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10 thoughts on “How to Smoke Meat in the Oven

  1. I understand all of this video except for the part when they put the BBQ sauce on the ribs and all of a sudden it has a crispy, BBQ cooked on the grill look about them??? Did they cook them on the grill or did they put the sauce on the ribs and put them back into the oven to crisp up the sugar in the BBQ sauce??? Or is it just the magic of the video camera that caused this to happen?????

  2. I think this technique, while good, has a high moisture to smoke ratio which has a tendency to steam cook the meat hence the fall off the bone end product. Good bbq ribs should not be that tender. When you bite into the meat it should be tender enough to bit into without pulling all the meat off the bone. It should leave a little smile or bite marks in the meat. Maybe cook your ribs half the time using this technique to get the smokey flavor and the other half in the oven uncovered. Cook ribs for 3 to 4 hours, (depending on size). A good sign the ribs are done is to look at the ends of the exposed bones, if the juice coming out is red, it isn't done. If the juice is dark brown and bubbly then you should be okay. Apply sauce near the end of cooking time, about 20 minutes if you are slow cooking at 250 degrees, to allow the sugars in the sauce to caramelize. Remove them from the oven and allow the meat to rest about 10 minutes and enjoy.

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