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100 thoughts on “How Trump’s tone on Baghdadi’s death compares to Obama’s tone on bin Laden

  1. This comparison doesn't matter if contents matter. What matter is How many time al Baghdadi was declared dead during Obama Administration?

  2. Trump goes into unnecessary detail about the death and dumbed down language. Trump very hateful. Obama wanted to put it to rest as soon as possible.

  3. How is the Washington Post even still in business? Oh that's right because roughly half of the US population consists of unintelligent cowards. How many of you have read a single book in the last year? Trump's speech was great. Al Baghdadi did die like a dog, just the same way he lived, and that's what deserves to be said about him. Obama was much better than Trump at just one thing – being an ACTOR. That's why all of you Hollywood loving imbeciles are in love with him.

  4. Where is proof of Bagddadies death? where is head or face?? O yeaha we have paper work from DNA lab results?? REALLY?? We have paper work from liar Trump for proof? Really Amerian Media?? Obama had body: head, face, fingers, toes and most of his blood; Trump has a lab report?? Really??Show me a head; not lab results; they bomb compound why??

  5. Why is there so much sympathy for that POS Al Baghdadi from the media? ISIS are not POWs and are not subject to the Geneva convention. They deserve the worst for crimes against humanity. Austere Religious Scholar? Really!? GTFO with that nonsense.

  6. when they killed osama bin laden.. they were getting rid of a witness that knew who really was behind 9/11. This is why they did not capture him alive and give him a day in court. bin laden would have indicted the cia and mossad and friends who were really behind the attack.. bin laden and friends only having a part in the coverup. SO obama being on of the boys.. had guilt and regret pretending such a loyal patriot to the cia bush obama clinton agenda was a mass killer terrorist.. that well he showed it. TRUMP on the other hand is an american patriot, not a cia insider like his predicessors. Trump did what ever installed president since Regan shoudl have done.. he simply killed the bad guy. Trump is a hero. Obama was a puppet sham, promising the world.. but delivering only the continued bush clinton agenda which is destroying this country for the sake of their new world order one world govt. (Destroy a country then bank loans to "rebuild it" enslave it's peoples forever to people they never voted for.. not even their own country citizens. The modern method of enslavement, now they use banks and debt to enslave nations instead of individuals our own being a prime example). obama ignored his promises and delivered nothing but pain.. trump is keeping his promises (except to lock her up, so dissapointing trump) and politicans who work for america's owners are very pissed.

  7. Trump is worthless! He has had to handle virtually nothing in his presidency compared to what Obama had to deal with. Obama had to deal with the 08-09 Great Recession, 2 raging wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), the rise of ISIS and the civil war in Syria, etc.. Could you imagine Trump trying to taken on just one of these crisises and how he would ridiculously f*ck things up? 👎👎👎

  8. The only thing I am happy about, is that this mentally aged 3 year old will put america down, so low that people will wonder!

  9. Difference is Trump cared about Kayla Muller! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇱🇷🇱🇷✝️✝️ And he cared about those many who were raped, beheaded and set of fire for being Christian by this man. Many Muslim Christians who lost their family to this monster evil man applaud Trump Way more. His was not scripted it his was from the heart. I am glad to know the Christians who are proud after losing so much and so much pain.

  10. Speech coming from a REAL PRESIDENT and a speech coming from a REAL MORAN
    Trump is the biggest embarrassment to the USA ever….Wish he could not speak or use Twitter at that…
    At the end of the video looks like his face is gonna blow up!!!!

  11. The Chinese need to add another zodiac to the year . We have been living in the year of the clown . Trumps momma should be embarrassed and his daddy should have pulled out

  12. Trump is God’s Cyrus executing his judgment on this evildoer, Baghdadi.
    Hi died like a dog, he died like a coward. Great speech 😇

  13. What does it matter about their tones?The terror is no more around.Maybe you should talk to the masses of victims of Albaddy and then you understand their plight and sufferings.

  14. Obama sounds like what he was, a leader of state. Trump's version reminds me of a 12 year-old boy's recount of a video game he's been playing.

  15. biased editing. I could edit the two videos to show the opposite effect.
    Anyway Trump says it like it is, he's hiding nothing and I think that's better.

  16. Trump is more intuitive and uses his common sense. Obama uses pure logic.
    Trump just gets the message out, while Obama is too technical. Trump is honest and straightforward. Obama is not.

  17. Obama could NEVER be compared to President Trump, Obama has no balls and Trump does his job like a REAL LEADER. TRUMP 2020 MAGA

  18. Just over eight years and now look where we are ! Now the question is… do we let this become the norm where reality stars become presidents ?
    The country needs a good, honourable and charismatic person who can undo all the bad that Donald Trump has wrecked.

  19. This is fake news. Obama's speech is fake, weak and staged. President Trump's speech is original and strong. The WP is ultimately upset because President Trump killed their leader Baghdadi.

  20. Obama is and was a leader, trump is simply a clown who is so ignorant that he thinks he is right, with totally missing the big picture.

  21. The bible says that the Antichrist will come in as an angel of light. He will have a smooth tongue, and he (Obama) will blaspheme the Lord.
    The bible says the savior will come with a "two edged sword" and destroy evil with truth.
    Sorry if you don't like Trump, most won't. Even the word of God says in the end there will be a strong delusion. That even the very elect will be deceived. Better start REALLY reading your bibles and realizing we are living in the lasts days. THOUSANDS of people are having prophetic dreams and visions. Only 1/3 of the world will understand, the rest will receive the mark (chip) because without it you won't be able to buy, sale, travel, work…. I will not! I would rather die one earthly death than to spend eternity in a pit of flames with Hell and Death all around.

  22. the difference is Obama created and founder ISIS, and Islam jihad covert supporter, by the way , was Bin Laden dead or still alive somewhere living in a palace on a different name?

  23. I don't get how this is supposed to be funny? Trump did fine, he was clear with how things happened, he wanted it to sound malevolent at times so other terrorists could hear it and back off. And he answered questions for 40 minutes because people deserve to have their questions answered.

  24. Funny yall would rather support a eloquent speaker, that pretends to be perfect over a man who says it how it is and is not worried about creating an image.

  25. Trump has trouble reading, that is why his staff use pictures and that is why he goes solo often. How did U.S Citizens vote in a person who can't even read? Must be as stupid as he is. they sure do have his ego on world views.

  26. Trump told it like it is and didn't mince words. Obama did the fake progressive thing of feigning dignity hiding behind smart euphemisms

  27. Trump is the least diplomatic president we've ever had but the neverending Trump hating is preventing important convsatons from happening. We just thrust a stick into an ant pile and the news is more interested in another petty "I hate my ex" rant than telling us what's really going on in Europe (search any European country and migrant crises) or how many people here in the USA are mourning his death.

    They also won't talk about the difference between religion (control of yourself) and political idiology (control of others) or how the silent majority has allowed the murders of Jews, gays atheists and Christians because it's a sad necessity – like euthanizing strays until the world is purified under Allah's will.

    We should know the ref flags and what our domestic government is doing. As long as we keep up left wing or right wing nagging we don't address the real issues.

  28. Trump doesn't know the meaning of black ops. I wouldn't be surprised if he told Putin all classified information.

  29. I read the comments .yea Trump sounds gruff.obama worked in an apology to the friggin Muslims….2020 TRUMP…we're not 1 nation with OMAR ABD TALIBE


  31. And what was Obama's remarks on defeating ISIS like compared to Trumps. Oh! I forgot. Obama could not defeat ISIS. ISIS had taken over a large portion of the middle east under Obama and was continuing to grow. On the other hand, Trump did defeat ISIS, and his speech was phenomenal.

  32. Let's see, how long has it been now since NK launched a long range ballistic missile test. Obama had them going off like Fourth of July bottle rockets.

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