i followed COOKING MAMA recipes in REAL LIFE
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i followed COOKING MAMA recipes in REAL LIFE

Oh my god the first recipe we’re going to attempt to follow by Cooking Mama is called Fried Chicken and this is Essentially chicken nuggets. I’m gonna do my best and following this in real time So as the game moves along I will try to do it with the same speed But it might not always happen so I may be a little slow I’m gonna give it my very best like I will actually try to do a great job. It’s not perfect But this is kind of what the game setup looks like so, I know I need the chicken Okay Okay, oh my god no, no Okay, and then one time like that That was way too fast Oh my god this is.. Why is it going so fast in the game? No, did we even get some ginger? Okay. That’s not too bad. Okay. I’m ready This one goes first and this one goes second. Oh my god That’s it. Is that it? Yay. We did one in real time for once. Okay I’m to move it like that wait like this Like that and like that This is so specific. Oh my god. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done This is so stupid. It looks the same as before. Okay, here we go Okay Doesn’t work. Okay. Out In Ohh no! Where did that come from? I think I’m getting it all wrong. Okay out out and we have one left take that done Okay, let’s do it First one. Holy schnitzel, that is very hot. That works a lot better in the game Okay How is she already removing it it’s not cooked. You’re gonna get you’re gonna get salmonella poisoning Cooking Mama Okay, and that’s the last one and how does she have like four of them already cooked like that doesn’t make any sense Mine is still pink. How did she already cook the whole thing? I don’t, I don’t fully understand but we’re gonna have to wait a little bit longer for these I think this last step is not really a step. I think this is just literally the presentation. So, let’s see what it looks like Okay, we finished With 100. I mean, I’m pretty sure I didn’t finish with 100 But we need some broccoli and I think it might be some lemon on this side I mean that kind of does look like the one in the photo but also This went wrong in so many levels so here we’ve got our Cooking Mama chicken and I don’t think it looks very much like the one in the video game also This was the single most stressful Cooking I’ve ever done because with such a short period of time, but we’re still gonna try it and see if mama Makes any good chicken at least the recipe? I forgot to check to see if it’s cooked Panic in my eyes when I realized they’re like, I didn’t really check if it was cooked before it tastes like pancakes. Um, I mean I like it Is it like the best fried chicken ever? Not really. It tastes like a gingerbread cookies and pancakes but. I do like it It’s an interesting take On chicken nuggets. For dessert we’re going to be making a different recipe We’re going to be making a tart and we’re actually gonna make the dough from scratch. This’ll be Literally impossible, I don’t even know why I’m attempting to do this. I do like it it’s a good snack. Should we just move on to the next recipe? As much as I enjoy this I think we should go And make some dessert now. This is a recipe from Cooking Mama for a tart This is actually a fruit tart And this is gonna be incredibly difficult because we have to slice fruits and there’s a lot of knife work And if you know my knife skills and no-comment needed so I think you should just go ahead and get started So I think this is a setup. Let’s just do it. Okay The strawberry Okay, wait Need to remove the sides And we’re gonna get oranges How did you do that no Okay, I’m just I’m just gonna do it slowly because a little more difficult than I thought this one So here we go for the egg part. I think we need a lot of eggs. I’m just prepared in advance Let’s do this. Oh Crack the egg There’s so many of them Are we making an omelette? Oh no How is she so fast? That was it. Might need to remove some eggshell Okay, we need some Okay, we need some salt Oh shoot that was too much. What’s that Oh cake flour and then butter. Oh And then last but not least the powdered sugar and that’s it. And we actually did one in real time Up this way. That’s why I’m trying to trying to break the butter. Okay Okay, I mean Cooking Mama says done, but this doesn’t feel done Mama’s gonna be so disappointed with me after this one because this dough does not feel right. Okay. Oh my god That mama makes it look so easy Okay Now we’re supposed to come this way Mama doesn’t even have a parchment paper. How is it not sticking? Three, two. Oh my god That is literally what she’s doing What a sociopath. That does not work. I really need Shane Dawson to do a full series on cooking mama She doesn’t sound right. Oh, we have to be in the center What is going on oh, oh I see, okay I don’t have enough. Okay. I’m a little slow here We’re running a little behind Okay, that’s all we’ve got like literally This step at least we can do which is just literally putting this in the oven and then we wait In the last step of the game it just shows it ready it doesn’t show adding the fruit So what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna add all the fruits I’m told I’m not even going to try to make it look like the one in the game Well, this really doesn’t look like real food. Like it’s really really bizarre It looks like it’s made of plastic. I was honestly so excited for dessert and this is what we ended up with I mean Weird things have happened on my channel. Maybe this will actually taste decent I’m gonna remove the orange because I don’t play with demons. I guess I’m gonna eat this like like dessert nachos Well, this really went exactly as I expected Mm Wow. I think the word I’m looking for is doughy It tastes very doughy even though it’s cooked. It’s so dry because I added so much flour for it to become a dough It’s not terrible. I actually like the custard with the strawberries minus the orange this is actually not that bad Would a normal sane individual eat this? Probably not but they also wouldn’t attempt to make this video that I just did so I truly had like the best intentions with this I really wanted a nice dessert But then things just started to like go wrong and then a lot of the steps didn’t make sense as well So that’s usually when I started losing the plot and then I also start to lose interest in doing a good job Which is I think the biggest struggle in my videos I hope you guys enjoyed this video If you did, please don’t forget to give the video a like it means so much to me especially when it’s something experimental like today’s video and also don’t forget to subscribe and switch my Notifications on so you guys don’t miss out on future videos I really appreciate those of you who’ve got my notifications on. I say it in almost every video But I truly wouldn’t be able to make these videos and be able to afford to buy all this stuff for it if it wasn’t For those of you who’ve got my notifications on so, thank you Those of you who’ve got the bell tapped on. Going through all the bunch of like star Emojis in the comment section if you’re still here if you made it throughout the mess that was this video I honestly will be surprised if any of you guys do it. So I love you guys. I had a good time I hope you had a good time and I will see you on my next video Which is probably gonna be tomorrow if I make it alive until tomorrow

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