How to Make Sprouted Wheat Bread at Home
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How to Make Sprouted Wheat Bread at Home

Hi I’m Tricia an organic gardener. I grow organically for a healthy and safe food supply, for clean and sustainable environment, for and enjoyable and rewarding
experience. Most people don’t have time to make
their own bread but with this Breville Custom Loaf, it
makes it simple. Today we’re going to be making sprouted
wheat bread. Sprouted wheat bread is nutritious and
has a lower glycemic index than even whole wheat bread. The recipe I’m using calls for one and a quarter cups warm water, two tablespoons active dry yeast, one-quarter cup olive oil, one-quarter cup honey, one-and-a-half teaspoons of salt, and one cup of sprouted grains, along with two cups of sprouted wheat
flour and two cups of organic bread flour. You can buy sprouted wheat flour or you
can make your own. To make your own start with one and a third cups
of wheat berries. One cup of wheat berries will yield one
and a half cups of flour, for my recipe I need two cups of
sprouted wheat flour. Rinse the seeds a couple of times, skim off
any floating debris you see and then fill the bowl and let it sit over night. In the morning you’ll see some bubbles on
top. That means the wheat is beginning to
sprout. The wheat should have little tiny sprouts, this is a minimally sprouted
wheat. Rinse your minimally sprouted wheat
thoroughly. Next we’re gonna dehydrate the wheat. Spread your wheat on a dehydrating tray up to about an inch thick. Dehydrate at a hundred to a hundred and ten
degrees fahrenheit until the wheat berries are dry. While the sprouts are dehydrating I’m going to
start another batch of sprouts since my recipe calls for fresh sprouts as well. Blend one cup of your wet sprouted wheat along with one and a quarter cups of
warm water. Blend until you get a fairly smooth puree. Once your grain is dry you wanna mill it. Make sure it is milled finely, if it is too
course you could damage the pan of your bread maker. Remove the bread pan from your Breville
bread maker and install the paddle in the upright position. Put the ingredients in the bread pan in this
order: First your water sprouted grain puree, a quarter cup of honey, a quarter cup of olive oil, two cups of sprouted wheat flour, one-and-a-half teaspoons of salt and then
you’re active dry yeast. Now just put the bread pan back in the
bread maker and make sure that it’s properly seated on the shaft. I’ll be using the whole wheat bread
setting for a two point five pound loaf on the bread maker. This has a preheat option that allows
the sprouted wheat flour to fully absorb the liquid. Hit start and wait until the first knead
cycle for the last step. This bread maker has a special holder so that
you can add nuts and other mixings automatically to your bread. Once the bread maker starts kneading just
add the two cups of bread flour. Once you’ve added the bread flour your bread maker
will do the rest. It beeps when it’s finished and it
switches to a keep warm setting. It smells soooo good! Lets try some. Wholesome whole wheat bread you can do it and you can grow organic for life!

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16 thoughts on “How to Make Sprouted Wheat Bread at Home

  1. I added the link to the recipe in the description of the video, so that will take you right to the written out recipe. Enjoy!

  2. If you follow the link to the recipe in the description. that goes to our website where we have the grain mill for sale. Happy baking!

  3. Hello!
    Did you added un-sprouted un-soaked flour to your sprouted flour ? Shouldn't all your flour be either sprouted or at least soaked?
    I think nuts should also be prepared by soaking.

  4. What about sprouted wheat? I heard that you can't get the lectins out of wheat. Even sprouted wheat. So I've tried sprouted oat, and sprouted corn flours. None of them work well for me, as the bread is too crunchy(corn), or just too condensed and crumbly with sprouted grains. I just eat sourdough bread, now.      And what kind of organic bread flour? I think you have to use gluten to keep the bread fluffy and non-crumbly. But then you're back to unhealthy ingredients.

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