How to Make Red Icing / Red Buttercream Recipe for Cake Decorating: Tutorial from Jenn Johns
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How to Make Red Icing / Red Buttercream Recipe for Cake Decorating: Tutorial from Jenn Johns

hi guys I’m Jenn Johns and this is buttercream basics! I ‘m going to show you how to pipe and make perfect red buttercream. One of the most common questions I get is how to make red of buttercream you may have found yourself using an entire bottle or an entire jar of the red coloring and it only ends up to be pink you’ve got half of the thing figured out already because you want to start with a pink base in order to make your red nice and vibrant so i’m going to be using this deep pink americolor gel and the other thing that’s really important is to use gel paste so I’m just going to squeeze a little bit into their now what I’ve got in my bowl here is two cups of my vanilla buttercream it’s got regular vanilla and it’s got real butter in it with a little bit pins yellow and I’ve got the pink in there and i’m just going to mix the pink in now so the pink is mixed in nice and it’s a beautiful color of pink which is great if that’s what you’re going for and it’s probably likely the color that you’re going to get if you are finding yourself using a bottle of the liquid food coloring now when you add in liquid food coloring you’re likely to change the consistency of your buttercream by that extra liquid is going to make it extra runny so what’s nice about the gel paste is that it is a really thick and concentrated consistency and it’s that gel so it’s not going to change the way that your buttercream is going to hold together so once you’ve got this nice beat pink as our start you’re going to need to add less red than you would if we were going to be starting with that regular plain vanilla color you just want to take your coloring here and for this one I’m using super red there are many varieties of red who would have thought that but there are and I’ve had success with super red and it’s actually the only color of red that I ever used so highly recommend that again we’re just going to put a squirt into our buttercream here and we’re going to mix that in as well so you can see the color now is still relatively coral it’s a more red than would be if we didn’t have that pink base but we’re going to add a little bit more the other thing that’s important to know about when you’re working with gel paste is that you need to let your icing sit for like an hour in order for that color to deepen because it does deepen and color gradually over time so I’m just going to do one more square here and we should be good to go so once the red color has deepened its this beautiful color I’m going to take some of it out with a spatula and then here in this jar what I’ve done is just lined a piping bag with a 1m tip and I’m just putting it into the jar for stability so i can swipe my buttercream into the bag and then you can take it out and then you just want to kind of reverse the bag which he has their pull this off and then pinch it off push that buttercream down towards the bottom of the tip and then I like to twist the bag and then secure it with a piping bag elastic I’m just wrapping that around there and it just secured that there C don’t have to worry about the buttercream squeezing out the end of the bag now onto a cupcake what I like to do for a traditional swirl with this tip is I just like to start with a big dollop in the center and that’s going to help fill the height of the cupcake and then i’m going to go around the outside and just work my way up and around the tip and you can see this beautiful buttercream coming out and it’s a beautiful red. So i hope i’ve showed you that making red buttercream is actually pretty easy and there is no difficulty to it at all please make sure to subscribe to this channel and if you haven’t done so already make sure you are also subscribe to our main channel cupcakes and cardio links in the description box to that and all of our social media sites see you next time

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100 thoughts on “How to Make Red Icing / Red Buttercream Recipe for Cake Decorating: Tutorial from Jenn Johns

  1. This is such a good video unfortunately in the UK ameri color is not allowed to be used in food because it contains red 3/ E127. My brothers birthday is coming up and wants a red cake do you know any alternatives ?

  2. I have seen you use Americolor many of times and would like to know what size bottle that is and where you get yours from

  3. Thank you so much for this video. Red butter cream is so hard to make it the right red. Thank you thank you. You are amazing Jen🎂💖

  4. That's exactly how I create colors of my buttercream for my cupcakes and how I put it in the piping bag! However, it wasn't until 6 months into my company that I found out about gel vs. liquid!!! What a lifesaver! I love Ameri Color….best gel ever! ❤❤

  5. That's exactly how I create colors of my buttercream for my cupcakes and how I put it in the piping bag! However, it wasn't until 6 months into my company that I found out about gel vs. liquid!!! What a lifesaver! I love Ameri Color….best gel ever! ❤❤

  6. I love this. Darker colors are so hard for me…do you have suggestions on how to make blue icing?

  7. How long it takes for color to get that bright? How many hours estimate? I made red frosting using ur method & its been 4 hours but color still light red looking, not bright

  8. Hola me encantan tus tutoriales podrías subtitularlos ya que no se inglés porfavor, me interesa tu contenido ya me suscribí si por favor 😉

  9. gracias a Dios te encontre, no te imaginas lo que me cuesta conseguir el rojo y negro en crema de mantequilla, es mas le huyo a esos colores, gracias gracias, desde Colombia.

  10. i'm trying to do a deep wine/burgundy color for a wedding cake. would i want to start with a pink or purple base before I add the burgundy coloring?

  11. Looks ruby red which is what I'm looking for. I have my 40th anniversay coming up and want to make my cake. Do you suggest some other color mix for a ruby red? Thanks!

  12. does the americolor leave behind an after taste ? I just made hot pink icing using wilton and it tasted like medicine

  13. Thanks for the great advice! I tried this with Swiss Meringue Buttercream and it didn't work for me. Is it because of the different ingredients? I could see the red dye pooling on the bottom of the glass bowl. It didn't want to incorporate, so I added a lot of cocoa powder in an attempt to soak up the dye and disperse it, but it just turned a light brick red. Please help!

  14. Hi, I'm looking to buy this his color. It's the first time I'll be using them. And am wondering if they expire fast? Don't know if to order a big or small bottle. Thanks.

  15. 😩😩😩 I tried this with exactly the same americolour gels and it won’t work! I’ve now ruined my buttercream because it’s gone so bitter tasting from adding too much gel

  16. How do you stop buttercream with intense colors getting that awful chemical taste? I’ve been using the Americolor too and my bold color icing tastes awful from all the color 🙈

  17. Help! Tomorrow is my grandsons Pokemon birthday. I always make the cakes but red is a thorn in my side! I followed your directions and still have a coral color. I don't know what to do! I feel like a failure! I can't show up with a coral Pokemon ball cake! I must have done something wrong! 😭😪😓

  18. Hey Jen, Cookie Gift Can Queen sells Sweetex Hi-Ratio shorting on Etsy for home bakers in small quantities. Love your videos!!! Thanks for the information.

  19. My Red doesn't look as bright as urs looks. I followed step by step. Does it really matter about using a paddle than a regular beater when mixing everything?

  20. Omg that's me! Using a whole bottle of red food coloring… only to turn out with pink icing…ugh!! Thank you so very much!

  21. Hi Jen, thank you for sharing this video. In class they told us that using too much food gel coloring to make red and black would change the flavor drastically the only way they said that would solve that problem is to buy the already mixed Wilton red and black decorated icing in the tube. But I'm glad I was able to find your video because I'm not going to buy tubes to make a cake that I need more icing for I may run out.

  22. What if I already made my icing and I added the red and it still came out with the pink ? Can I just add in pink to fix it ? , and get the bright dark red I need?

  23. You make this look so easy! I tried the super red and it turned orange … no idea why, since I didn't put any other color in it. I'm definitely trying your method!

  24. I'm wondering if I make raspberry flavored buttercream frosting, which is basically just mixing together powdered sugar, butter, and pureed raspberries, if then I would have a pink based buttercream frosting. Then, I could add the red gel paste to that and that might create a red buttercream frosting with a better taste than just vanilla buttercream frosting + red food colorings.

  25. This is awesome indeed. It really helped me a lot. You are such a great teacher. Thank you very much and stay blissful in all your ways.

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