How to Make the Perfect Steak at Home with Chef Tin Vuong | Let’s Get Fat
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How to Make the Perfect Steak at Home with Chef Tin Vuong | Let’s Get Fat

(guitar stings) – How hot does this thing get? – Burn off your fucking nutsacks. It’s fucking hot. (guitar music) – Let’s try not to fuck up. We’re gonna put some coin down
on a nice, beautiful steak. I want to be able to go home and cook this and not feel like I just
totally blew my money. Or it’s like, “Oh shit, that’s medium-well “and now I’m pissed off.” So, how do we do that? – We’re gonna try not to get your pop-shot on too early here.
(laughs) We’re gonna start off with
a nice piece of steak, which I like my porterhouse. You’re gonna start with
some good Maldon salts. – Maldon’s?
– [Tin] You wanna do this? – What? – You should do this, here. – I should do this? All right, what is Maldon salt? – It’s just a type of salt that is flakes. It’s larger in pieces, so
you actually taste more salt without being it too salty. If you think it’s too much salt,
that’s about where it’s at. Then you take some olive oil. I’m gonna take it in the pan. – OK. – We’re gonna oven-sear it, cook it first, to about 100 degrees, which is rare, and then we’re gonna let it rest, and then we’re gonna
sear it to medium-rare. This is about an inch and a half, so this will probably
cook at 375 to 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. – [Jeremy] You guys opened this restaurant about two months ago that you guys opened? – Yeah, just about two months, yeah. – When I first came in,
it was really different than a lot of steakhouses I’ve been to. It’s ’cause you’re known
for Little Sister, Abigaile. What made you want to open a steakhouse? – Right now, I just want to go back, all the other restaurants
are very flamboyant, very rich in flavors. So I wanted to do something
for the city, and for myself, just a really nice, rustic steakhouse that’s classic, Americana, you
know what you’re gonna get, quality, bomb-ass fucking
steak, good sides, with a twist to it,
meaning new techniques, but yeah, just good, solid Americana food. The idea of cooking itself,
when you over-complicate things, it really ruins the joy of
cooking and why you do it. Cooking at home is, it’s
just fucking rad, you know? – Yeah. – It’s why you have friends over. You drink, you party, you cook some shit, it’s just fun, exciting, and I don’t want to
over-complicate things. (sizzling) Here we go. See how soft and springy it is? – What would this be? This is like, rare?
– [Tin] This is rare. It’s perfect. Make sure you don’t have
too much fat on there, on a dry pan. It has enough fat on this to sear. (sizzling) – [Jeremy] Get it right in there. – Nice sizzle sound. – And you don’t want to move it, right? – No, just leave it there for
about 45 seconds to a minute. Add some butter. – The chef’s secret. A shit-ton of butter. – And then I’m gonna have some garlic. Some fresh thyme. You want that hot butter right
over the herbs and the garlic so you want to release some
of that nice thyme flavor. Check that out. – So, actually, you give the
rest before you do the sear? – Yes.
– [Jeremy] OK. – So you want to rest it out of the oven for a good 20 minutes. – Which we did, through
the magic of television. – Absolutely. Some of this grey sea salt. – Wait a minute, do I get to do this one? – [Tin] You may.
– Oh, shit. I’m useful again. – Add a little bit of cubed pepper. That is absolutely
fucking delicious-looking. Gonna use a little fresh wasabi, which is a lot more milder,
just a perfect amount of heat. – I’m gonna shank you now and eat the whole damn thing myself. You gotta grab a fork,
man, you gotta dig in. – I already know it’s good. You don’t gotta tell me. (laughs) See how it’s just not gray on one side? It’s just flushed throughout? – Yeah. – That’s what you really want. – I mean, this is absolutely awesome shit. Now I’m gonna go home
and not fuck this up. That should be the
other name of this show. – Don’t fuck it up? – Don’t fuck this up. – That’s good. (rock music)

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90 thoughts on “How to Make the Perfect Steak at Home with Chef Tin Vuong | Let’s Get Fat

  1. Maldoon? That salt brand is Maldon, brah. Not Maldoon or Maldune or whatever way you said it. It's named after an area in the UK.

  2. had to switch from smart tv to laptop so i could read the comments after thinking i heard "Maldoooooon" what rock is this guy cooking under? Finishing salt 101 Maldon, chefs have since moved on.

  3. I work in public safety in one of the largest cities in America. I've done so for 9 years. I'm 31, and I found the amount of swearing to be off-putting.

    Hard to do guys, if I notice it's too much you went way overboard. I can't take either of you seriously.

  4. Bruh your reactions to the first bites are so damn anti climatic lol like I'm picturing me biting and screaming FUHHHHH THATS DELICOUS and your just good vids tho

  5. maybe this guy should fucking stop swearing every fucking 5 sec. does he think fucking swearing every fucking 5 sec makes him fucking "rad"? hilarious

  6. Both are idiots for using that kinda language. can be completely fine 2 guys cooking a steak. Also, the cursing is way too forced, seems like 2 posers trying to act tough. otherwise, a nice steak.

  7. I'm on juice cleanse, but can't help myself watching these videos, it gives me greatest satisfaction.. btw I have learned a lot of cooking from youtube..

  8. I like how right after putting a steak in the oven unnecessarily then resting it for twenty minutes he talks about not over-complicating things. that was neat. you can completely skip that step at home for those that truly don't know and aren't just here to see delicious steaks. the key to not fucking it up is not buying your steaks at Wal-Mart. go to a local butcher and look for well marbled meat.

  9. Just throw some butter in a pan, salt and pepper the steak and be done with it. After 2 or 3 times you'll have the hang of it.
    These guys turn 2+2 into some kind of algebra equation.

  10. if you call that keeping it simple i am jodie foster. 4 minutes on each side on a hot grill, oh and salt it first. done

  11. the constant hate on the host is corny at this point… he is just another guy talking about food… nothing special, but nothing horrible… stop bitching about him already

  12. Cursing and food don't go together unless you are saying that the steak is so fuckin good that it is better than sex. But while cooking i want a bit more professional feel. . .

  13. why use 2 pans? can you not use the same pan you took out the oven? since you are taking it off to let it rest before the sear anyway?

  14. The zeitgeist of modern chefs are foul mouths tattooed tough guys who has a superiority complex because they've been featured on Eater a couple of times. Incredible.

  15. Sometimes I dream that I can thanos snap the people cooking/presenting and then teleport in there and eat the food

  16. I'm a lite bothered by the language, but I'm more bothered by the lack of crust on that steak. Where's the Mallard effect at???!!!

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