How to Make Puff Pastry Dough
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How to Make Puff Pastry Dough

puff pastry dough is buttery and flaky and makes for such decadent baked goods whether they be savory or sweet first I’ll show you the technique of a real French folded puff pastry though the French method I’m showing you now has two parts to it the barrage and the dead Trump I’m gonna start by mixing the barrage this is that hunk of butter that gets folded in layer by layer into the dough so I’ve got three cups of unsalted butter and I’ll add one cup of flour this makes this butter layer easier to handle as you start rolling it and falling it may be a shocking amount of butter but it is puff pastry for a lot of recipes there we go so this butter really doesn’t change much in consistency but because it’s so soft we have to chill it down so that we can handle it and work it in to the dough now you need to let this chill until it’s almost firmed so chill it for a couple of hours now for part two of the French puff pastry and that is the dit Trump this is the body of the dough so I start with four cups of all-purpose flour and then a cup of cool water and just a touch of sugar 1 tablespoon 2 teaspoons of salt then an important ingredient is a tablespoon of lemon juice and now I’m switching to a dough hook because we really want to knead the dough now I can add the last element not as much butter as the barrage of course but half a cup plus an extra tablespoon that’s just about room temperature and it takes about four minutes to really knead the dough there we go so the dough has come together so I’m gonna shape this into an 8-inch square you want to give it at least an hour to relax so I’ve got one already chilled the method for this puff pastry is the French method your two parts your barrage and your doughy did Trump the contemporary and modern thought amongst pastry chefs is to roll out the butter and put the dough in the middle makes for a more even and consistent pastry so now I’m going to roll it lengthwise about 20 inches across and this is the first fold oh this is why you’d need the big rolling pin with the handles on the outside because at this point it’s a bit of work lift make sure it’s not sticking and I do a three fold so you fold it third the way in and now brush off this excess flour and like so so that’s one fold down you can usually get up to two folds each folding session without overworking the glutens and there we go so dust off the flour and the same three fold I’ve exercised the dough enough that it needs to relax you have to give the puff pastry at least two hours in between the rolls and folds for the butter does sets so back in the fridge it goes it’s really a simple case of repetition now you’ll need to repeat this double roll and fold step once more followed by a single roll in fold but be sure you let the dough rest in the fridge for at least two hours in between and this is a puff pastry ready to roll and use after its head it’s two hours to rest and relax but just to show you so you can see this is why it’s worth the effort those beautiful thin layers of flour and butter ready to bake up and be flaky

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100 thoughts on “How to Make Puff Pastry Dough

  1. I like her, there's always a sense of passion in her every move.thumbs up!! I had all your ingredients in your videos and i am trying them one by one.and it's awesome!!!

  2. God! So delicious looking. I've made puff pastry before but I now have developed type2 diabetes and can no longer enjoy good food, especially those that contain sugar OR fat. 😫

  3. This looks amazing! I tried the Blitz method and I got awful results, so I hope to get much better results using this method. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. How long can you store your dough in the fridge before it spoils or expires? I'm a beginner and want to know the basics. Thanks.

  5. A pack of 40 by 30cm ready made off the shelf 79p will do me. Have no fridge, no rolling pin, no table, no TIME.

  6. I made it just as she demonstrated, and it puffed up like CRAZY. The result was absolutely amazing and the crispy and flaky layers were just beyond description. My family LOVED it! And guess what, this was my first time making puff pastry dough. Everybody, Anna right here the queen of pastry!

  7. This is not “the modern way” to fold puff pastry. It’s inverted puff pastry. But it’s a great video nevertheless.

  8. I watched this video about 10 times in anticipation of making puff pastry for the first time. I was actually so intimidated by the thought of making this. I read many recipes and reviews and chose this one because Anna Olson's presentation is so clear and she's so confidant (which she should be if she made all of those pastry doughs in her cooler). I followed her instructions, except I didn't add sugar because I was using it for a savory torte. I also messed up in the beginning by not leaving the beurrage in the fridge long enough for our warm and humid day. I thought I wrecked it, butter sticking to everything and especially all over my counter. But, I put it back in and chilled it longer and I have to say that this puff pastry came out so, so good. Many, many layers and so delicious! I am so excited that I know how to make this and I will be making pastry for everyone I know from now on.

  9. Hi! I made this recipe with my twist but the same method and turn out perfect! Love it. QUESTION: for the dough, the recipe says 1/2 + 1 tbsp of butter but that measure is not = 240gr. Is there a mistake there?

  10. Excellent video, I just wish you mention the right way to roll , I know it is important. And if I use vinegar instead of lemon juice is it the same amount? Thank you for the best presentation

  11. what an amazing kitchen! this recipie works at high altitude (denver colorado) though i mix by hand without a mixer if that matters. came out perfectly for beef wellington.

  12. I remember when we made puff pastries in baking class it was one of the hardest things we did but worth it's doing in the end because it's very delicious

  13. How long can we keep the puff pastries in the fridge? I want to make some puff pastries and use for several dishes like croissants, biscuits..

  14. Puff pastry and the dough is inside the butter?? Which kind of chef is that??? The rule is the inverted. To make the layers of dough and butter need to incorporate the butter into the dough. And the fold are always 4-4-3. Fucking American stupid recipe.

  15. Wow. The production level on this video is incredible, it looks like you are working in a professional studio on the Food Network or something lol. This is the first video I've seen of yours, but I'm definitely going to subscribe 🙂

  16. Wow! This is the easiest, simplest, most concise explanatory demonstration I've seen for this recipe in a loooong time! I love it! Now I feel fearless to go make it 🙂

  17. Wait so at 2:30 she said to roll out the butter and put the dough in the middle. So is the dough on the inside, encased by butter? I thought the butter was supposed to be inside?

  18. sometimes in cooking measuring with cups don't really but baking is another beast sometimes it is so specific that if mess up in measurements its game over thats why they say baking is a science

  19. Damn Glenn got burned for doing it this way on GBB. Inverted method? I always thought you rolled out dough then butter inside.

  20. I just took the first batch out of the oven and … hellooo gorgeous! Super flaky, crispy but still tender, buttery and delicious. This isn't super labor intensive and most of the time involved is when it's resting/cooling. The recipe also makes a lot of dough so use one part and freeze the rest. I'll be making this recipe again!

  21. you should not teach people how to make "good" puff pastry until you master it yourself, it looks awful actually…

  22. No oh I'm so sorry if I'm being mean but it would be easier if you make a block of butter half the amount of the dough you make and then fold it, it would be easier to make 6 folds

  23. Thank you so much for this recipe. My niece is deathly allergic to eggs and every store bought version has eggs for some reason

  24. I've never seen it done this way. Butter encasing dough. I'll have to give it a try just to see how it turns out. Americans do it the opposite way. :o)

  25. I need help! My beurrage after chilling it was too hard, I rolled it a little bit harder and it breaks, after I left it to heat up a little bit, it became a pile of mushy butter instead, I ended up just covering it like paste on the détrempe instead… what did i do wrong with my beurrage??

  26. I love it how you're putting so much raw effort in the dough and don't care about symmetry like other. This is how I image true baking.

  27. This is literally the best puff pastry I’ve made in my now 4 years in the baking/culinary field at my college. This is better than what the chefs give tbh. Very easy to make, just need to be patient but I used this to make an Apple strudel, nice and butter the flakiness is out of this world. Love it so much I’m using it AGAIN to make a strawberry strudel.

  28. “Double roll and fold followed by a single roll and fold” what’s a double roll? Also I thought puffed pastry was supposed to be a slightly thicker flat dough?

  29. Wonderful recipe
    But what's the difference between them and the croissant paste, I watched the croissant video،
    But it difference recipe for butter

  30. How long do you cook it in the oven, and do you roll out again thinner right before use when making, say, a Napoleon?

  31. hi Anna…. I just tried your puff pastry recipe, and I followed it to the t, but I still couldn't get those layers. it was more like a very soft shortbread cookie, and it didn't even puff a little…. could you tell me why? I'll be more careful next time…. it was really sad because I spent so much time on it… also if there are any useful tips, please help me😊
    PS: the layers are visible in the dough. and I baked it at the right temperature.
    thank you sooooooooo much😍

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