How to use a food processor attachment- Kenwood
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How to use a food processor attachment- Kenwood

Hi I’m Mat from eSpares In this video I’ll be demonstrating how to
use the food processor attachment or the AT640. For this I’ll be using the Kenwood Chef but
you can also use this on the Kenwood Major Now I’m not using the bowl attachment so i’ve
put a cover on it just to be safe The food processor comes with several parts
a knife blade two slicer/shredder plates now these are reversible knife up for slicing,
knife down for shredding And a julienne or thin chopper plate other
plates are available on the website We also have the bowl itself, the lid and
two pushers Food processors are fantastic for chopping
anything from raw vegatables, raw meat to nuts but for the purposes of this demonstration
im going to be making a very simple salsa To begin put your food processor bowl onto
the intermediate outlet making sure its on nice and tight now ill be using the knife
blade, pop that in Next up pop your ingredients in put your lid
on making sure that the arrows align properly you dont want any nasty accidents and for
the salsa im going to be using the pulse setting After 20-30 seconds remove the lid give the
mixture a good stir pop your lid back on and give it another 20-30 seconds Once your happy with the mixture turn your
machine off for safety remove the bowl
and there we have very lovely, very easy salsa All these spares are avialable on the
website Thanks for watching.

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22 thoughts on “How to use a food processor attachment- Kenwood

  1. is it good for KMC 010 or 013?also i see its a plstic bowl….is it firm plastic or the cheap kind that can get scratches??i wan tto use it mainly for coconut butter and other nut it any good for that?

  2. Good video, any chance of a demo how to take everything apart after? My bowl and intermediary thing get stuck together often! Ta!

  3. The problem with Kenwood, in my experience, is that although they have many gadgets and accessories, the parts are of poor quality. This is why they have so many poor reviews on Amazon.

  4. Hello. If I have an older Kenwood that does noy have the middle speed outlet, can I use yhis specific food processor on the high speed?

  5. Hi I wonder if you can help me. My kenwood came with this attachment but it has now failed.  Sounds like it is slipping and the blade no longer turns. I mostly use it for grating cheese, can I replace it with the slicer/shredder attachment and if so can you supply me with one please?

  6. Would the processor for kenwood chef major be powerful enough to make nut butter, not just powder the nuts, but keep going for 15 minutesish to create creamy texture?

  7. I really liked seeing that you put half a lemon in the mix, unpeeled. Thank you for giving me the confidence to do that! :D)

  8. Hi,I used food processor AT64 attached Major Titanium KMM020 for chopping beef yesterday. My problem is that I can't dismantle the bowl from the base for cleaning. Could you please give me any advice?Thank you

  9. How hard the movement of the connector is? I just noticed the connector is not smooth and kind of jammed to some extent. I'm noting putting it on the machine as I doubt it may malfunction the port. Never noticed before but is it as smooth a blender blade?

  10. Hi please help me every time I use the food processor the spindle won't budge open when I need to wash and store it away it takes alot of twisting before it loosens up is it meant to be permanently fixed to the bowl please advise

  11. Can you please tell why my food processor giving me electric shock from its body? i am using a kenwood fp270. I used in different places, and the electric shock is there

  12. eSpares do you sell this AT647 spares? Kenwood have obliterated any reference to it and replaced with a different part that is called the same thing! I am very annoyed as I really need the blade…

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