How to Make Pizza Dough : How to Prepare Pizza Toppings
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How to Make Pizza Dough : How to Prepare Pizza Toppings

Hi, I’m Stephanie Barnett on behalf of
Let’s turn this pizza dough into this pizza pie. Let’s talk about some of the other toppings
that can go on your pizza. We have olives, I like instead of tomato sauce I use tomato
paste, it makes a great thick tomatoey paste on your pizza. But it doesn’t make your pizza
soggy so I spread a little bit of tomato paste and then I like to use granulated garlic,
granulated onion. I like my pizzas hot so I put crush chili’s on there, I put some dry
oregano on there and I sprinkle all that on and then I like to chop up some mushrooms,
sundried tomatoes, olives and I even top that with some pepperoni. So in addition to those
toppings that I showed you there are lots of other toppings that you can make. You can
do a barbecue sauce with some cilantro on top with pineapple and chicken, then put some
mozzarella cheese and provolone on top of that, that makes a great barbecue chicken
pizza. My children just like cheese, they don’t want the sauce, they don’t want anything
but the cheese. Some people, I have friends who love artichokes, anchovies, any other
kind of topping that is your favorite but the sky is the limits. You can make it exactly
how you want it.

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