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35 thoughts on “How to Roll & Shape Pizza Dough | Homemade Pizza

  1. I've been getting amoeba shaped dough so had to check this out. I was trying to make my own flour tortillas and realized that shaping them wasn't my thing, lol. Thanks for the vid! I enjoyed the energy of it, and that it was quick and to the point!

  2. Rolling my pizza dough is close to impossible because it just keeps retracting into its original shape and size!

  3. this guy clearly doesn't know what hes talking about. You never mess with the outer most area of the pie aka the crust, and you dont stretch the center, you spread pizza dough by working from the middle out pulling both ways as you spin in then pcik it up do the same but let gravity help you. dont listen to this guy amateur hour

  4. 1-what if you don't have parchment. 2-my dough is not round. 3- can i ball my dough back up and start over?
    (first time making pizza, I made the dough in my breadmaker)

  5. Rolling pin is the best way to… destroy your pizza. Rolling pin simply squeeze out all air obtained by dough through fermentation during resting and rising process. In other words: if you will use rolling pin, your pizza won't be puffy and light like it should be.

  6. The dough I buy from the store can't be rolled. It's so irritating–it goes right back into a ball. Like a rubberband.

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