How to Make Pizza Dough : How to Oil the Pizza Dough Bowl
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How to Make Pizza Dough : How to Oil the Pizza Dough Bowl

Hi, I’m Stephanie Barnett on behalf of
Let’s turn this pizza dough into this pizza pie. Now that you kneaded the dough it might
be five minutes or it might be three minutes, if that dough starts to get really stiff you
don’t want to over knead it when its really gotten stiff. So three minutes, five minutes
not going to be longer than five minutes you will then take your dough in a clean bowl,
now the bowl that we used to mix the dough, unless you go and wash it first. You’re going
to take some olive oil, you’re going to pour just a little bit of olive oil about a tablespoon
and you’re going to take your hands and you’re going to rub the olive oil all over the inside
of the bowl. This is the bowl that the dough is going to rise in and the reason why we
are putting olive oil in here is so that the dough doesn’t stick. So make sure that you
coat that really well and you’re going to take your dough and you’re going to coat your
dough with the olive oil. So I’m working that around really good, making sure that all sides,
there is nothing left that isn’t covered with the olive oil. Next you’re going to cover

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