If I Lived in Barbie’s Dream House!
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If I Lived in Barbie’s Dream House!

Hi I’m Barbie welcome to my channel Okay guys so hello! This video I’ve been so excited about for so long I get to be a Barbie for a day I was like really obsessed with dolls when I was younger I played Polly pockets, barbies, brats, myscence So for today’s challenge I want you to comment down below and let me know what doll you played with the most and I am going to sing the beginning of the barbie song Hi Barbie Hi Ken Do you want to go for a ride? Sure Ken I don’t know why I am doing this Okay let’s be done with that Let’s get into the video *phone rings* Hi Barbie. Hi Ken. You wanna go for a ride? Sure Ken. Jump in. I’m a barbie girl In a barbie world So that was it for my video I hope you like seeing my dream beach Malibu mansion Make sure to come back next week I post new videos every Tueday That’s it. And I will see you guys next time Byee

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100 thoughts on “If I Lived in Barbie’s Dream House!

  1. I wish I had a room like you l have lots of Barbie's you have good videos l love you so much and l hope you come in the mail tomorrow and l love you l hope you are doing well in the best Barbie house

  2. I love barbie's ,yesterday my order from
    Amazon came with two different types of dolls and that was my birthday gift that my mom gifted me for my 10 birthday

  3. what I used to play whith the most when I was a child it would be… probably poly pockets

    Like if you did too!👇

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