how to temper chocolate in microwave how to cook that ann reardon
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how to temper chocolate in microwave how to cook that ann reardon

Welcome to For a printable
copy of the recipes simply go to Today we are looking at how to temper chocolate
at home. Normal chocolate, not your specialty chocolate, and without using a candy thermometer. So first of all, what is temper? When you
buy chocolate, it normally already is in temper, and that is all of the fat molecules, which
is cocoa butter, are all lined up neatly and tightly together. So that when you break your
chocolate it will have a nice snap to it, and it will have a nice gloss to it. When
you melt it over a certain temperature, fat breaks down into a disordered mess. And if
you don’t temper it, which is the process of bringing the temperatures up and down to
a certain point, when it sets again it doesn’t click back neatly together. It sets just like
this, which then means at room temperature instead of being hard, it will just bend,
and melt. This is chocolate that we’ve tempered. It’s
just been in the fridge for a few minutes, and you hear it has a nice snap to it. This
is a chocolate that hasn’t been tempered, it’s been in the fridge. It’s still firm enough
to use as a decoration, but if we have a look it doesn’t really have that snap. It kind
of just bends, it’s a lot softer. You can see here at room temperature after five minutes,
the non-tempered chocolate just bends and collapses. So in order to reset it and have that nice
crisp and gloss, we need to temper the chocolate. Or the other thing we can do is if you’ve
bought it and it is already in temper, if we don’t heat it too hot, we can keep it in
temper. So that’s what I’m going to show you how to do today. So basically you need to get your chocolate,
and you need to grate it. The reason why you grate it is because the smaller the pieces
are, the easier it is to melt it at a lower temperature. If you’ve got big chunks, you
are going to have to heat it to too high a temperature, which is then going to cause
those fat molecules to break apart, which is not what we want. The important thing as
well to remember is that you need a microwave-proof bowl that is not glass; glass holds the heat,
so it’s going to keep heating it once you take it out of the microwave, which is not
what we want. We need about two-thirds of our chocolate
in the bowl, and then we’ll reserve about one-third to mix in after to bring the temperature
down. Okay? So what we’re going to do is we’re going to microwave this just in 10 second
bursts. 10 seconds, stir, 10 seconds, stir, 10 seconds, stir until it’s melted. That’s had five 10 second bursts and stirring,
and you can see it’s still got some little lumps in it. So, we will give it another 5
second burst, but it’s nearly there. You don’t want to overheat it, remember? If you overheat
it, those fat molecules are going to fall apart, and then it’s out of temper, then you’ve
got to work hard to get it back in. So I just gave it 10 more seconds, and that
is nearly nice and melted. We’re now going to tip in the chocolate that we left at the
side, and stir that through. And then we are just going to give it 5 more seconds in the
microwave until it’s just melted, you can see that it’s very thick. The reason it’s
still very thick is because it’s normal chocolate, it’s not your specialty courveture chocolate.
So it has a lower amount of cocoa butter in it, so at this correct temperature, your specialty
chocolate would be quite runny, but your normal chocolate isn’t. You can use your tempered chocolate to make
lollipops, curls, swirlies, decorations for desserts, chocolate shards. For instructions on how to do these, click
on the link below to see more videos, or click to subscribe to get updated when new videos
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100 thoughts on “how to temper chocolate in microwave how to cook that ann reardon

  1. Wow! Finally I have found a video to explain me how to prepare the chocolate before working with it!))) thank you!))

  2. 1. i bought chocolate chips and im planning on making truffles with them, should i still try an grate them?
    2. will this also work with white chocolate, in the ingredients it says there is cocoa butter in it.

  3. What about putting a bowl with chocolate into another bowl filled with hot water? I know it melts chocolate pretty well, but slowly. Does this method give you tempered or not tempered chocolate?

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  5. Can I reheat the chocolate once its tempered. Like, what do I do if the chocolate im working with becomes hard.

  6. I was wondering, a lot of cheaper chocolate here in the UK have both cocoa butter and vegetable fats.
    Would you still have to temper it?

  7. Hi! I'm just wondering if theres any way to temper chocolate using a stove as unfortunately I do not have a microwave at the moment 🙁 x

  8. Ann,

    I've tried this before and I've found the chocolate likes to melt while I am grating it, getting all over my fingers. I've also found that it's impossible to grate all of it, leaving me with chunks at the end regardless of what I do. I wound up heating it too much and I had no idea until it was too late. 🙁 I've had an idea. I have one of those insane Ninja blenders that can puree anything without adding any liquid. I was thinking of adding milk chocolate chips into that rather than grating a bar, and having the chocolate chips reduced to a minced up, tiny state. What do you think?

  9. For tempering chocolate, do you have to use chocolate bars? Can you use chocolate chips as long as it is real chocolate? Also can you use a double boiler to melt them? 

  10. Ann, I used some chocolate bars such as galaxy, (also known as dove in the US).
    What i found is that even if i left the chocolate as is, without touching it, it still does not stay crisp at room temp.

    So my question is are some chocolate bars not in temper to begin with?

  11. Hi, I am from a very hot and humid climate, would it be alright to put my tempered chocolate in the fridge to set because chocolate doesn't set at our room temperature… it melts

  12. Would Cadbury's chocolate be normal chocolate? It contains cocoa butter (I think) and it snaps when u break it 😃

  13. The chocolate you used in this video, when you showed us how to temper it, It was Real chocolate right?

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  16. What oils were the chocolate sticks that you showed made from? 

    And were all four made from the same oil ratios? 

  17. I love the lego analogy, I'm going to give this a try when making easter egg mould next week as I don't have a thermometer.

  18. Omg thank you so much for this video. I have had the hardest time working with chocolate. I love your videos

  19. Can someome pls explain me again??? I understood that first we have to melt one part and then other part… Is that right???

  20. Hi just wondering do i need to temper white chocolate? White chocolate that has 25% cocoa solids and NO hydrogenated fat

  21. So I make my chocolate mixture from cocoa powder, honey and water Would I then heat it in the microwave like this or would I need to add cocoa butter or some other ingredient to make in temper?

  22. I tried to do this to make a decoration for the cake i made but after carefully melting it and piping it out it wouldn't harden. My decoration was ruined because it didn't temper. I don't know what i did wrong so please, help me!

  23. I don't use a microwave to melt chocolate. I fill a bowl with hot water and put the chocolate in a smaller bowl. I then put the smaller bowl with chocolate on top of the one with hot water in it. I find it a bit more neater this way.

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  26. What about cocoa mass. I either see cocoa mass or the vegatable oil. I know the veg oil is fake but what about cocoa mass? Is that normal/ real chocolate?

  27. so it doesn't matter what kind of chocolate t use ? even if it's milk chocolate right ? it doesn't have to be always dark chocolate ? dark chocolate is easier

  28. thnx Ann, I love ur videos but could u show what chocolate bar r u using and does it have 100% cocoa butter?😦

  29. Hi, I'm a little confused. Here it shows that using the microwave method you keep a 3rd of the grated choco;ate back and add it to cool the chocolate down etc. But on your other video 'chocolate secrets' you use ALL of the grated chocolate in the microwave and it's ready. Which one is correct please? I need to make this in a couple of days so hope you can help. Thank you (can't wait to make the truffles)

  30. Hi Anne. If I am making home made chocolate using 100% cacao butter and cacao powder does this method still apply? Just temper the cacao butter as shown?

  31. Huh. So that's what you mean in all your truffle videos by "tempered chocolate". It takes a special kind of person to be able to do this stuff, and I am not that person. Cheers.

  32. Appreciate the vid, but without giving the temps its pretty much useless if your REALLY trying to learn how to properly temper chocolate. I would suggest making another video using a stove.

  33. Hey Anne, i saw in one of your videos that you temper the chocolate without adding "cold" chocolate to it and it was runnier. Which is the safest and easiest way to temper chocolate? I want to make chocolate truffels and dont want a thick tempered chocolate.


  35. thank you so much this really helped me so much i tried so much times and it did not work then i use your way it work more then i suspected

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