the back of the palm. It's really not that ***** complicated.

  2. Really helpful video. The dough looks dull because of the change in lighting. Notice at the start both dough and finished pizza do look 'warmer'. But this is about how to knead pizza dough. Clear, simple, straight forward. Thanks for showing.

  3. Whats with the negative comments? Very helpful video. Maybe if some people were a little less critical, and a little more constructive (or god forbid, creative, making their own content, LOL) then things wouldn't be this way

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