I Surprised My Friend With The World’s Largest Pizza • Giant Food Time
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I Surprised My Friend With The World’s Largest Pizza • Giant Food Time

you know how they say bros before hoes I always say Peaks before anyone cuz speaks it just makes you happy and this is a show price of fries my friends Cheyenne versions of their favorite food [Music] today we’re at Big Momma’s in Papa’s pizzeria in Burbank California and I’m gonna be surprising my good friend off here with a giant pizza it’s really big so my name is Oscar and I’m up to fast with people so I have pizza slippers Pizza hats because SOGs a tattoo of a pizza and I also have a piece of costume that I just have in my closet just in case you never know when you might need it I have a piece of costume oh I’m gonna put it on does this make you look sexy and attractive hi I’m Arthur and I’m the director of research for big Mama’s & Papa’s pizzeria in Southern California and you guys make really big pizzas what are the things that you offer we have a 10 inch a 13 or 16 and 18 and then we have a Big Momma 28 inch a 36 inch big pop-up and then the giant Sicilian the world’s largest deliverable pizza by Guinness Book of Records which is 54 by 55 and it has 200 square slices and it serves about 40 to 50 people and everybody loves it so what is the giant eat the challenge here eight people if they complete the whole pizza in two hours we give them $1,000 check and you said the fastest someone completed its hour 35 minutes yes and then with less people actually 35 minutes I’ll try to do like 2 or 3 slices when I’m out with friends but in reality like I know I can scarf down the whole piece of ourselves easily I really can’t wrap my head around how big this is can someone show me how it’s made let’s go all right take a look what should we do alright first we got to push down the door try to get a little flat so if you want to help me over there okay other this side how many pounds of dough are we looking at Mike we’re looking at about thirty pounds 30 pounds oh it’s like a soft pillow with those like micro styrofoam Wow yeah then we’re gonna put it onto the screen let’s rip go down man yep this is the screen for the pizza doesn’t even fit in your oven actually we have to have an extension on it oh my god crazy what in the world what is this stuff this technique this is the come to me technique I made a hole it’s alright excellent we’ve covered the screen what’s next this is the pizza sauce pizzas ah this is very fun I have found my new profession I am a big momma all this sauce on here it’s nice and wet and you got to spread it off this is a little sexual my dream pizza scenario I’m on this day it was this really hot guy and he takes me to this beach that he owns somewhere I don’t know where and there’s more hot guys there just kind of holding pies they’re all lined up each pie it’s like a different topping that you love when you sit down you have a lovely day pour some coke and then they serve you the perfect slice and then you just end up getting married my friend doesn’t believe in pineapple um please Bob I agree [Music] first of all the biggest nono on a pizza is pineapple if you put pineapple on your cheeks like you’re a monster and I will die and go to the grave I will always say this pineapple on pizza is garbage next we got the cheese growing you can just grab it like this so I was thinking if we could write Oscar and a heart on the bottom perfect big pepperonis okay then maybe we could top it off with the best topping ever like pineapple I love pineapple as a fruit by itself if you were to walk towards me right now and hand me that and made me eat it I would just walk out I wouldn’t even touch it like I’m sweating just talking about pineapple on pizza my masterpiece is complete I think we did a great job all right now into the other Oh Lord you have me am I even helping oh my god is this the attention to the oven oh wow oh my god there you go I’m not sure if this is possible but I think it got bigger and we’re just gonna leave it on the screen no we have a box for it oh my god let’s leave this down how do you guys get these boxes made very thick and hard sorry [Music] well good all right so I’m gonna call my friend officer over perfect well I don’t have a clue as to why I’m here I just know it’s related to this cause or else I wouldn’t be wearing this but that’s as far as that goes I just really hope there’s no pineapple involved okay so I know your birthday is coming up and I have a very special surprise for you the very fruity surprise it better not be pineapple if you ruin my birthday I wouldn’t never forget you until I die no pineapple forget me but you might forgive me no I don’t forget pineapple ever okay are you ready okay close your eyes no peeking [Music] all right happy birthday oh I told you you weren’t ready for it wait wait wait wait is it as thick as this box you want to see oh my god it has my name on it come here give me a hug that’s my name that’s me you’re my favorite you’re so ridiculous I love it can I pick up some pepperoni yeah you could do whatever you want this is your pizza oh my god can we have a in the trap’ moment where you’re like do you feed me a nice video okay [Music] that’d be like really hot if you’re like a dude my firm wait I want to take a picture of it whoa lucky for you it’s a giant pizza photoshoot time what did you get me the best birthday gift ever you Pizza freak you love me I do love you and pineapple pizza is the bad no all right I think we’re ready to get it cut and dig in what do you think I’m like you’re right on look you like I could watch this all day I know my thing you got a gold crown let’s do this this is mine make sure it doesn’t touch my fly okay I put pineapple and jalapenos on my 21st jalapeno I thought it would be soggy in the middle because this is huge pizza but it’s really good Arlo I would order this extend but in a regular size with more friends [Music] you’re so awkward so this is like my wet dream like imagine waking up on your birthday and then business respite next to you you’re like the morning who needs a man with all these feelings buying a bigger building you got this doesn’t talk back and it tastes it and it doesn’t take their money it definitely doesn’t take your money because if you finish it in two hours you get a thousand dollars sounds like a sugar daddy so your big papa yeah I’m slowing down but I think I could do one more okay so are you like trying to out eat me or something yes I burp I control you freeze that laughs me till Sunday mm-hmm honestly we got a good amount in one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen square slices I will say this I’m like very impressed that you like basically we’re going to toe to toe with me so I think now we should go back to the office and share this happiness with our coworkers I agree Harvey gonna fit this in a car first of all well my friend we’re gonna fit it on a car I’m top of the car what are we like renting a u-haul or something no are you okay I’ll show you let’s do this that car is smaller than me oh my good oh it’d be big you ready [Music] wait safety first oh you’re right can you turn off the car sorry we ate some a lot none of these people have asked for pineapple we might be faking it not a single person asked for a pineapple not a single person no well you guys have a question do you guys like pineapple on your feet [Applause] you pay these people to say that no paper thanks again you’re the best hey guys thanks for watching if you’re craving even more giant food in your life you should check out my friend Alvin’s giant food series on tasty check it out here [Music] you

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  1. Then you can die and go to your grave pineapple is good on pizza if you don’t like it then you can fucking leave 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪

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