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100 thoughts on “i cooked breakfast VS. a PROFESSIONAL CHEF

  1. Gordon Ramsay:hello guys I'm going to taste both of your meals

    Gordon eats the chef's dish

    Gordon Ramsay:f**king delicious

    Eats Raphael's dish


  2. Near the start of the video: this is going to be a american style french toast (or something like that)
    Raphael garbs chopsticks
    Liam: so is this going to be chinese style? (Or something like that)
    Raphael: yeah this is going to be chinese style (or something like what i said)

  3. rapha: like u knw when u use too much sweet to hide bad in desserts and too much ketchup like in savory foods.. like u knw?
    liam: mhmm yeppp mm
    rapha: you probably don't relate to any of this
    lmao hahahaha

  4. I'm 11 and I can cook toast with avocado poached egg some bell pepper for crunch and black peppe4 and little amount of salt for seasoning kinda easy it is just get that bread and SLAP it's ass in the toaster. Get the avocado and beat it in a bowl like it owes you money and says he doesn't haven't yet. Get the water and vinegar and swirl that egg around to make it drunk so when you cut into it it won't expect it. And chop the pepper like it's sleeping with your girl. Then put them together and devoure

  5. tbh the Liam acts like a professional chef and knows everything that a professional chef would know but his food doesn't look that professional

  6. Im not even trying to be sarcastic but like… am I the only one who would rather have Raphaels breakfast than the professionals?? Like im serious rn 😂😂 that looked good dude

  7. I nearly died when Raphael said in 4:49
    Raphael: oh is that a piece of wood from the chopsticks
    Liam: Please save me

  8. liam was watching to his dish whole time when u were trying your dishes he was like can i have one bite from my dish and then u said i will give u half and he had that smile on his face ❤️😂

  9. Tangina mo kase puro kagwapuhan lang alam mong hayup ka purket mayaman kalang eh puta ka gumawa ka ng sarili mo tamad kang hayup ka

  10. Raphael Gnome: I will do this FRENCH toast BRITISH style
    Also Gnome: yes, this is japanese style

    P.S: i dont even know wtf is a french toast XD

  11. Me when I cook where is the lamb SAUCE also me when I cook 🍞🍦🍫🍬🍭🌮🍔🍕🍱🍔🍞

  12. Why is the chef over reacting raphael has a yummy dish too
    Ang galing mo raphael paborito parin kita try your best next time kaya mo yan

  13. Im 11 and i can cook better than him

    How embarissing

    Ps he spelled cheif wrong lol its cheif not chef

  14. But you do cut bread like that…I cut bread like that..everybody cuts bread like that.. Apart from Liam.. TRIGGERED

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