James Baker Talks Appeasement
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James Baker Talks Appeasement

james baker of course one of the
stalwarts of the republican party for decades and get a lot of what he had to say on
fox news channel about negotiation diplomacy and this is so that you have a
piece my view is that you and don’t just talk
to france peacock urination for diplomacy and are
starting to urinate nowhere wards your enemies necessarily
myself in germany for yourself and you know what you’re doing have you don’t have his number talking to a group to anemone is not in
my view appeasement handmade fifteen cents to syria in nineteen ninety nineteen
ninety one at a time when syria was on that list of countries were
state-sponsored if terrorists consistent throughout that’s what the law and a whole series
changed twenty-five years of policy an agreed for the first time in history you
come sick at the table with israel which is what israel wanted at the time and
thereby implicitly recognized israel’s right to exist now all i’m saying here’s
that would never happen divided we hadn’t been sufficiently dedicated so
we’re going to kill any and and uh… at specimens earlier you know i think we
just saw in applications for someone who might be president opa moses um… at
least for now i think he might have been sentenced up
after the game dot at a white and might not be that
release for all the positive low which is very good and i understand mr stern
of the message prompted some on the floor was here but act i was a day ago share that guy
was a diplomat and that guy actually you know work to get things done and didn’t
get things done and that’s that george h w bush foreign
policy group they were professionals you know whether you agree to disagree
with them on specific policy towards they were professionals not like these
push technologies retainers and here is he’s just run process of selecting

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11 thoughts on “James Baker Talks Appeasement

  1. Bush is by far the dumbest, intellectually inferior president I have ever seen. How America voted for him twice…I don't know. Seriously America, after listening to McCain in the debates, how can anyone want such an ignorant president whom is suppose to be a war veteran, yet does not even know the current situation in the Middle East.

  2. Baker-Botts, his law firm, represented the Saudis vs. the families of 9/11 victims trying to get info on the hijackers. Baker is an oil company stooge & one of the principle architects of the Iraq War, & more importantly, the post-war economic evisceration of Iraq. He may be saying what we want to hear now, but as a general principle this man is absolutely not to be trusted. Check out Greg Palast's "Armed Madhouse" for endless details about what a scum this "professional" is.

  3. I kinda feel badly for the first Bush because his son has profaned his last name. Now we all have to refer to him as H.W. Bush just to differentiate him from his failed son, Bush.

  4. here is where i disagrea with the young turks i think clinton was a lot more like little bush. all about nation building and other liberal nonsense. CHILDREN FORIEGN POLICY IS ABOUT SAFETY OF THE NATION-STATES CITEZINS AND NATIONAL INTEREST. NOT BOMBING PEOPLE IN KOSOVO. WE HAD NO DOG IN THE FIGHT!

  5. Appeasement is lame. When British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain appeased Hitler, it didn't prevent the outbreak of World War II. Chamberlain was a coward. To appease is to sell out. When people are appeased, they will not stop. They will try to see how far they can get. They will keep going and going until somebody takes a stand.

    Today, the United States appeases Israel, and Europe appeases radical Islam. Fuck all this Zionism and radical Islam. Fuck all the selling out. Fuck all religion.

  6. @eshfemme I actually say it's the opposite. It was because Jr. screwed up so terribly that people realized his dad was not such a "miserable failure"

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